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 Michael Jackson Thriller werewolf
Michael Jackson
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Note:sorry it took so long I haven't had time to wright. I still cant think of a name and my keyboard is still sucky so I use { } for quotes.:)

Zane POV
{so Du don't have anywhere to go do you?} I asked
{No I have nowhere anymore} she sagte sadly looking down. Nowhere? Anymore? This arose even Mehr Fragen in my mind.

{well then come with me. I think I can take are of you}I sagte trying to be kind but she snapped at me saying {I don't need Du anymore! Thank Du but I'm okay}
I was shocked so I didn't pursue it anymore. {oh that's good. I hope I see Du again someday} I turned back to the door...
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Hello my name is Dejanae and I'm gonna tell ya a story. This story maybe wired to some oder fake oder real I don't care. But this is no ordinary story nope. This is a story about my boyfriend and I. We had been dating for six months. They were awesome. But two oder three months Vor we were walking at night to his place. When we were attracted Von a very large dog oder wolf. This was no ordinary wolf this one was very hairy and was walking on two legs. He looked liked some kinda wolf man.

I scream A werewolf A Werewolf. Knowing my boyfriend he trying to protect me so he fights this wolf man. I on the...
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rom the tv series "Being Human" season 2 episode 7 Once again, many thanks to RyukMetal for bringing this to my attention, they've been a HUGE help in this update. :)
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This episode features 10 Werewolf scenes from Horror films & television.
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 The Healing Bite of Bau
The Healing Bite of Bau
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

Bau was a healing and protection goddess who lived around 2,500 BCE. She was sagte to be the daughter of the sky god An and the god of the south wind, named Ninurta. Her temples contained an area known as “The Kennel” where sick and injured people were brought for healing. Murals in these temples Zeigen how Bau healed a sick person: Von transforming them into either a dog oder a wolf.

Wolf-shaped protection statues devoted to Bau bär the motto, “Don’t stop to think, bite!”

And thats just what she did. Bite. If a Sumerian patient could not be healed...
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today I am going to tell Du a little about werewolves. They are half wolf half human.They can like Du oder they can hate your guts.They can still Liebe they are half human.If Du are a werewolf do not eat the blume called devil's helmet.It is a blue glowing blume that will kill Du so do not eat it!That should be all for now ok so werewolf thinker takes alot of thinking to write it.remember if Du have any Fragen just ask me and if i can figure it out i will tell you.So please Kommentar oder become Friends and we will talk about it.Thanks for Lesen and keep an eye out for part 4.See Du Weiter time.