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Inspired by a Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones

Note: This role play may contain mature content that is not suitable for the young of mind

It was 219 AC, during the Great Spring Sickness when a greater tragedy struck the Seven Kingdoms, the murder of King Aerys I Targaryen, his family and most of his court. The next heir is but a child. This time of turmoil and sickness brings chaos to the land, even more with the threat from the rising from East…

With the king day, ambitions rise. Play the Game of Thrones, work your way, rule the kingdom or serve the babe. Remember In the Game of Thrones, there is no middle ground, you win or you die.


This Role Play will be set in King's Landing, the capital of Westeros. You may play your part no matter the size or nobility, as it is a time of chaos.

Some Background Information

The Spring Sickness is an unknown sickness that affects most of Westeros. A man may wake up healthy and die by the evening. There is no cure for this so far

When the Throne room was shut and the blood bath began, the dragons seem to have sensed it. King's Aerys dragon Vermithor burst out of the Dragon pit and flew straight into the throne room breaking past the door. It is said that the Dragon was mad seeing the dead body of its master, it burned the everybody till all that was left was just smoke as ashes.



Copper Coins~
Penny and Halfpenny.
Half Groat, 2 pennies.
Groat, 4 pennies.
Star, 8 pennies.

Silver Coins~
Stag, 7 stars or 56 pennies
Moon, 49 stars or 392 pennies

Gold Coins~
Dragons, 30 Moons, 210 Stags or 11,760 pennies.

The coins most commonly encountered are: Half-Pennies, Pennies, Stars, Stags and Dragons; rarely does anyone have the change on levels between.


The King's Court

Lord Regent and Hand of the King - link

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard - link

Master of coin -

Master of laws -

Master of whisperers - link

Master of ships -

Grand Maester -









 [i]Inspired Von a Song of Ice and feuer and Game of Thrones[/i] [b]Note: This role play may contain
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