Name- William David Foster
*Nickname- Maverick

Age- 36

Faction Ties- Alliance

Rank in Faction- Lieutenant

Appearance- Average Height, Lean Build, Dirty Blonde Hair

Attire- Field jacke over Army Fatigues,

M1911 Marine
.45 Magnum, 7 rounds

M1 Marine
.30 High Velocity, 25 rounds

Equipment- Gas Mask, Trench Knife, Binoculars, Lesen Glasses, Personal Journal.

Story- Lieutenant William Foster, "Maverick" as the boys call him, represents what it means to lead Von example. Whereas most Officers tend to merely give commands and watch, William always preferred the hands on approach.

He was enlisted into the United States Marine corps at the age of nineteen, and fought alongside the 101st at the battle of Los Angeles in 1902. William became pinned down inside a chapel/converted field hospital. Several wounded had been moved there during the assault, and since he was the only able-bodied soldier, he climbed to the glocke tower and began firing on the Imperial Infantry below. The wounded were safely escorted from the chapel, and due to William's efforts, all were saved. After fierce fighting, the Imperial Invasion was eventually driven off and the 101st won the day. William Foster was recognized for his bravery and was dubbed a "War Hero."

Such a Titel didn't fit for the young William, what he felt was a sense of duty, and rather than be the poster boy for the US Propaganda, Will finished his tour and signed up for the Marine's Officers Academy. Four years later, William was shipped off to the European front in charge of the Alliance's 4th Tank Regiment out of Georgia.