Okay i think Hollys still alive so i want to write this about Hollyleaf its the first chapter tell me if Du like it and ill write more!(I tryed to make the Rats names Stuipied Von the way and slso i LOVEEEE eichhörnchen AND LEAF!!!!)
---Chapter 1---
Hollyleafs eyes whent wide and claped her paws.
"E-e-eating g-g-good t-t-tonight"eyes titches as she drags a fisch from the river to the portected höhle, den from teh flood the rats all whent around her and she hissed
"GET!!! GET!!!Hollystar eats first"chuckles evil as the rats run away she hade named everyone and she was leader of them she took a bite of the fisch swiping her tough over her jaws"Hollystar like!"Hollyleaf ate half of it than called one of the rats"ScarFace!"a larg ratte the size of an aprentice walk to the maus and nibbled on it he hade scars on his face and all over and big fangs that where as sharp as claws.
"Y-y-yes e-e-eat u-u-up"eye twitches and calls the rest of the rats than stands up on Du hind legs and claps her paws and dances"I'am a leader i'am a leader!I'am a-RUMBLEBELLY DONT HOG IT ALL!!!!!!!"she snarls"That doesent make HollyStar happy!"the ratte hollyleaf seemed to be talking to backed off Hollyleaf hissed than bark she turned around and looked back no Mehr fisch was there she chuckled and claped again and twitched eye as she said"And soon we will get revenge on the clans"she coughed"And we will kill them all!!!"laughs evily and dances again the little gloom of light lies on her ragged dirty matted pelz her crazy eyes lay open the thousands of rats"And yo shall be my army!!"all the rats squicks"YOU WILL GET REVENGE ON THE Katzen WHO TOOK YOUR PLACE!"they squill again and she laughs crazily and spins in circles and dances her eyes go kreuz eyed and twitch"B-b-but first w-w-we need to find a way out SO G RATYS GO GO GO!!!!!"she lifts he paws up and ooks at the celing as thousands of rats run into every tunnel she turns her head and watches them"Hold on Squirrelflight and Leafpool m clans comming..."she smiles evily and walks deeper into the shadows thinking of Squirrelflights and Leafpools death.