Tigerfur opened her eyes and jumped when she saw her dead kit Moontail. "Welcome to StarClan mother." "What I can't be here yet! I have to save my Clan! The legend!"
Tigerfur's Legend
Tigerfur was back then Tigerpaw
Tigerpaw woke up in a dream. She heard whispers that sagte "You are a caged tiger and Du will deliver the clans peace. Be warned once the tiger is out, it doesn't go back in."

Moontail sagte "StarClan thought of that. We are actually here for your leader ceremony."
"What? Rosestar is still alive and I'm dead!"
"You have to keep that a secret. To fulfill your legend Du must pretend Du never died. Du are not leader of ThunderClan though. Du must be leader of a new Clan. FireClan."
"Who will be in my Clan?"
"The leaders has gegeben Du Katzen already. Don't panic TigerStar."
"Oh, okay I won't panic. I have no reason to panic. I have to keep the ultimate secret and Lead a new Clan with warrior that used to be enemies! I'm not panicking at all!"
"Good luck and farewell mother"
"Until Weiter time Moontail."