Tigerfur is the deputy of ThunderClan. She is a half clan cat. Her mother is Spottedfang of ThunderClan and her father is Blazetail of WindClan. Tigerfur is no ordinary cat. Her sister Firefox is the medicine cat and her brother is Hawkflame. Hawkflame was secretly raised Von TigerStar in the Dark Forest and today he chose his mate over his clan, and his sister's life. Tigerfur caught Hawkflame with Soaringcloud his mate from ShadowClan. She called him out on it. Tigerfur was furious and didn't know that a dachs was coming behind her. Luckily Soaringcloud warned Tigerfur. She fought the dachs alone because Hawkflame chose his mate first. The dachs ran off after a while. Tigerfur dropped to the ground bleeding to death. She gave a silent whimper. "Hawkflame, would Du leave your sister here to die?" He responded " My mate was always better than you." With those words he walked away. Soaringcloud hated Hawkflame now. "How could Du she's your sister!" She left Hawkflame without a mate and Tigerfur received help. It was too late. Hawkflame cost his sister her life. For this he was sent to the Dark Forest.