"Oh when is he going to get back!?" sagte Cinderpaw in the apprentice höhle, den impatiently. "Calm down Cinderpaw, he wont take long" sagte Brackenpaw sleepily."Im looking for him!" she sagte as she came running out of the apprentice den."Where are Du going?" asked a voice behind her. It was Longtail. Im looking for Fireheart!" she sagte excitedly. "Youre as skittish as a squirrle" Lontail sagte "Off Du go!". She ran to the entrence of the camp and bumped into someone."Hello, Fireheart!" she said."Looks like I came just in time" he teased."I thought a dachs ate you!" she also teased."No cat would be foolish enough to do that" sagte Tigerclaw. "OR Du got ran over Von a monster!" she said. Fireheart yawned. "You should go back to the apprentice den, its late" sagte Firepaw.