flippy burying firestar
Chapter 3
it's been one sunrise since I killed tigerstar. I can still feel his blood between my claws. I wonder if the rest of the clan Katzen are thinking about my warning. I hope they are. If they aren't then let them be fools. That will just make it even Mehr fun to decide their fate. “how did I do scourge?” flippy's voice brings my attention back to the present. “you scared the fleas off their mangy pelts.” scourge replied. “with Du here they'll have to give us the forest.”
days passed by. Nothing exiting happened. Then it was the Tag the clan Katzen had to make their decision. Excitement fizzed beneath scourge's pelt as he led his clan to the spot they had met the clans before. It took a while but all four leaders showed up with Katzen from their clans behind them. I already knew their choice but I let them speak. “we won't let Du have the forest. It's been ours since the beginning of the clans.” firestar growled. “we'll fight if we have to.” I thrust my muzzle into firestars face. “oh you'll get a fight.” I growled. Then I drew away and yowled. “bloodclan attack!” the clearing exploded into yowls and hisses. Scourge leaped at firestar. They rolled on the ground screeching until scourge threw him off. One of scourge's followers leaped onto firestar. Scourge knew that would stop firestar for now. Scourge looked around. Everyone was fighting. Everyone but flippy. He just stared wild eyed at the chaos. Then his eyes turned yellow and he pulled out his knife, charging at a thunderclan warrior. The warrior's white pelt turned red. Her blue eyes glittering with pain. She died quickly. Flippy just let her body fall then rushed to another warrior, a dark brown tabby tom. He tried to dodge but flippy stabbed him in the throat. This warrior dies quicker than the other one. Weiter flippy attacked a riverclan warrior. A thickset tabby. He fell quicker than the brown tabby. Before flippy could get another victim the leaders started to yowl. “retreat, retreat!” the yowled. The clan Katzen ran away quickly. Flippy didn't give up that easily. Scourge watched as he rushed towards the fleeing cats. He leaped and landed on a black tom with a twisted foot. Flippy's messer stabbed strait through the Katzen neck. Blood oozed, then gushed then his life was gone. Flippy threw his messer at a Zufällig cat. It hit a dark ginger she cat. Blood squirted and hit flippy's face. Flippy's eyes turned back to normal and he gasped. Obviously surprised. He backed away from the clan cats, trembling. “you killed russetfur!” blackfoot, a white tom with black paws, growled. “i-i didn't mean it.” flippy stammered. “i-it wasn't me.” “it wasn't you?” blackfoot spat. “i saw Du with my own eyes, liar!” flippy looked terrified and devistated. Blackfoot growled, stepping towards flippy. “I'm going to rip your herz out and Zeigen it to you.” he hissed. Flippy backed away. A feuer lit in scourges belly. Blackfoot couldn't insult bloodclan like that! He darted between them, hissing at blackfoot. “if Du even try I'll rip your throat out!” blackfoot looked startled. “what's it to you?” he growled. “flippy is a loyal warrior of bloodclan!” scourge hissed. Blackfoot backed off, knowing he couldn't face scourge and followed his clan. “this place belongs to us now!” scourge screeched at them. “if I find one clan cat in my forest I'll rip them to shreds!” bloodclan yowled in agreement. Scourge led his clan deeper into the forest. They reached thunderclan first, scourge recognized the scent. The thunderclan Katzen still weren't here yet. He settled into a höhle, den that seemed to be the leaders höhle, den while the rest of his clan spread out to find dens. They slept well that night, thunderclan didn't Zeigen up until the Weiter day. “get out of here!” a yell woke scourge. Firestar and bone were glaring at each other, bristling. “no, Du get out!” bone growled. “you have no right to this place, we won it!” firestars tail lashed before he continued. “we lived here before Du Du were born!” he hissed. “you just beat us in a stupid fight!” bone stepped closer to firestar. “and we'd Liebe to do it again.” he growled. Firestar hissed and swiped at Bones cheek. Bone leaped at firestar. They both fought, tumbling on the ground for a while. Every cat watched in silence. Then a scream shook the air. “what are Du doing, stop it!” it was flippy. He ran towards the battle and threw firestar off. “what are Du doing here, we won this place and fighting will be a waste of warriors.” firestar stood up and glared at flippy. “as if we'd fight knowing you'll be there.” he growled. “look, firestar.” flippy sagte in a reasonable tone. “i know you've lived here for a long time but it's time to Bewegen on. If Du try to win it you'll lose and many of your warriors will die. Just give it up and leave.” firestar unsheathed his claws and showed them to flippy. “give us our camp oder these are going in your pelt.” he threatened. Flippy didn't seem to hear. He was growling and his eyes turned yellow. He glared at firestar and pulled out his knife. “oh now you'll fight?” firestar growled. Flippy picked firestar up Von the scruff and laughed. When firestar struggled he tightened his grip. Flippy slammed firestar against a tre as hard as he could and stabbed firestars throat. He let go of him. Firestar was stuck there, the messer went through him and got stuck in the tree. Firestars lives were washed away with the blood that poured out of his neck. Soon all of his lives were gone. He hung from the tree, limp as a dead leaf. “good job flippy.” scourge meowed, walking up to him. Flippy spun around and grabbed him Von the neck. The only thing in his eyes was “kill”. No recognition at all. It was as if scourge was an enemy to him. Flippy squeezed tighter. Scourge could hardly breath. “why is he doing this?” scourge thought. The spikes on scourges halsband, kragen were stabbing strait though flippys hands. Scourge hissed and lashed out at flippys face. He slashed his eyes. Flippy dropped him and rubbed his eyes. “what happened?” he muttered. “my hands hurt, my eyes are bleeding.” scourge felt like ripping his throat out. He tried to kill him again! Then he remembered flippys disorder. “that's why!” he thought. “he can't control himself!” flippys words echoed in his head. “ since that Tag when ever I'm reminded of war I just lose control and attack everything in sight.” brick and bone seemed to remember too. Their pelz was flat and their eyes were calm but every other bloodclan cat looked angry. Their pelz was bristling and their hackles were raised. “you almost killed our leader!” one of them shouted. One of them, a gray tom, leaped at flippy, claws extended. Scourge jumped in front of flippy, growling. “what are Du doing?” he growled at the gray warrior. “he tried to kill you!” the warrior replied. “i could see that, I'm not blind.” scourge growled. The Katzen in the crowd looked shocked. “why aren't Du mad?” one of them called. “i would tell you, but I think it would be better to let flippy tell Du himself.” scourge replied, stepping aside. Flippy looked nervous but he spoke up anyways. “well, it's a long story.” as flippy told his story some of the Katzen hostility faded. “and since that Tag whenever I'm reminded of war I lose sight of everything and kill whatever I see.” he finished. None of the Katzen looked hostile anymore. “so, Du didn't try to kill scourge, it was your teilt, split personality?” one of them asked. Flippy just nodded. “that explains why Du fought so mercilessly in the battle with the clans.” one of them called out. “and why Du fought firestar like he was nothing.” another one added. They both had admiration in their voice. “you fight like scourge when someone gets him really mad.” another one meowed. “I'm not that great.” flippy responded. Katzen started to break away, still muttering to each other. Today was a success, scourge knew it. They won the thunderclan camp with no injuries and they had a chance to win more. Tomorrow would be even better.

scourge facing firestar