Warrior Cats Good oder evil, I'll create your prophecy!

StichxAngel4eva posted on Jan 29, 2010 at 08:39AM
This is where I can create your prophecy, just fill out the thingo:

Warrior cat name:
Evil or Good:
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr CHIHUAHUA said…
Clan- EarthClan
Rank- Warrior
Pelt- pure white
Eyes- crystal blue
Personality- calm
Evil or Good- good
Extras- Was named Crystal when first born and when joined clan then became Crystalfeather

Vor mehr als einem Jahr boomerlover said…
Name: Silvershine
Clan: MoonClan
Rank: Medicine cat
Pelt: Moon-white with silver stripes and long fluffy tail.
Eyes: Silverish blue
Personality: Calm, sweet, loves kits, enjoys helping the hurt or sick, has a soft, soothing, calm voice.
Evil or good: Good
Extras: Born in Moonclan, was going to be a Warrior, until lost a battle against ShadowClan as apprentice, then was never able to fight again, so, became medicine cat. Gender: Female.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
ok, Crystalfeather: 'Things are always divided, just as the divisions of a diamond'

Silvershine: 'Sun is day, Moon and Stars are Night, One may have to lose against two'

Sorry if they sound a bit blah, but it was the best I could do.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr boomerlover said…
big smile
That is so awesome. Luv it!v Oh yeah, this is Silvershine!
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 That is so awesome. Luv it!v Oh yeah, this is Silvershine!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr frostpaw said…
Warrior cat name:froststream
Eyes:light blue
Evil or Good:good
Extras: interested in elders tales and starclan
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
Froststream: Fire is your enemy...
xXWildNeonXx commented…
name- moonkit clan- thunderclan rank:kit pelt- solid black but with white paes and chest eyes- green personality- very adventurous and and curious Evil oder good- good Extras: gets into alot of trouble Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
big smile
thnx ppl!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TDITrentgirl6 said…
Warrior Cat name: Scorchclaw
Clan: FireClan
Rank: Deputy
Pelt: Black
Eyes: Amber
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful
Evil or Good: Torn between good or evil
Extras: Torn between good or evil beacuse father was Tigerstar of ThunderClan and Mother was good natured Angelheart of FireClan. Speaks with Dark Forest and StarClan
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purrloinedlove commented…
scorchclw seems male Vor mehr als einem Jahr
LolzMakeMeLol commented…
"Angelheart" Katzen don't know about angels.. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sandstormgal said…
Warrior name:GINGERSTAR
Rank: Leader
Pelt:tortie & white
eyes:ice blue
gender: female
personality:loyal & friendly
Evil or good:very good
Extras:daughter of a medicine cat that lost her her life protecting me and other clans kits.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr rticfox12 said…
OK, here's the deal...
I am in the pocess of writing a novel, and a prophecy is very signficant in it. Frankly, I'm having bit of trouble writing the prophecy, so, in short, the names will be different. Also, could you try to give me two: one prophecying her greatness AND her doom? Thanks.
Name: Vuur "The Daughter of Wolf Fire"
Guild: The Guild of Feather Grass (Their enemies are the Guild of Dark Sand.)
Rank: a young leader who was foretold
Pelt: (She's a wolf.) A darker gray with black facial features.
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Personality: She is mildly stressed about being so highly thought of, but she is cool about it. She leans on the support of her friends and Guildmates (a few of which betray her in the greatest of ways). She is loyal, and a great leader, loved by all of her people, except by those who are jealous of her.
Evil or Good: Good, but has internal conflicts
EXTRAS: further in the book, Vitaso (a snake) and Saliti (a fox) betray her, and she falls desperatey in love with Angaza (a bobcat). Vitaso does kill Vuur at the end of the book, but I want this to be very surprising, so don't hint on that too much please.
purrloinedlove commented…
a group of Wölfe is called a pack and "A blaze searing the gras, grass shall be burned out after a light from the feuer spreads with feathers." Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr rinaef said…
Warrior cat name:dovestar
Pelt:ccream,white/brown dappled coat
Eyes:one blue eye
Personality:dont aks.
Evil or Good:good...
Extras:vampire cat .
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
Scorchclaw: One day you will choose who to believe in...

Gingerstar: One cat will stand out of the black of the night...

Dovestar: The clan will be protected by the gentle dove's wing...

Vuur(wolf): The furiousity of the fire will protect the guild and the warmth of the fire will keep the guild safe forever...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Bluefur11 said…
Name:Bluefur (believe it! its true!)
Pelt:Lightgray bluish
Eye:Ice blue
Personality:Calm,kind,cheerful but can easily turn fierce and frightining. Not to be pushed around easily.
Evil or Good: Good but can turn evil if provoked too much though can hold it back.
Extras:I nearly died giving birth to Nectarfoot, Waterpaws and Blackears.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
Bluefur: water will destroy you...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Bluefur11 said…
k Thank u but 2 questions What is ur warrior name and why is my prophecy the same as the one Goosefeather gave Bluestar?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Bluefur11 said…
Pelt:Dusky brown tabby
Personality:Not very ...um...excitable and a bit overly calm almost blank.
Evil or Good: Good
Extras:Friend of Bluefur and mated with Bluefurs first daughter Mistyfoot and had three sucessful litters with her.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
well, umm u see, Bluestar already had prophercy, & im bad at making prophecies to cats tht alreday have 1...

Hawkstar: Wind can blow the hawk that flies at dawn away...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr madelinestar714 said…
pelt:golden with orange streaks
personality:fiesty and sarcastic fights a lot with other catslikes to do what she wants violent, secretive
evil or good:evil;)
extras:mated with ashwhisker and had 1 litter kits moonkit and sunkit and starkit and killed brambleclaw to become deputy planning to kill firestar and make ashwhisker her deputy but when he hears of her plans he leaves her and she kills him
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
fire and fire will go against another...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Scarchest said…
Warrior cat name: Scarchest
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: temporary deputy
Pelt: sandy-tabby with a white underbelly
Eyes: bright green
Personality: knows herbs, caring, kind, nasty in battle, defends clan with life, natural leader
Evil or Good: um, cat self is good, but I need an evil prophecy
Extras: I have a deep scar running down the center of my chest, the reason for the name Scarchest. I'm old enough to be a new warior, but I've seen and heard to much, so my rank is neer senior warrior. I was a member of Blizzardclan on the other warrior forums as the medicine cat. I was trained by Tearheart, and after I returned unexpectently after the Admins kicked everyone off, I mentored Meadowsong. There where younger cats, apprentinces, who wanted to be trained the skill of the medicine cat, so I quit my job and became a warrior instead, letting the youngsters experiance the joy of helping the clan with herbs. Of course I helped when the clan was hurt, and I also halped around the den, making sure the stress of apprentinces never showed by having the herbs neatly lined against the wall at all times. All was peacefull, untill I returned from a weeks vacation to find my clan split in two. Literally. My leader was on one side with all my friends on the other. I didn't know what to do or who to believe at first, so I took a breather from the forums, turning to mweor for messages to each side and clan updates. My goal soon became clear, I had to get my clan back together. My goal was out of reach, there was nothing I could do. It was to much stress, so I quit the forums permenantly. I keep in touch with the clan through posting on mweor, messaging the leader for updates and announcements. That was Weirdclaw, the leader of the clan with all my closest friends in it. At first my former leader, Shadowstar, kept in touch, too, but then he stopped. I trusted him with all my heart, and I will never give up hope that one day my clan will rise again, as one, with him leading it with Weirdclaw at his side.

In one month I learned that a split clan cannot stand.
purrloinedlove commented…
weirdclaw? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Scarchest said…
(haha sorry for the long reply)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
k... Scarchest...

The shadow of the wing will put out the fire that burns deep within you...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Scarchest said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
big smile
i think thts my most evilest 1.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Scarchest said…
what does it mean? I mean, what does the wing stand for?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Swifttail27 said…
Warrior cat name:Swifttail
Personality:Friendly but can withdraw into a solitary mood.
Evil or Good:Good
Extras:Her sister is the current medicine cat(Brambleshadow) but was once a medicine cat herself.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
I dont kno wat the wing is. i can only give prophecies.

Peace comes within the swiftness of the tail...

sry tht doesnt make sense...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Swifttail27 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
big smile
ur welcome!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr YugiMuto said…
Warrior name: Fallenfeather
Clan: FrostClan
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Brown fur color, long claws
Eyes: Cerulean eye color
Personality: Vengeful, clever, brave, very confident, sass-mouthed
Evil or Good: Evil
Extras: Very large tom, strong fighter, excellent at coming up with battle strategies. Wishes that he could fly. Has a sister named Breezewhisper, wants vengeance on a cat in StormClan named Flamewind.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr YugiMuto said…
by the way, this has nothing to do with the Clans here on Fanpop, this is from my own story that I'm writing lol
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
o. my mind just went blank. X3 thinking... X3 thinking...

got it!!

The wind will bring flame on the feather that has fallen on the thin sheet of ice...

sry tht just makes no sense at all...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr YugiMuto said…
big smile
thanks! =D That helps me out a lot
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
big smile
k thnx!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr arcaninegal123 said…
Warrior cat name: Lightningblaze
Clan: MidnightClan
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Silver with black stripes
Eyes: Deep purple
Personality: Playful, but strong and independent. Quick-witted, as Bluefire says. Loves Chawclate.
Evil or Good: Good
Extras: Has two brothers: Hawktail and Thunderfrost. Parents died in a badger attack. Loves to catch chawclate bunnies.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…

The lighning strike at midnight will bring peace to the clan...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bluestarluver10 said…
big smile
name: silenthunter
personality:caring and loves kits and is happy to help,also she is the best hunter in her clan
evil or good:good
extras:has 2 kits:stormkit and blossomkit and her favourite kill is crow. her mate is crowstripe
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…

The silence of the night will calm the clan...

Vor mehr als einem Jahr pongo4747 said…
evil or good:good
extras;got the name jayscar cause she looks like a jay and scar cause of a scar across her face
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…

The patient jay waits calmly to swoop away the evil within the clan...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kit_kat_123_6 said…
HI! im wolfie and i am half evil and half good!

Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
k u might need to tell me the thingo like the rest did. :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lyoko343 said…
Warrior cat name: Wildfire
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Queen
Pelt: Brown and orange
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Sweet, Can think of any story (Real or not) to tell (Most Clanmates say that she should be an Elder instead of a queen)
Evil or Good: Good
Extras: Saved ThunderClan kits from Fire, repeating "even at the cost of my life" to her mentor when she was an apprentice.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…

The fire will blaze through the forest...
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ase said…
Cat Name: Lightpaw
Clan: Pineclan
Rank: Apprentice
Pelt: Tiger
Eyes: Yellow
Personality: Fierce, Strong, Loyal, Wise
Evil / Good: Good
Extras: A quick-learner, Intelligent (and yes, wise and intelligent ARE 2 differnt things), Peaceful when need-be
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Lyoko343 said…
Oh, cool
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Ceaderfeather said…
Can I do four?

Warrior cat name: Redleaf
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Toisehell (Can't spell, xD)
Eyes: Amber tinted green
Personality: Seams to be cold and slightly unfriendly, but is a great cat if you get to know her. She'll do anything for the clan
Evil or Good: Good
Extras: Redleaf is a bit of a fool

Warrior cat name: Ceaderpaw/feather
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Apprentice/Warrior
Pelt: Pale ginger
Eyes: One pale blue, one pale gree
Personality: bright, intelligent and fiesty
Evil or Good: Goodish
Extras: She dosen't give in on fights easily

Warrior cat name: Flightfur
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Med. Cat
Pelt: Brown tabby
Eyes: Dull green
Personality: Bright and warm
Evil or Good: Good
Extras: Flightfur will fight if he has to

Warrior cat name: Cinderstar
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Leader
Pelt: White
Eyes: Stormy Blue
Personality: Sly and headstrong
Evil or Good: Both, xD
Extras: He's got a grudge against windclan
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StichxAngel4eva said…
Lightpaw: The light will bring the sun back...

Redleaf: The sunlight dapples through the leaves...

Ceaderpaw/feather: The feather falls silently onto the water...

Flightfur: The shadowy bird flies strong through the night...

Cinderstar: Beware the wind will blow the water...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Ceaderfeather said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Halfpelt said…
Warrior cat name: Halfpelt
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Tortoiseshell ~ ripped off from the armpits down. But the tails in tack :)
Eyes: One blue one green
Personality: Stubborn, hot-headed and vicious but kind and friendly
Evil or Good: Good!
Extras: When she was a kit, her pelt was ripped off by a badger from the armpits down but her tail is fine. Her previous name was Cheetahkit.