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Dovepaw yawned as her mentor, Silverpatch, explined some of the herbs.

"Are Du paying attention, Dovepaw?"

Dovepaw sighed and wondered what her mentor was going on about now. Maybe she was on about how she had almost eaten those death berries last night. How was she supposed to know that they litterally killed cats? She thought it was a creative name!


Dovepaw snapped out of her stupor. "Wait! What?"

"You little..." Silverpatch let out a hiss and Dovepaw scrambled up. She had to get going. Now!

Dovepaw bolted out of the medicine cat's höhle, den with Silverpatch spitting and hissing behind her....
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I had always felt that there was something special about me. I had always hoped that I would be good at something that my fellow littermates weren't.

Badgerpaw had always been good at hunting and stalking prey. He was huge for an apprentice. Like a dachs ironically. He could take on a dog Von himslef if he was in full health.

Timberpaw was good at climbing trees. The best in the clan. Even better than Plumstar.

Yet, what could I do? I am not good at either of those things. I am not good at fighting either. I am clumsy and my front legs are shorter than my back. I can jump, but how will that get...
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Fang stretched his long limbs before going back to watching Spottedheart train with his son, Brownpaw.

When he had first saw the she-cat be named a warrior he wasn't impressed. She had been scrawny and clumsy. She was timid and uncertain. Something had changed though.

When she had been named a warrior, the trees seemed to sigh as the wind went through them. They seemed to lean in towards the she-cat he had thought was pothetic. Ever since then he has kept a close eye on her. Using the excuse of wanting to make sure his son was being well trained.

"Fang? Still watching Brownpaw?" came Petaltail's...
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Raccooneye watched her granddaughter from StarClan.

Dawnpaw's pelt was thick and muddy as she trained with her mentor, Sliceclaw.

He growled as he swiped at her paws.

Raccooneye smiled as Dawnpaw used one of her famous jump and twists. Dawnpaw had always been good with jumping. She was like a bird. She soared throguh the air like she belonged there.

"Raccooneye? Watching my sister again?"

Raccooneye glanced behind her to see Yewkit. She had died when SlashClan had had their water supply poisoned Von twoleg waste.

"I have a right, Yewkit. If only Du could be down there with Dawnpaw and Ashpaw. You...
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In all of Shinestar's life, he has had a prophecy hanging over his head.

Four cats, with the powers of the elements, will form one and save the clans from the sea of blood, though one will be Lost in the process.

Many moons have passed since he had recieved it as Shinefur. Many Katzen have passed away since this prophecy, though none have even hinted at being one of the prophecy cats. That is why he hadn't expected the power to be in an apprentice. He had not expected this amazing and dangerous power to be in a medicine cat apprentice.

The first time he saw her she had just been born, though there...
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