PrueFever aka Jørgen with his idol, Prue Halliwell aka Shannen Doherty.
Life has never been easy for PrueFever aka Jørgen Jørgensen (J.J. for short). When his mom started drinking alcohol a few weeks after his birth, his father did the same thing a couple of years later, which led to Social Service removing him and his sisters from Home and placed them in different Foster Homes in Denmark. Then in 1997 J.J. was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, although on the mild end of the ASD spectrum. Then in 2007 his mother died and in 2008 his father was killed. And yet, when Fanpop met up with him in Planet Hollywood in London, it was a fresh, smiling young man we met. Ordering his Favorit Burger from the menu, we sat down and had a good chat about Fanpop, Disney and Life in General.

Fanpop: Hello Prue, oder Jørgen as your real name is. First of all, thank Du for taking time to do this Interview with us.

Jørgen: Oh no, I'm the one who should be thanking you for this interview! It's quite an hornor!

Fanpop: I must admit, I'm quite surprised to see that you're so happy and smiley. I mean, with all the hard times in your life, it must have been very hard on you?

J.J.: Well, it has been very hard, but Du gotta remember these things happened a long time Vor and Time Heals All Wounds as the saying goes. But yeah, like everyone else I have my Bright Days and some Mehr Dark Days. It's actually quite funny, because I had a Birthday Party for my Family and close Friends the other Tag and one of my very close friends, called Vera, she held a speech and she told me that even though I've had some big Knockdowns in my life, I'm still very smiley and a very generous, unselfish person. She has known me for 10 years, so she knows me down to a T. I never knew my real mother as we moved from Greenland when I was still a Baby, but in my eyes Vera became my mother. So hearing those words from her made me tear up!

Fanpop: Aw, that was really sweet of her! Du Lost your father in 2008. How did that happen?

J.J.: My dad was a Concrete Worker. He worked many hours a day. I don't really know how it all went down, but from what I've heard he had a Night Shift one night and his fellow colleagues had gone out to get some coffee and my dad had stayed behind, working. Then suddenly the machine he was working in, started oder something. He was crushed to death. He was 49 when he died. I just couldn't believe it when I heard it. Luckily, I was with a friend when I was told. She stayed with me the whole day. I just felt numb. When I went to the funeral with my family, I didn't cry. I felt like I had to stay strong for my sisters. But in the days after, I cried so much! It was awful. I had always been very close to my dad. And suddenly he was gone, I was never going to see him again. It was a really tough time to get through. I would never have been able to get through it without my family and my friends!

Fanpop: Your Family and Friends are very important to you, right?

J.J.: Oh, absolutely! They mean everything to me! I wouldn't be the person I am today without my Family and my Friends. They mean everything to me. Like with all families and Friends we have days where we argue and stuff like that, but we always make up again. I'm not a person who likes to argue oder yell. But if somebody hurts my sisters oder my friends, I can be confrontational with them. Gitte, my best (girl)friend was with me the Tag I was told my mom was dead and also when I recieved the news about my father's death. I'm very close to her, she's a great friend. She has seen me on my best days and on my worst. But I think that's important for a Friendship, that you're not afraid to Zeigen your emotional side as well. Gitte and me, we also have the exact same humor! Now, humor is a very important thing in my life! I try to laugh every day! I even laugh at myself sometimes, 'cos I'm silly like that. Gitte can always make me cry with laughter. She can say the most stupidest things, where other people can look at her and go: "Okay..?" oder "Oh my god, you're so weird", but I get the joke she makes instantly! It's great to have a friend like that. Me and my mate Chris, on the other hand, we're completely different. Of course we can laugh and have fun, but we're Mehr serious when we're together. And that is great as well. The thing with me is, that I try to have fun and put a smile on people faces.

Fanpop: That is a great thing to do. Now for something that I think will put a smile on your face. Du earned a Purple Legendary Fan Medal the other Tag for all your work in the Walt Disney Characters Spot. Congratulations. How did that make Du feel when Du saw it?

J.J.: Thank you. I was Over the Moon at first! And it's funny, because a week oder so before I got the Purple Medal, I had my 30th Birthday and when I logged on that day, I saw I had earned a orange Super Fan Medal in the WDC Spot. And that was so great. I felt like it was a Birthday Present from Fanpop. And then, suddenly I got this Purple Medal. And I'm like "Whoa, time out! What just happend here..?" I just couldn't believe it! But after I read a reply on the Fanpop Page where the user KateKicksAss says the following:

"They're just virtual Profil decoration! I mean, sure it might be fun to have some, but overall, they really don't affect your Fanpop experience."

And I realized, she was right! They are just Virtual Profil Decoration, but they are also great to have. For me, they Zeigen my affection for certain things, things I really like and care about, something that means a lot to me, personally!

Fanpop: And that's exactly the point with them! Now, I gotta ask you. Has Disney always been a big part of your life? oder has it grown over time?

J.J.: Walt Disney Animation has always been a big part of my life! The first cartoon I remember seeing when I was a little boy, was The Little Mermaid. I remember being completely mesmerized Von it! It just blew me away! I was so fascinated Von the songs, the characters, the story, all of it! And my Liebe for the film is still as strong as ever! I will always Liebe The Little Mermaid and Disney. It has always meant a lot to me and my family. My dad always used to take me and my sisters to the local store and buy the latest Disney Film on VHS and then we went home, he made us abendessen and in the evening we all sat down and watched the Disney Movie. I loved it. Also, every week when we got our allowance, I used to run down to the local Book Store and buy these little Disney Characters Figurines. I was obsessed! (Laughs). Also I've been to Disneyland Resort Paris twice. First was in September 2003 and the Sekunde time was June 2010. And this year, I'm headed to Walt Disney World in Florida with my little sister Joan. It's going to be great! I can't wait!

Fanpop: Well, the best of luck to you, Jørgen. It's been a pleasure to do this interview with you.

J.J.: Anytime, I'm glad Du would interview me, it means a lot.
Even at a young age, J.J. was all about smiles.
Busting some moves at a school dance.
Little Sister Joan, Jørgen and Big Sister Johanne.
Meeting Whoopi Goldberg @ Madame Tussauds, London, November 2000.
In The Czech Republic in 2002.
skifahren Trip in Norway, early 2003.
Picking berries in France, September 2003.
Trying Weltraum Mountain @ DisneyLand Resort, Paris, September 2003.
Trying the Demon @ Tivoli, Copenhagen 2005. J.J. recalls "I was absolutely shi**ing myself!! But when I saw the picture after, I just HAD to buy it!"
Johanne, Joan, their Father Mogens and J.J. in Spring 2005.
In Greenland in 2008, for their Mother's funeral.
In London, December 2009. J.J. and his Friend Chris had flown over to meet up with Katya and Anya Allison.
Wanna have a drink? J.J. doesn't drink alcohol after his mother and father both had a drinking problem.
Humor is very important to J.J., here pictured in a Made-Up picture with best friend Gitte.
In June 2010, J.J. met one of his biggest Idols in Disneyland Resort Paris.
Goin' Down! J.J. with Friends Klaus, Casper and Martin in Denmark's Fårup Sommerland.
With some Family Members for his 30th Birthday Party.