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Die Fanauswahl: Size (he's a big boy).
Die Fanauswahl: *BIG evil grin..gigling*I want that flexible body to be mine so badly!!*
Die Fanauswahl: Perfect heaven-to be touched Von those hands..OMG,OMG!!*fainthing in drool*
Die Fanauswahl: i Liebe every aspect of bobby. all of the above
i Liebe every aspect of bobby....
Die Fanauswahl: YEAAA..he loves and adores his kids!!
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Superintent sagte …
I Liebe all your shows and movies. You're my Favorit tv actor and I put Du with the greats gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
IraqVeteran sagte …
Mr. D'Onofrio, Please read and those able to pass this on, please do. I am an Iraqi Veteran. I have no idea how to send Du a letter. My hope is that you, through whatever means, see this posting. I admire your character in Criminal Intent. The character is a right-brain guided, ethical genius that uses his talent in understanding of human behavior to serve the community. The particular type of approach to problem solving, seldom appreciated is one that I identify with. I am Du in real life. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
susanakelley sagte …
Liebe your work...think Du are the BEST character, on Law and Order...always watch Criminial Intent, whenever I can...Hope Du are Well.... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr