I'm glad to give Du info about the website 'Movies Unlimited' where there are many Viggo titles. These dvds are not easy to find in video stores anymore. The site is great - shipping is not expensive especially if Du live in the U.S., but even to Canada they ship Filme within a few weeks for a reasonable cost, especially if Du order a few at a time like I did!

I'm really glad to have Mehr Viggo in my collection. He's made wonderful choices throughout his career thus far and he's so gifted & amazing all through. Du can see each step of the way how eventually he became one of the most highly regarded artists of all time. Recently I noticed dvd covers have changed - as recently as July of last Jahr - Deception (Ruby Cairo) as an example - total new art on that one. Saw that one last night & still in my mind today.

One of my faves is 'A Walk on the Moon.' That one means a lot to me because of my sister who passed away recently...really reminded me of her era, summer of Liebe 1969.

I hope he's okay with the fact I've become such a Viggo fan..he really inspires me, he's a gorgeous work of art too. Check Filme Unlimited!