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 Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
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This Vampire fankunst might contain porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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Chapter ten: Legends might be alive

After Alucard leaves his castle, he comes across Becca once again "How did Du came here?" he asks her "I can see what Du see remember?" she asks him reminding him of their mental bonding "I remembered Du I can't believe it was you" Alucard says "I can't never forget your face since that night" Becca tells him as she gently lays her hand on his cheek and rubs it gently with her thumb as Alucard and Becca begins french Küssen as Becca stops her eyes change to demonic eyes again but her eyes were Mehr whiteish blue color this time as they both went in the...
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"Thay make fun me mommie" sagte the little girl in my dreams. "Thats only because ur beutifull" sagte the girls mom. "rreally mommie, am i beutifull" sagte the little girl . "yes Du are, Du somtimes i thank that your Mehr beutifull than the stars at night oder th sunlights rays" sagte the little girls mommie as the chilled ran into her arms. The arms of the only person that little girl ever trully loved.
Im woken up Von the sound of the other homless people looking around as if thay cant believe they are trully here. I sit up and take it all in, just like the others, i take a look at the chilldren...
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The legend of blood sucking Vampire has captured peoples' imagination for generations. A crack team of archaeologists and forensic scientists have uncovered hard evidence for the existence of the legend.
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