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 Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
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This Vampire fankunst might contain porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen
Sarah Michelle Gellar
james marsters
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As I Am

Poesie Von Aria Antonia Angell

If I am gone
I will be gone
Sing a somber song
But I till will be gone

Nobody knew
What I would do
To Du
If I was gone

Might I return
As ceature of night
to give Du a fright
If I was gone?

So leave me as I am
In this dirty hole
In this wintry cold
And death across my face

As they eat me alive
the person inside
I wait
for me to go

Because if someone is dead
The'll scoop up their head
and if Du were not good
if Du did that thing
Looking to give Du a fright
then they too will make Du
a lonesome, hungry, dead,
creature of the night!
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OK so im Schreiben a story in my journal aboyt two people that fall in Liebe and one of them is a vampire...I cannot copywrite i can't use beliebt names from twilight oder vampire diaries...You should see my delema!!! I need a girl name and i need a guy name.they guy is the vampire and he has 1 brother and 1 sister that is also a vamp...i need names..Ok so another probleme is i want them to go together...the two people that fall in love,their names need to go together...

Edward and Bella

Elena and Stephan

Alice and jasper

Rosalie and emmett

they go together. Oh and if Du have any ideas for what i should name the story that would be agreat help to me please!!! If Du can be my life saver then i will Liebe Du forever and i will send Du a message sying wheather oder not i use what Du sagte to me. :) :)
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“Leon, wait,” Yelled my little sister Yuffie, who was adopted. I was half way out my bedroom window.
“Shush, you’ll wake mom.” I told her
    “But, Leon, Du shouldn’t sneak out. You’ll get in trouble again.”
    “No, I won’t, unless Du tell on me again.” I whispered to her.
    “What happens if mom wakes up?” Yuffie asked.
    “Just go back to bett and stop worrying about me.” I almost yelled. I jumped the rest of the way out of my window without another word. As I hit the ground I started...
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