Ballack just watched as the two boys were having their Supernatural reunion, at least things hadn’t gone wrong, maybe he had miscalculated and under-estimated their friendship, as he thought they would have fought each other, that was why he held off introducing David until absolutely necessary. After reminding David of the full moon coming in less than 15 minutes, he was about to go prepare for the transformation when it happened, David showed off his werewolf eyes to Leo in an attempt to explain, and the surprise of another creature being at close proximity to Leo activated his bloodlust and he entered full vampire mode.
This was what Ballack hadn’t wanted, because he knew that control wasn’t easy for a new vampire, so he intervened before things got out of hand.
David was shocked at what was happening as Leo was literally going all Dracula on him, after he transformed, he attacked and for all David’s power, he could not do a thing as shock held him in place, and just as Leo was going to bite him, he was grabbed on the neck Von Ballack.
“Hey kid, calm down” Ballack sagte while still holding Leo in a headlock.
After some minutes, “My God, what did I do?” Leo asked “I almost bit Du David, but what was that with your eyes”
“Shit” Ballack said, and he released Leo and immediately ran up to David, carried him and sped into another room, and there he threw him on the floor and erected various barriers around him just as he screamed.
“No” David thought as pain racked his body, though not as severe as the one in the afternoon but still painful enough to make him scream. From the window Von the wall, he saw the full moon outside, and then he felt his herz rate double, then rage so potent that he could touch it started to fill him, then his back started to hunch and the pain was excruciating as his spine was literally being bent downwards – just how much pain could one feel in a day-, and from his hands, claws were emerging, and the back of his feet left the ground so he was standing on just his toes, only they didn’t look like toes anymore with the claws oder talons growing out of them, and then his clothes started to rip off as his upper body began to grow, and was that a snout emerging from where his mouth and jaw used to be, oder at least where they were a couple of Sekunden ago, it was like his vocal cord had collapsed as he couldn't scream anymore, then his pants followed suit as his legs were getting bigger, and then he felt a weird sensation in his eyes - not the usual tingle - and then his vision changed, and it was different from before, it was almost like he could detect anything that released heat, then the pain subsided and he got an urge to scream oder was it howl, and just as he opened his mouth, he felt his throat constrict and no sound came out, and then he tried running out through the door but he hit some sort of invisible wall, the rage was filling him up so much that he was feeling sick from it, he looked Von the door and saw Ballack frowning and Leo’s surprised look and for a moment, he though he heard Leo say something about a wolf and then everything went black.
“DAVID IS A WEREWOLF!!!!!!” Leo exclaimed
“Shut up Leo, Du don’t have to shout so much” Ballack sagte “or do Du want me to throw Du in there with him so Du can ask him if he is a werewolf”
“How come he can’t get out?” Leo asked
“I sealed him in with some barriers” Ballack sagte “Thank God I included the sound barrier, and I also had to constrict his voice box as I’m not sure if the barrier would keep a wolf’s howl in, don’t want any unwanted company”
“So are Du like a wizard oder something?” Leo asked
“No, I’m definitely not a wizard but maybe something” Ballack said
“How did David become a werewolf?” Leo asked
“And I repeat, would Du like me to throw Du in there so that Du can ask him” Ballack said
“Are Du going to answer any of my Fragen oder would Du like us to stand here looking at each other all night?” Leo asked
"Don't worry, I won't be looking at you" Ballack said
"That's hardly the point, is it?" Leo said
“I’ve got to stay here with David so that there are no unfortunate “accidents”” Ballack sagte “and after that, I definitely need to get to bed, as the two of Du have made today very stressful for me” Ballack said
“And I, what am I supposed to be doing, as I’ve been sleeping all day, I don’t feel like sleeping again, and it’s not like Du would let me go out” Leo said
“I’m a big Fan of free will, I let Du choose what blood Du wanted didn’t I, so if Du want to go out, Du are free, I won’t stop you. I’m only stopping David from leaving because he’s not himself right now, and I mean that literally” Ballack sagte “and If Du ask me, I’ll suggest Du call your parents to tell them why Du haven’t been Home for over a day” Ballack added.
“You’ve got a point” Leo sagte “but is David going to be okay and please don’t tell me to go in and ask him”
“He should have nothing to worry about except me, as those are some nice Wand plaster that he’s destroying” Ballack said
Ballack knew that he was going to be here for a long time as the boy would probably revert around morning, and he needed to patrol this night as this was the most important night of the full moon.
Leo had just spoken with his mom, and that she was mad at him was a massive understatement. He had told her that he had stayed over at a friend’s place, and she had sagte she wanted him Home now, so he needed to see Ballack to tell him that he was going and he also had an important question. When he got back upstairs, he met Ballack right where he had left him.
“Your Mom is very angry and she wants Du Home right this minute” Ballack sagte “So what are Du going to do?” he asked
“How did Du know?” Leo asked
“Funny, I’ve been asked that Frage Mehr times than I’ve been asked “How are you?”” Ballack sagte “anyways, as to how I knew what your mom said, let’s just say that there is not much that happens in this house that I don’t know about. So what are Du going to do about your mom’s request?” Ballack asked
“First I want to ask, would sunlight make me shine oder sparkle?” Leo asked
“Yeah sure” Ballack sagte “You’ll spark all right, and then you’ll definitely shine with fire, and finally, you’ll turn to the finest of ash, so I suppose the only thing Du would miss is the “le” in the “sparkle” but that is a small price right?”
“Do Du always have to answer that way?” Leo asked
“Do Du always have to ask stupid questions?” Ballack asked
“Anyways, I’m going Home to my mom, and I plan on telling her exactly what happened” Leo said
“Define “exactly what happened”?” Ballack asked
“I mean, I plan on telling her everything, including the “little” fact that I’m a vampire, and I don’t care if Du have a problem with that” Leo said
“That’s okay” Ballack sagte “It’s even smart provided she is not a Hunter, but just so I know, why do Du want to tell her”
“This is not a movie where I have to keep it a secret from my parents because of some stupid noble reasons, and then they end up finding about it later in awkward circumstances.” Leo sagte “and anyways, like Du said, it’s not like she is a hunter oder anything”
“That’s an interesting decision” Ballack sagte “but I don’t believe that is your only reason for deciding to tell her”
“How-. Du know what, just forget that question” Leo sagte “and Du are right, the main reason I’m telling her is because I trust my mom with everything as she is all I’ve ever had, and all I can say is that we are a team, always have been.”
“Who would have thought Du had a reasonable bone in you” Ballack sagte as he smiled “anyways, goodbye and my number is in your head if Du need to beep me”
“What!!, directly into my head” Leo exclaimed “You really need to teach me some of those Jedi mind tricks, and Weiter time, don’t break into my head oder I'll sue Du for breaking and entering” and with that, Leo left for home.
Ballack was jumping rooftop after rooftop as he went on his patrol, he had left a double with David as tonight was simply too important to just sit at home. After leaving home, he had followed the Leo boy - while keeping to the shadows - to make sure that he got Home safely as tonight was too dangerous especially for his kind; New vampires, what did they call it in that game - Fledglings. Anyways, tonight-the third night of the full moon was usually crawling with werewolves, and the patrol was to ensure damage limitation.
After going around for a couple of hours, he heard a growl a couple of blocks away and he concealed his presence and went to check it out, but it was a dog, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t something Supernatural around, in fact 90% of the time a dog was growling at night during a full moon was because there was a creature around, and the other 10%, well, maybe it just had rabies. So Ballack decided to look around in a 20 meter radius, and it didn’t take him long to get a visual on the creature. The creature was stalking a young girl, and Ballack was stalking it, after it got close enough, it came out of the shadows and started chasing the girl. The only weapons Ballack had brought with him were the two swords crossed at his back, he really wished he had bought that bow at the weapons store so he didn’t have to reveal himself, because someone oder something could be watching and most importantly, it was a pain explaining to the victim, but as it was, he had to.
Rachel was so scared to death that she didn’t dare chance a Sekunde look at what was chasing her, not to mention the fact that the first look had been terrible enough, she had no destination in mind as she was just running for her dear life, but she could feel the thing, whatever it was, closing in on her and just to confirm, she steeled her mind and turned to look, which – guess what, was a big mistake - , because she didn’t see the piece of wood on the floor. So, as she caught sight of the monster, her foot caught the wood and she went tumbling through the air and landed against a wall, she heard something break and when she looked, her left leg was definitely facing the wrong direction, and still the monster approached, but much slowly, as if it knew she was going nowhere. How could she die here, after all her screaming, no-one had shown up, just as she was sure the monster would kill her, a man literally appeared from thin air, kicked the monster into the air and in a single motion, pulled out a katana and decapitated the monster.
“Thank Du so much” Rachel sagte through gritted teeth “I thought that thing was going to kill me”
“Well it was” Ballack sagte and he walked up to her and saw that she had a broken leg, he couldn’t just leave her here with the broken leg, what’s to say that another werewolf wouldn’t come to finish the job.
“Yeah, I noticed” Rachel sagte “So what was that?”
“Something Du need to forget about” Ballack said, and he touched her on the leg.
“Hey, careful that....” Rachel sagte “doesn’t hurt anymore”. Rachel was surprised, how had the pain gone so suddenly, and her leg had been set back in place “How did Du do that?” she asked
“Get up and start heading home” Ballack sagte and he started to leave
“Wait, was that monster responsible for the death of that man on the news” Rachel asked, and then she looked in the direction of the monster and what she saw made her scream.
“What now” Ballack thought, he turned and saw what the girl was looking at, the werewolf had transformed - as they usually did when they died - to human, and on the sidewalk was a headless woman.
Ballack had intentionally transported the body of the werewolf from the Zurück night to a place where the cops would see it so that they could at least broadcast it on the news and that would have discouraged most people from going around at night thereby reducing the victims of the werewolves, and he also planned on leaving this one here but the only problem was this girl that was a witness, he could just wipe her memories but he hated messing with free will, mostly because it always came back to bite him in the ass.
“Were Du the one who killed the man yesterday?” Rachel asked “was he also like her?”
“You ask too many questions” Ballack sagte “If Du knew someone was killing people, then why were Du out alone at night?”
“Well, I was out alone because I’m always alone” Rachel sagte “and I was out this night because I needed to get some painkillers from a pharmacy, and believe me, it took almost an Stunde to convince myself to leave the house, but Du still haven’t answered my question”
“Okay” Ballack sagte “Just promise not to mention anything that happened here to anyone” Ballack said
“I promise” Rachel said
“You see that straße over there?” Ballack pointed
“Which one?” Rachel asked as she turn to look at where he was pointing “I don’t know the straße Du are talking about” she said, and when she turned she didn’t see anyone. He had tricked her, Rachel was disappointed but ultimately happy to be alive, at least he had saved her, so she started heading home.
Ballack hadn’t meant to trick the girl but it was necessary as he needed to return to his patrol, but there was definitely something weird about the girl.
Ballack made sure to leave his ears wide open – metaphorically speaking - as he wanted to hear anything that sounded remotely like an attack and as a result, he had been forced to hear some unsavoury things, and the height of it was when he passed Von a hotel. Something didn’t feel right, there should have been Mehr Werwölfe around but he had only encountered 3 so far; the first he had killed, but the other two had been moving through the shadows ignoring the few people around so he had ignored them, but he should have found Mehr of them as he had been at it for hours and just when he decided to call it a night, he picked up a scream from almost a mile away, not to waste too much time, he homed in on the scream and then teleported. As he reached there, he watched from the shadows and what he saw made his mouth drop.
Rachel hoped that her scream was loud enough to get the attention of the man that had saved her. Okay, so he saved her like 30 Minuten Vor but she had been thinking everything through and just got the childish impulse to retaliate after how he had tricked her. If he heard and came, then she got to kill two birds with one stone; she got to retaliate, and she got to tell him off for tricking her, but if he didn’t come, there was no problem as to her it was a “win-I’ve already lost” situation, so she decided to scream again, and then she heard a sound behind her, Rachel turned to find the man there, and he had an expression between annoyance and amusement.
“Really” Ballack sagte “so Du decided to trick me too”
“Well, I’m sorry but Du tricked me first” Rachel sagte “I wasn’t happy with the way Du left”
“Well then, this time I’ll leave normally” Ballack sagte and he turned and started walking away, he could hear the girl calling him but he didn’t even look back, from her mind, he knew she was called Rachel, he had read her mind because he wanted to find out why she gave him a weird feeling.
Ballack had left Rachel over five Minuten Vor and was walking back Home when he heard her scream again, but this time, it was filled with pure terror. So he decided to pick up a scent since he wasn’t too far from the place, and he confirmed that a werewolf was there with her. ‘How many times could one person be attacked in a night’ he thought as he ran towards the scream, when he got there, she was cornered to a Wand Von the werewolf and to say that she was shivering was an understatement, and as the werewolf raised it paws to strike, he moved to intervene and the werewolf went flying across the street, Ballack charged towards it and before it could get up, he decapitated it, but there was only one problem, he wasn’t the one who had thrown the werewolf across the street, and unless there was someone else around, Rachel had just thrown the werewolf across the straße “I guess I just found out the reason for the weird feeling” he thought, and he turned and walked up to her where she was shivering against the wall, but was it a coincidence that two different Werwölfe had attacked her, was it because of what she could do, oder probably because she was too annoying -though he doubted that-, but right now, he had to help her and he knew he couldn’t let her go Home as the Werwölfe could simply follow her there, so like yesterday, there was only one option left but what the hell, just how many people had he brought into his house in the last 24 hours, he might as well just open a shelter for strays, but anyways he needed to know why the Werwölfe were after this girl other than the obvious reason.
“It's alright, it’s dead now” Ballack said
“What do they want from me?” Rachel cried “That’s two times Du have saved me, thank you”
“Don’t worry about it” Ballack said, but what he really felt like telling her was - think of it as the Sekunde time you’ve almost died.
“I was so scared, I thought Du weren’t going to come because of the little stunt I pulled earlier” Rachel sobbed “I figured that Du would think I was joking again”
“Well it’s lucky that I didn’t” Ballack sagte “okay quit sobbing before one of those things come here”
“I’m sorry” Rachel said, wiping her face with the back of her shaking hand “s-so are Du going to t-t-tell me what those t-things were?” she asked
Ballack considered whether to tell her oder not, but if he was going to protect her, then she needed to know what they were dealing with, as it was like Leo said, Du couldn’t protect someone without telling them the danger Du were protecting them from because they would just walk
straight into the danger. “I'll explain everything, and Du have my word this time” Ballack sagte “but first, we have to get out of here”
“My house is not far from here” Rachel said
“We can’t go there, not unless Du want them to come looking for Du there” Ballack said
“So where do we go?” Rachel asked “your house?”
“Exactly” Ballack said
“I don’t visit guys’ houses” Rachel said
“And I don’t like guest in my house, but life doesn’t take into account what we want” Ballack sagte “and if Du insist on not following me, then I won’t force you, return to your house and face them when they come visiting”
Rachel was terrified and then some, she didn’t even understand what was going on, she had managed to convince herself to come out alone at night - despite the killer - to get her drugs, and after the first attack, she had been really scared of walking Home alone but she had been even Mehr scared of staying there, after managing to force herself to head Home Von thinking of the man’s trick, she was attacked again, and this just shattered her, if someone didn’t accompany her home, she doubted she would be able to go, not to talk of the fact that she couldn’t stop shaking, just how much could a Necrophobic girl like her take in a single night. So she decided to go with her best option.
“Alright, let’s go” Rachel sagte and they both left the place, and just before they turned a corner, Ballack snapped his fingers and unknowingly to Rachel, the body of the werewolf spontaneously combusted and everything cleaned itself, no use in leaving two bodies in one night, and then he and Rachel continued to his house.
“You don’t have to scream” Leo said
“YOU ARE A .......” Jane screamed
“MOM, KEEP IT DOWN” Leo interjected
“Okay, I’ll keep it down” Jane said
Leo was surprised that his mom had listened to him, he had expected her to scream until the government came and took him away for experimentation.
“So mom, as I was saying, it wasn’t my fault, at least not entirely” Leo said
“Wasn’t your fault, not entirely” Jane repeated
Okay something was definitely wrong with his mom “Mom, are Du okay?” Leo asked
“Yes I’m okay” Jane said
“It’s just that Du acted a little weird” Leo sagte still not entirely convinced but a little relieved Von her response
“I acted a little weird” Jane said
Something was definitely wrong, so Leo examined her and noticed that she had a vague expression
“Oh no, what have I done” Leo said, he was beginning to panic
“Mom, return to normal” Leo said, but nothing happened except his mom just muttered “I’ll return to normal”, but there was nothing normal about how she was behaving, could he have done something to affect her mind? In the real world would it be permanent?, all these Fragen were going through his mind
“Mom please return to normal, please return to normal, PLEASE RETURN TO NORMAL” Leo pleaded and then
“YOU DON’T WANT ME TO SCREAM” Jane screamed “HOW COULD I NOT........”
Leo was so happy that he didn’t care she was screaming at him, he just went forward, hugged her and started sobbing on her shoulder, he couldn’t believe what he had done to his mom, and it scared the living hell out of him, what would happen if he couldn’t control his powers, he would die before he let anything happen to his mom.
Jane stopped screaming as her son hugged her and started crying, she patted him on the back and found herself saying “There’s no need to cry”. She hated herself for screaming at him because as a rule, she didn’t scream at him until absolutely necessary as she always tried to give him the Liebe of two parents, and she didn’t know what he was going through.
“So how do Du feel?” Jane asked
Leo released his mom “I feel a bit better now, thanks” Leo replied
“Not that, I mean with your new .......condition?” Jane asked
“Oh, It actually feels great, I can do all these cool things” Leo sagte “I actually ran here when I was coming and I didn’t feel tired oder even remotely fatigued”
“Leo” Jane sagte “You know what I’m talking about, how are Du dealing?” she asked
“Mom, I’m really scared of what I can do” Leo cried “What if I ever hurt you?”
“Leo” Jane sagte “It might be naive of me but I don’t think you’ll ever hurt me......intentionally”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence mom” Leo sagte while sniffing and wiping his eyes “but what if I’ve already hurt you?” he asked
“Then I know Du didn’t mean it” Jane sagte “but is that all that Du feel as I can tell something is still bothering you”
“The part that bothers and scares me the most, aside from hurting Du is that I can never walk in sunlight again” Leo said
“You are joking” Jane sagte “How are Du supposed to live your life?”
“Mom that’s the point, I’m dead” Leo said
“Oh, yeah, but Du know what I mean” Jane sagte a little embarrassed “but how do Du know this?” she asked
“The man that saved me was the one who told me” Leo said
“So this man, is he a you-know” Jane sagte “A vampire. Is he also one?”
“That’s the thing, I don’t know and it’s not from lack of trying either, as I asked him and he refused to tell me” Leo sagte “but he felt human but kind of weird”
“What do Du mean Von he "felt"?” Jane asked
“One of the things I’ve noticed is that I can tell if someone feels human oder not” Leo sagte “Is that weird oder what?”
“Definitely weird” Jane agreed “I’m never going to get used to this”
“So what am I going to do?” Leo asked “How am I supposed to return to college when the holidays end if I can’t even walk around until nightfall?”
“We are going to have to find a cure” Jane said
“How are we going to do that?” Leo asked
“Two ideas come to mind; first, you’ll give me a sample of your blood and I’ll go examine it in my lab, and the second, we’ll both go to the man’s house and find out if he has a cure” Jane explained
“Is it safe, sicher to have my blood in your lab, what if someone gets a hold of it and traces it back to me, I don’t want to become a lab specimen” Leo sagte as his mom was going for her syringe.
“Don’t worry, it’ll be safe” Jane sagte “Now stretch out your arm”
Leo did as he was told and stretched out his arm and his mom took a sample of his blood, then she took two Mehr and went to keep it in her room.
“Let’s start heading to his house” Leo said
“Do Du realize what the time is” Jane sagte “It’s already past midnight”
“You have nothing to worry about as I’ll be with you, and I don’t think there is much out there that can take me” Leo said, but even as he sagte it, he had a weird déjà vu, probably because he had told David the same thing before getting them into trouble but he dispelled the feeling, this time he was a vampire and nothing was going to mess with them.
“Leo, Leo can Du hear me?” Jane asked
“Huh, what did Du say?” Leo asked as he pulled out of his thoughts
“Hon, are Du okay?” Jane asked with concern in her voice.
“Yeah I’m okay, I was just thinking of something, anyways, what did Du say?” Leo asked
“I sagte why can’t we just go tomorrow oder later in the Tag since its past midnight” Jane said
“Well it probably has something to do with the fact that I can’t walk around during the Tag anymore” Leo said
“Oh yeah that’s true, but I’m still not comfortable going now” Jane said
“Mom it’s going to be okay, we will get there safely” Leo sagte “but Mom, what if there is no cure?” Leo asked
“I guess it’s my turn to tell Du now” Jane sagte “It’s going to be okay Hon, we will find a cure, just remember that as from now, we are in this together. Alright?” she said.
“Alright” Leo replied “Thanks mom, I really Liebe you”
“I Liebe Du too” she sagte “Okay, completely off the matter, I can’t believe Du actually died, you’re like a living scientific miracle”
“I was wondering when Du would bring this science stuff up” Leo laughed “We better get going before it gets any later”
Ballack was watching the werewolf boy along with Rachel, he was surprised that she was able to stay here and watch the werewolf with him gegeben that two Werwölfe had attacked her in the Weltraum of an hour, but it was no wonder that she was holding onto an arm of his and he knew she was scared.
“Why are Du still here with me even though Du are scared” Ballack asked “I showed Du your room Du know”
“I’m not ready to sleep yet” Rachel said.
Rachel was really shaken Von the ordeal she had been through tonight, and the Necrophobia just made it all the terrible, so sleep was definitely the last thing on her mind as she was scared of being alone right now and she only felt safe, sicher around this man, hence her clinging to his arm, and she thought back to how she had gotten herself into this situation, she had been alone as usual on a typical Saturday night in her house after returning from work, her headache had gotten really bad that she had even bled from her nose, so when it subsided and after she managed to convince herself , she decided to go get some painkillers from a pharmacy, she had to walk for almost 40 Minuten to get there, and on coming back, the Tag just went wild literally. After Ballack had brought her into the house, he had made her a cup of tee and taken her to a room to sleep in but he had refused to explain anything to her as he kept insisting that she sleep and deal with everything tomorrow, he had reluctantly told her his name. Rachel really wanted an explanation because
knowing the logical reason for something that scared her usually helped her deal with her Necrophobia, so her reason for wanting to know wasn’t because she was nosy oder curious.
“You know I can handle whatever Du want to tell me” Rachel said
“I know Du can, but not tonight” Ballack answered “you need to go and rest”
“At least let me know whose house I’m going to be staying overnight in” She pleaded
“You already played that card and I told Du my name” Ballack answered
“So Du expect me to sleep in a stranger’s house just because I know his name?” Rachel asked
“It’s not enough I know but Du can be rest assured that nothing would happen to Du ........ Probably” Ballack said.
“Gee, thanks for the assurance” Rachel said
“You are most welcome” Ballack chuckled
There was a knock on the door and Ballack really didn’t fancy having anymore guests, and who comes visiting at this kind of time, he picked up the scent of Leo and a human; probably one of his parents, but what would they be doing here at this kind of time, so he got up leaving David who was still parading around destroying things in the room and as he was leaving, not surprisingly, Rachel tagged along and as they descended the step, he created a double to watch over David and he didn’t let Rachel see him do it as he didn’t want to renew her determination for finding Antwort this night. He had done the same thing when they arrived so that he didn’t freak her out just yet, as soon as they had entered the house, he had removed his double to avoid any drama.
When Ballack and Rachel got downstairs, Ballack went for the door leaving Rachel in the living room and as he got to the door, just to act normal, he asked “Who is that?” and he heard Leo say “It’s me Leo and my mom” and he opened.
Leo was surprised that Ballack asked who they were, as he just assumed that with those freaky powers of his, he would know who they were instantly. Anyways, he heard the lock click then the door swung open and then he went deaf.
“J?” Ballack said