David woke up feeling better than he had ever felt in his life, maybe it was the rest he just had after arguably the most painful period in his life oder maybe it was the fact that he felt powerful, and with that thought in mind, he tried moving with his new found speed and in a blink of an eye, he was off the bett and Von the door of the room.
“This is incredible” David said, he really loved the feeling of zipping around the room as it was like time stood still for him and it made him think that it was almost worth going through all that pain to get this, almost. That aside, he had to find Ballack as the man still owed him some explanation, but how would he find him in this house, then an idea occurred to him.
“How about using another power” David sagte to himself “but which one to use, sound oder smell”
    David was amazed Von what was going through his mind, as at yesterday, to look for someone would have required him calling with his cell phone oder good old fashion using his eyes, but now, he had two options oder powers to choose from, he could either use sound; Von using his super-hearing to listen for Ballack’s voice and trace him with it oder he could try and trace him with his scent but considering those two options, he preferred the former as using smell didn’t appeal to him. So he concentrated on the sounds around, after listening for a couple of seconds, he heard nothing and then he heard something that shocked him.
Ballack was in the living room trying to figure out how the Tag would play out, but it wasn’t easy as that would change pertaining to who woke up first and God forbid that they woke up together around “that time”. While the two boys had been napping, oder at least one of them, he had been making preparations, he had even gone as far as to Quelle for various kinds of blood for the vampire to choose from as he was a big Fan of free will. While thinking of the ways he could handle the situations coming up, he felt a tingle; this usually indicated that someone was trying to find him Von Supernatural means, so he felt around with his powers and noticed it was David, the boy was probably looking for a way to find him but to think he would start using his powers so soon, how cheeky of him
“When Du leave your room, turn left and take the stairs downstairs then turn left again and you’ll find me” Ballack whispered.
David was shocked to say the least, how had the man known he was looking for him and he was again amazed at the extend of Ballack powers, but he intended to surprise him so he used his super-speed to follow his directions with the intention of suddenly appearing Von his side, but as he got to the room, it was empty and then a shadow fell on him then “BOO” and David literally ran out of his skin.
“Sweet Jesus, Du scared me” David sagte
“You can try surprising me again in maybe another 100 years” Ballack replied
“Yeah, whatever” David sagte
“Anyways, how is your coconut?” Ballack asked as he turned and started walking towards the refrigerator.
“Excuse me” David sagte “My what?”
“Your coconut” Ballack replied
“I believe they are fine thank you” David sagte while cupping himself
Ballack turned to look at the boy surely he couldn’t be thinking about that and when he saw him, well sure he could.
“I meant Du took a pretty bad bump to your coconut when Du decided to test your jumping ability” Ballack sagte
“Oh, that” David sagte “well it feels better now”
David was determined to make sure Ballack didn’t spoil his good mood as he was still feeling delighted about his powers
“This is so incredible, I feel like I can do anything” David sagte “I feel so strong and I’m moving so fast that time literally slows. It’s all a rush”.
“Shouldn’t Du be worried about tonight?” Ballack asked “I mean it’s okay to be happy and all but shouldn’t tonight be your oben, nach oben priority”
“Tonight?”, David sagte “What about tonight?”
“Well it’s not like tonight is the last night of the full moon oder anything” Ballack sagte with his tone dripping sarcasm
“Tonight David, Du transform into a werewolf” Ballack sagte
Great, just what he needed to hear, why did he ever think he could be happy for a while. With his mood effectively deflated he asked “So it’s necessary I transform on a full moon, it’s not like a myth oder something”
“No, Du don’t have to transform because the thing that scratched Du wasn’t a transformed werewolf on a full moon, it was probably Santa Claus” Ballack sagte
“Okay I get it, enough with the sarcasm” David sagte “but why though, why do I have to transform on the full moon” he asked
“Have Du seen Underworld?” Ballack asked
“What? The movies” David asked
“Of course the movies” Ballack sagte
“Yeah I’ve seen them but what have they got to do with why I have to transform during the full moon” David asked
Ballack realized why the situation of the two boys had seemed so familiar earlier when he had found them. It was similar to the Underworld story; two brothers, one bitten Von bat and the other Von wolf and in this case, two friends; one bitten Von vampire, the other Von werewolf.
“I sagte I’ve seen them, so what about them?” David asked
“Well have Du seen the prequel, “Rise of the Lycans” I think?” Ballack asked
“Yeah I’ve seen that too” David replied but something was tugging at the edge of his mind, like he was trying to remember something without even trying, and then he remembered why his dream had felt so familiar, it was because something similar had happened in Underworld, but why would he have a dream like that and why was it modified too.
“Seems like Du are remembering the memories” Ballack sagte “and I believe they answer your questions”
David was still confused and he needed to get some things straight, so he asked “What has the movie got to do with anything? And about my dreams, why did Du call them memories?”
“Well first of all, those weren’t dreams, they were memories passed through the curse and witnessing them is part of the conversion process” Ballack explained
“How is that possible, how can memories that are not mine get into my head?” David asked
“How is it possible that Du become a werewolf through a scratch? How is it possible Du can jump over 10m?” Ballack asked “These things don’t have a real explanation but what I can tell Du is that the scratch that converts Du mutates your DNA, and the new ones contain genetic memories and they are triggered before the transformation ” Ballack explained
“Okay, I got that, but why did it seem so similar to the Underworld scene?” David asked
“Seeing as I’m not a werewolf, I have never seen the memories, but I have gathered from various sources what it is about and I believe the memory holds the key to why Du transform on the full moon” Ballack sagte “and as for why it is similar to the Underworld scene, I believe it is the other way around. There are few people that know the truth behind that memory but I think a person oder most likely a werewolf that knows about it was one of the producers oder writers of that movie, actually I’ve suspected it for a while” Ballack sagte
David was surprised Von the news, how was that possible that a member of the technical crew in Underworld was a werewolf but it did make sense. David was at least happy that Ballack was explaining everything in an understandable way and he still had some Fragen so he looked at Ballack who had returned to a chair with a glass of water while he was explaining.
“That’s a shocker really ” David sagte
“Not really, at least for me anyway” Ballack replied “so anymore questions?”
“Yeah” David replied “so did the werewolf really Liebe the vampire and them having a child and all”
“Yes and No” Ballack answered “Yes the werewolf loved the vampire as Du saw but no she wasn’t pregnant, that was just an addition in the movie”
“So what exactly in the movie happened in reality?” David asked
“Pertaining to the werewolf issue, it was only that scene that Du witnessed, and the difference between reality and the film is that, in reality, the vampire was never pregnant, Werwölfe were never the guards of the vampires, and the werewolf was never born amongst the vampires, hell the Vampire didn’t even know what a werewolf was, as they just captured a creature that was getting too frisky with one of their own and they killed her because they believed her to be contaminated” Ballack explained.
“Why would they think her contaminated?” David asked
“Well isn’t that obvious, werewolf boy meets vampire girl and they fall in Liebe and then daddy catches them and Du know the rest” Ballack sagte
“Why would they kill her for just that?” David asked
“That is the million-dollar Frage isn’t it, as it is ultimately also the reason behind werewolf transformation” Ballack sagte “and the reason they killed her is quite simple and idiotic, Vampire in those times believed in purity of blood and an affair with a creature other than another pure vampire was considered a crime” Ballack explained.
“What do Du mean Von the reason Werwölfe transform?” David asked.
“To answer that question, which I believe is your main question, we need to go back to the basics" Ballack sagte “What is a werewolf? I believe this definition would give Du some clarity but before that just remember that rage is the main trigger”
“Okay, so what is the definition?” David asked
“After this definition, Du figure out how it relates to your transformation yourself, and as simple as the definition is, it contains the answer Du need” Ballack sagte “A werewolf is a creature that for some reason is filled with rage on the full moon. As simple as that”
David was surprised at how simple the definition was, even though Ballack had sagte it would be simple, he hadn’t expected it to be that simple, and now to figure out how this definition would help him. He tried bringing all the facts together but he still didn’t see how that definition could help him know why he was transforming, Ballack had sagte rage was the key, so did that mean he would feel rage on the full moon, but why would he feel rage on a full moon without any provocation, so he decided to ask Ballack something but just then they both heard it.
“He’s awake” Ballack sagte

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