What is a vampire? A vampire is a creature that requires blood as a life Quelle to survive, simple and short. What is a werewolf? This is also another creature that for some reason is filled with rage on the full moon. This brings us to the main point, who am I? And why am I saying all this? Well I’m just a guy who is quite tall, smart, doesn’t go to parties – Du wouldn’t believe the noise - , hospitals, moves around a lot, watches TV (who doesn’t). Okay enough of that I’m just kidding, so am I a vampire oder a werewolf oder both oder even a human unlucky and unfortunate enough to know about them. Well the reasonable answer is that I am none of them and all of them maybe even Mehr of the last than any.
“You have got to be kidding me”
David wasn’t surprised at the response as it was typical of Leo to doubt first whenever Du told him something.
“Bobby can’t be dead, not after everything he has been through with them” Leo exclaimed as we were walking down the straße together at night. “I mean surviving six seasons is not a joke, how could they just kill him off”.
“Well they did and it was sad and all but it happened. That Dick guy was the one who killed him” David explained “and of all the ways that he could have died it was a gunshot to the head”.
“This isn’t the first time he has died right.” Leo sagte trying to reason with David. “I mean there was the time Lucifer himself broke his neck and he still came back” Leo sagte as he jumped over a wooden box on his path.
“Yeah but that time he only survived because Castiel, after been brought back Von God, healed him oder resurrected him however Du want to put it” David sagte “And in case Du haven’t noticed Castiel sort of went KABOOM in a I’ll-leave-my-coat-behind kind of way, so there probably won’t be any healing this time” David sagte while tapping his forehead with his fingers “Moreover this time something was different, like they wanted us to know he was dead for good, because this time there was a reaper chasing him around and after he finally delivered his message to Dean and Sam in the real world, he watched a last memory of them disappear and the reaper came”
“Anyway I still think he will come back and Du still haven’t stopped calling them Dean and Sam even after I’ve told Du it is Sam and Dean” Leo sagte
“Maybe it’s because I still think Dean should be the main character not that-” David stopped mid-sentence when a growl sounded not too far away “Did Du hear that Leo?”
“Hear what” Leo sagte
Then there was another growl much deeper than the first and slightly louder and David was ready to bolt for Home as he wasn’t about to become dog chow oder whatever animal that could be.
“Leo we really should start going faster, maybe we could even run” David sagte “at least it is better to lose our dignity here than to lose our lives.”
“I heard the sound this time, how about we go find out what it was” Leo sagte
“How about we don’t” David sagte
“Don’t worry there is no need to be scared when you’ve got The Great Leo around” Leo sagte and he started off in the direction from which the noise came “You coming oder what”
"or what” David sagte
Leo really wanted to find out what had made that noise, and if he was lucky, it would be something cool he could record on his phone and maybe even Upload to the internet but there was David being all scared and stuff.
“David, are Du a man oder a mouse” Leo taunted
“Squeak, Squeak” David replied.
David really hated what he was about to do, as this was how every typical horror movie started, the first guys go meet the killer while following sounds and then they get gutted oder chopped to bits, unless of course they were the main character and David was pretty sure he wasn’t the main character.
“Quit hesitating and let’s go check it out before whatever made that sound leaves” Leo sagte
David sighed “I’m so gonna regret this”
“Cool, now let’s go” Leo said. Leo was moving quickly towards the direction the sound came from and he found it weird that there wasn’t anyone around but maybe that was because it was very late, as he had no watch on him, he assumed he and David spent too much time at the bar. Leo checked behind him to make sure David was following as they approached the place the sound came from and with every step they took closer to the place, the noises were becoming louder. “Is it me oder does that sound like two people are fighting” Leo sagte
“More like two things are fighting” David sagte and after turning a couple of corners, they saw the people making the noise.
“Wow the two of them are really getting at it, better bring my phone out to record this” Leo said.
David at first was surprised that they were fighting so ferociously but something didn’t feel right about the way they were moving, as it was almost too fast for his eyes to follow them and then he saw it
“Leo, tell me that’s not blood on the floor” David squeaked.
“It’s definitely blood” Leo sagte
David assumed that it was the other guy who was bleeding as the guy backing them seemed uninjured and he was blocking the Sekunde guy from view so all they could see of the other guy were his arms and legs, but man, that guy was hairy. The Sekunde guy then threw a schlagen, punsch oder Mehr like a swipe and the first guy caught his hand, what with all the hair and were those
“CLAWS” David screamed
Leo dragged David behind a large dustbin “shhh, are Du crazy they could have heard you” Leo said.
“Why didn’t they?” David asked
Leo paused the recording on his phone “well lucky for us the hairy guy scratched the other guy with his nails not claws and the other guy’s grunt was enough to mask Du pathetic scream” he sagte
David was feeling exceptionally foolish for screaming like that, he didn’t normally scream but something about these guys freaked him out and he had learnt to trust his instincts. The guy backing them turned to lift something off the floor, an iron pole, and he used it to slug the other guy but what surprised David was that his chest looked free of any bruise.
“Did Du just see that Leo?” David asked
Leo again paused his recording “I could have sworn he was scratched there and was bleeding moments ago” Leo sagte with a note of excitement in his voice.
“Leo, we should get going” David said, but he already knew what Leo’s response would be.
Then the unthinkable happened, the hairy guy blocked a hit from the first guy and connected with a vicious head-butt sending the first guy to the floor, and for the first time we caught full sight of what he oder Mehr like what it was. David sucked his breath in sharply at what he was seeing, then he turned to look at Leo but his friend’s scream was caught in his mouth. So much for "The Great Leo"
“What is he oder should I say it?” Leo asked.
David could not believe what he was seeing, he barely registered what Leo sagte and then instinctively he looked up, and what he saw scared him as he was coming to a very frightening conclusion. There was a full moon in the sky.
"Leo, look up in the sky” David sagte “you don’t think that thing fighting there is a you-know” but the look on Leo’s face would have been funny if David wasn’t so terrified and he probably had the same expression on his face but then understanding was dawning on Leo and then replaced Von confusion. The change of expression was quite comical, form terror to understanding to surprise and then to confusion.
“That can’t be a werewolf right? Leo asked “I mean they don’t exist, and even if they did they are not supposed to be hairy that’s just myth and Filme and stuff right?”
Leo was so terrified of what he was seeing but he was also confused as Werwölfe shouldn’t be hairy, that was just Hollywood’s take on them, Supernatural made that clear.
“Leo, Supernatural is a movie and this is reality” David hissed, “but what I’m Mehr concerned about is the fact that the first guy can fight him”. Then comprehension began to dawn on him
“David, what’s with that expression, did Du figure something out?” Leo asked
“Well Duh, what do Du think” David replied
Leo was too emotional now - with the confusion, terror, excitement and every other emotion - to deal with David “Just talk David, what about the other guy”
“Well we saw him get scratched, but moments later it was healed and there is blood on the floor directly below him but no wounds on his body, not to talk of the fact that he is able to keep up with that monster. So I’m guessing he is also a Supernatural creature but I’m not sure which” David explained
Leo understood what David was explaining, and as usual, he was impressed with the fact that David was able to analyse situations and come up with a shrewd guess in as little time as possible. As the battle raged on around them, Leo had to choose between continuing to record and them running away, as this would be their best chance to escape this madness but in the end he valued his life Mehr than his curiosity and the amount of Ansichten he would get on YouTube.
“David we need to leave now, it’s our best shot before they notice us” Leo whispered.
David was relieved to see that Leo had come to his senses; I mean who wouldn’t when faced with this kind of situation in reality, when it wasn’t a movie where Du were being paid to pretend to risk your life and die. “Good to see we are on the same wavelength” David replied in a hushed whisper
“Whatever, let’s go” Leo sagte
David watched as Leo started to creep towards the direction they had come from, as he began to follow him, he looked back one last time and everything literally went to hell. The werewolf slashed the other creature across the chest and followed up with a heavy backhand that sent the creature flying straight past him and it landed right beside Leo. David wanted to scream but was too terrified to make a sound as the werewolf was slowly walking towards the other creature and Leo.
The other creature, bleeding profusely, turned towards Leo and sagte “Help me, it’s going to kill me”. Leo turned in David’s direction, looking at him as if to say “what do I do”, and with that opening, the creature moved with alarming speed and held Leo in a headlock then turning his head to expose his neck, and in that moment David knew what the creature was and what it was going to do if he didn’t help his friend, and he didn’t care that the werewolf was still slowly heading towards the same spot. The creature’s face began to change; the teeth elongated, the eyes changed to a mixture of blood red and black, the face became slightly paler - who knew that would happen - and then the Vampire sank its fangs into Leo’s neck.
Leo knew that he had made a mistake when he turned to look at David and left his neck exposed, as the Vampire’s fangs sank into his neck, all he could think about was how sorry he was for bringing David here, and also, causing him to reveal himself from the shadows to help, and as he saw him running towards them and the werewolf advancing in the same direction, one truth stood out, he had caused the death of his friend. Black spots began to dance around his vision, and then the vampire dropped him on the floor to die. He felt weak, and he could feel his life slowly sapping away but all he could think of was apologizing to David. He felt a hand hold him and it was David’s “I’m....sor....sorry” Leo said.
“Don’t talk Leo, I’ll get Du out of here” David sobbed, the vampire all the while was watching his body heal fast thanks to the blood he had just drained from Leo. Anger consumed David so much that he stood to face the vampire and the result being that he forgot that the werewolf was coming, and he paid for that as he received a vicious slap from behind from the werewolf. He landed against a Wand and slid down feeling dazed, but as he saw the vampire step over Leo’s body to face the werewolf, the blinding rage came back and it forced him to stand despite his pain, he carried the nearest thing he could find and it happened to be a medium sized rock, while the vampire was fighting the werewolf, he aimed at the vampire’s head and threw with all his might - He had always being confident in his aim as he had won any game of dart and any other precision throwing game he played - and the rock hit the vampire in the head with a satisfying crunching sound, at least if he was going to die, they would have to work for it and he would die having put up a fight.
The vampire turned towards him in anger and paid for that mistake with his life oder was it unlife, as the werewolf ripped through his exposed back, David watched with horror and satisfaction as the werewolf ripped out the Vampire herz and ate it while spilling blood everywhere, with Leo’s face getting a healthy dose of the vampire’s blood and then the vampire crumpled to dust, “good to see that they cleaned up after themselves” he thought. David felt relieved that he had at least played a part in the death of the vampire, thereby avenging Leo. He looked up and realized the werewolf was advancing towards him. He knew that he had hinted about dying while putting up a fight but as the werewolf advanced towards him, he was so terrified so he gathered all of his courage and sagte something real Merida - Legende der Highlands like “HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Somebody help me. Please don’t kill me, I’m begging Du please” but the werewolf continued towards him growling, as it raised its paws, the only thought in David’s head was “I’m dead” then there was a flash of silver and the werewolf’s head fell on the floor.
At first, David didn’t understand what he was seeing until a man came into the focus of his vision. He looked in his early 20s and he crouched and looked at him. David was in so much pain but asked “Who are you? The man didn’t answer, but he just touched David’s forehead and then walked towards Leo’s body and crouched beside the body. David was so tired but he managed to stand while leaning against the Wand and he sagte “Leave him alone and who are Du anyway”.
The mess these creatures had made here was serious, thrashing the place, leaving blood stains about the place and most importantly the damage they had caused to the humans. How to explain to the conscious one now was the problem
“What is your name?” the man asked
David was relieved to hear the man talking. “David” he replied
“What of your friend here?” the man asked
“His name was Leo” David replied as he walked towards Leo’s body and crouched beside the man.
“His name is Leo” the man said.
David was surprised, “is”, could that mean that Leo wasn’t dead yet “What do Du mean Von “is”, I saw him die” David told the man.
“He still has a pulse albeit very faint” the man answered “we need to take care of this place first”.
David could not believe what he was hearing; first was that somehow, miraculously his friend survived and Sekunde was that this man was Mehr concerned about the state of this place than his friend’s life. “Are Du bloody insane” David shouted “My friend has a chance to live and Du want me to help Du tidy this place”.
“I never sagte anything about your friend having a chance to live” the man responded calmly.
David was Mehr confused than ever “Didn’t Du say that he was still alive, that he still had a pulse” he asked.
“I did say that” the man replied “Think everything through very slowly”
“Are Du just screwing with my head oder what, Du say he’s alive but that he doesn’t.......” David realized what the man was saying, Leo was alive but he didn’t know if he had a chance to live, but what still confused him was why the man wanted to clean the place first before taking Leo to the hospital especially when he had so little chance of living. “If his chance of living is that limited then why do Du want to waste time cleaning this place” David asked.
The man smiled “Good to see Du are beginning to think clearly because it’s only with understanding that Du can get through the Weiter few hours.” The man then added “About cleaning this place, it would only take me a second, but not to be blunt oder anything, your friend is going to die” and on that note, the man waved a hand and the blood stains began to disappear, things began to Bewegen to what David could only reason were their original positions before anything happened here, broken pieces of walls rose and started fitting back into their position and in a couple of Sekunden the whole place was clean as if nothing terrible had happened and that freaked him out because it made him think of other places that he could have walked Von that looked normal but may have been places where terrible things had happened, but most of all, he was shocked and he couldn’t decide which shocked him more; the fact that the man waved a hand and fixed the whole place oder that the man sagte with so much conviction and certainty that Leo was going to die. So he did the only natural thing he broke into a series of Fragen “Who are you?”, “How did Du do that?”, “Why did Du say Leo is going to die?”, “What is this nutcase of a situation that I am in?”, “How did I end up with this nut-farm”.
The man turned to face him “I think Du can answer that last Frage yourself can’t you?” the man replied “And as for the other which would Du like me to answer first”.
David was stunned, how was it that the man knew it was their fault for walking into this place, but that was not the pressing issue, the man wanted to know which answer he wanted first, so there was no choice. David sat on the floor as he was tired from all the assertion then he asked “First tell me why Du sagte Leo is going to die?”.
The man studied him for a few Sekunden then walked up to him and touched his forehead again “Why do Du keep doing that,” David asked, but immediately he finished the question, he felt a warmth creeping down his body from his forehead all the way to his toes and he was feeling energetic, it was as if all his pain had gone away. Then he stood up then looked at Leo’s body then realized only his physical pain had gone.
“Do the same thing to him” David said, hoping that the man would heal Leo too but he shook his head.
“Like I said, he is going to die and I can’t do anything about it but I can explain to Du now that Du are feeling better”.
David nodded for him to go on. The man walked to the Wand and sat on the floor resting his back against the Wand then he sagte
“First of all, the name is Ballack but Du can call me T” Ballack continued “Leo is going to die because aside from the fact that all his blood was drained, another creature’s blood has entered his system. Could Du think of what might have caused this?” Ballack asked.
Then David remembered when the werewolf ripped through the vampire’s back with its hand to get his heart, some of the blood that came out poured on Leo’s face “Yes” David answered.
“And I suppose Du have figured out what drained his blood?” Ballack asked
“Yes ” David replied “It was a Vampire”
“Good” Ballack sagte “Can Du guess why I can’t heal him now?”
“I think” David sagte “because he is going to become a vampire”
“Interesting answer” sagte Ballack “How exactly does one become a vampire?” Ballack asked
“Well Du either have to take vampire blood in Du oder Du die with vampire blood in your system, but judging Von what has happened to Leo, I think the latter is the correct one” David replied
“Supernatural, Lost Boys, Vampire Dairies, these are where Du get your definitions from” Ballack laughed
“There is no need to laugh” David snapped “It’s not like I’m a vampire oder anything so how would I know how to become one”
“That was a good try explaining how to become a vampire, God knows I’ve heard worse and then some but it’s not entirely correct” Ballack answered “but Du are right about something, Du are not a vampire and Du can never become one”.
Ballack sighed “Well the way to become a vampire is that a person must first be drained of their blood until they are at the point of death - when the herz is slowly stopping to beat - then at this point, the person drinks vampire blood to replace the blood in the system, this blood is not compatible with the human body so it kills the person and then in a couple of hours the blood would have transformed the person’s body to a type that supports the blood, which is, to put it simply a Vampire’s body,” Ballack explained “Does that seem familiar to you, does it ring a bell?” Ballack asked.
David was confused, he didn’t know any Vampire so why would Mr T oder Mr Ballack think it would ring a glocke then his eye fell on Leo and it hit him with the force of a Mack truck, everything Mr T had sagte had happened to Leo, which meant he really was going to become a Vampire. As if on cue, Leo let out a deep suffering breath and then he died.

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