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Okay so i was re-reading my story last night, ya'll know it as "bloodred sunset" and i kinda dont like how it's written and so forth, so im starting a new story *title is unknown for now feel free to post reccommendations for names* if ya'll really liked BS ill gladly keep Schreiben it but it will be Sekunde to my current story so it wont update as often. Below is the beginning of my new story, feel free to Kommentar and ENJOY!!! <3

There I stood, staring down the barrel of a gun, there were only two options at this point. One I would die and everyone else in the room would live, two everyone else in the room died and I lived. To my left I saw a panicked woman cradling a baby who was crying softly. To my right I saw the only person I had ever loved in my entire 16 years of life dead, just a crumpled body in the corner. I muffled a cry as I looked at his handsome features covered in blood. I was well aware of the other people behind me, all in a state of fear. The thousands of words swirled around in my mind, pros and cons of dying and living. One life oder twenty seven lives. Life oder death, two words that suffocated me, prevented me from breathing properly. The woman to my left cried softly and I felt myself collapse, my knees buckled and my mind froze. I heard the women scream, her scream became Mehr distant as I fell. A single gunshot sounded.

“Lisa! Wake up!” My body jerked up and I hit my head on the metal bar above my head. I winced and rubbed the back of my head with my hand ‘just a dream, it was just a dream’ I mumbled to myself ‘a very very scary dream’ I sighed and wiggled my toes into my slippers. I scuffed my way into the küche where my mother was making pancakes. The twins were in their high chairs banging their plastic cutlery on the table, there young 13 Monat old age was obvious in there fair colour skin that was soft with gentle curves. Nicholas short black hair was thin and tussled delicately around his ears. His jade green eyes glis
His jade green eyes glistened and he smiled at me Wird angezeigt two pearly whites, his green jumpsuit was too long for his arms and my mother had rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. Grace squealed in delight when she saw me and made a noise that sounded like she was attempting to say my name. She held up her hands and made the noise again. Her Schokolade brown hair was also soft and in loose ringlets that hoovered gently below her ears. Her jade green eyes were a fraction lighter than Nicholas and were serious and staring at me waiting for me to give her attention. She wore a light rosa dress with a bow on the back. I picked up Grace and hitched her up on my hip; she nudged my cheek gently before resting her head on my shoulder. “Morning mum” I sagte before Küssen her cheek and picking up a pancake and shoving it in my mouth. Grace squealed with delight and clapped her tiny hands together. I smiled at Grace who placed a soft hand on my cheek and laughed. Nicholas bounced in his sitz and pointed out the window. The red car pulled into the driveway and the gravel scrunched under its wheels, Nicholas struggled to get down from his high chair. I raced over to Nicholas and pulled him out of his chair placing him on the floor; he crawled along the floor and sat in the doorway. “Hey Nic, Wanna go out and throw the ball around?” Spencers deep husky voiced flowed through the house and Nicholas bounced on the ground, arms out stretched with a smile on his face, his two dimples Wird angezeigt on his cheeks. Spencer opened the screen door and Nicholas clung onto his leg as he passed by. Spencer kissed mum on the cheek before copying me and stealing a pancake. “Hey Lis, Gracey how are ya doll face?” he put a finger to her cheek and her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. Spencer smiled, His brown eyes sparkled and he kissed Grace’s forehead. Spencer looked exactly like dad did at his age, he was tall about 6 foot 4 maybe, and his brown eyes reminded me of hot Schokolade on a cold winter night. He had very dark brown hair that was messy with a few blonde streaks in it, He was strongly built, almost like a football player. We had just finished celebrating his 19th birthday. “Grace Honey, can Du hang out with Spence and Nic for a while?” I asked grace as I rubbed my nose against hers she laughed and I gave her to Spencer. I trotted off to my bedroom grabbed a change of clothes and had a shower. I got out of the dusche and got dressed, as per normal I studied myself in the mirror. I was short compared to the other grown ups in my family, I stood at roughly 5 foot 3 and I was due to turn 16 in less than 2 weeks. I was the only one in the entire family baum to have bluey grey eyes. My black hair was shoulder length and layered with my fringe sweeping to the left of my face. My figure was slim and slightly curvy. I sighed as I towel dried my hair and walked out of the bathroom. “Grace Listen to mummy don’t put Essen everywhere…Grace” mum was talking to her all wrong; she would never listen to her if she spoke to her like that. I heard Spencer make a funny noise and Nicholas roared with baby giggles. I walked into the room and my chair was in its usual spot Weiter to Grace. No one was eating as they were all waiting for me. “Sorry I took so long guys” Grace squealed in delight at me again as I took my sitz Weiter to her, she stretched over to me and put her hand on my cheek. For Grace a hand on your cheek was her way of communicating. Nicholas just expected Du to know what he wanted. “Lelah…”Grace smile at me and giggled “No honey, Lisa” I corrected her as I picked up a pancake; she would pick up how to say it soon, very soon Von the sounds of it. She scrunched her face up and I snorted. Her face relaxed and she laughed with me. “So Spencer how was work?” My mother changed the subject and I continued to muck around with Grace, making faces. My mothers brown eyes shifted in my direction frequently, her brown hair shone with the light, and her skin with smooth. Her age wasn’t Wird angezeigt in any way. “I quit” Spence sagte firmly, and mum dropped her fork and marmelade splattered along the table. “You what?” I could hear the anger rising in mum’s voice “Can I talk to Du alone please mum” Spence put his napkin on the table, picked up Nicholas and walked to the living room, mum followed shortly after. I stared at Grace and puckered my face in a funny way, and she squealed with laughter. I cleaned up the splattered marmelade all the while listening to Grace trying to say my name properly and mum and Spence fighting in the Weiter room. “Come on Gracey, Wanna go outside?” she clapped her hands together and I carried her outside. The gras, grass in the backyard was medium in length and soft, Blumen from the giant baum that covered our backyard completely were scattered all over the lawn. I sat on the gras, grass and grace flopped onto her back and giggled. “Lisa…” I jumped in surprise and looked at the back door “Lisa…” the voice was familiar and I looked at Grace, her face was scrunched up again and she was concentrating. “Grace?” I whispered and she smiled, she knew she had it right. “Lisa!” she laughed and clapped her hands together. “Mum! Gracey’s talkin’” I yelled at the oben, nach oben of my lungs without taking my eyes of Grace. I heard the back door open and close twice and mum was soon hovering over my shoulder. “She don’t look like she’s been talking” mum snapped in my ear. “Grace honey say it again” I asked softly, Grace hesitated and crawled to my lap placing a hand on my cheek “Its okay darl say it again” I rubbed my nose against hers to tell her its okay. She sucked a breath in. “Lisa” she sagte with confidence she looked at Spencer and scrunched her face again “Spencer, Gracey can Du say it?” Spence asked her nicely placing a finger on her cheek “Spencer…” Grace smiled and laughed. I kissed her cheek and she smiled at me brightly. I felt my mother’s eyes on my back and I rolled my eyes. She went back into the house muttering quietly, Spencer hugged me lightly around my shoulders. “Don’t worry about her Lis She’s just upset that Grace sagte your name first, though I’m not surprised. Mum hardly ever looks after her, to Grace you’re her mother” Spencer told me as he tickled Grace’s toes and she giggled. Spencer was the best person to talk to if Du had a problem, Du didn’t even have to say anything and he would automatically know what was wrong. He knew how to make people smile again; it was one of his many talents. “Why did Du quit work?” I asked changing the subject from me. He seemed taken back Von my Frage and he stared at me for a moment before staring intently at the sky. There wasn’t much sun out today and I was thankful for that, sitting in the sun gave me a tan and I liked my pale complexion. He looked me dead in the eye and sighed taking his eyes off me “I hate doing the night shifts, it means I hardly ever get to spend time with Du guys, I mean come on I’m up all night, then I have to sleep all day” I nodded and stared at the ground. “Spencer, Spencer, Spencer!” Grace was pointing at a rosa blume that was floating down to the ground. She faced Spencer and reached for his hand. He took it and he sat closer to her. Grace continued to point at the blume long after it had touched the ground. She smiled, shifted so she could sit on her bottom and pick up the blume and rested it in the palm of her other hand. She stared at intently, until she jumped slightly and placed the blume on her dress. She squealed with delight and touched my leg to gain my attention. “Whatcha got there?” I asked her and she pointed at the blume resting amongst the folds of her dress. The pale rosa blume was the exact same blume that Grace had on her dress and she was delighted. “Come on Gracey inside” Spencer picked Grace up off the ground and balanced her on his shoulders she laughed and covered his eyes which he soon pried off and moved “Don’t worry Lisa, mum just—” “Hates me, yea I already know that” I interrupted “Actually I was going to say is going through a phase” he smiled and walked inside closing the door behind him. I stayed outside all Tag until long after the sun went down and Spencer made me go inside. My mothers ‘phase’ was nothing compared what I soon faced, Home schooling. It was my mothers set plan for every child in the family, we would go to school until the Jahr we turned 16 after that it was Home schooling, the odd timing of every member in our family baum made it easier. We are all born in December – January, my birthday is the 22nd of January, Spencer’s is the 28th of December, and the twins were born on December 4th. Mum sagte its necessary but I don’t see how it could be. I would have to leave all my Friends just because of some stupid ‘tradition’, She told me over and over that I would thank her for it one Tag but some how I highly doubt that. Even Spence had told me that it was for my good that he had hated the ‘tradition’ too but he did end up thanking mum. It seemed to me like I was alone at this moment, trying to avoid Home schooling. But my mum was sticking, her mind wasn’t going to change but id dint want to accept it, she sagte that Spencer did the same thing but she still made him do it. I wasn’t going to give in like Spencer did.
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 XTeamXJasperX posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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