Valentine's Tag Share your Favorit gift ideas for Valentine's Tag and win FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

bmyvalentine posted on Jan 31, 2011 at 10:27AM
Share your favorite gift ideas for Valentine's day and win
FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Just use the link below and sign up for your chance to win :) Goodluck


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr juliet007 said…
Here is another Valentine's Day gift idea:

Make a Love Box of your own and fill it with Love Messages and Quotes for 365+1 days of the year.

You can download little cards with notes and illustrations on them from this site:

Vor mehr als einem Jahr EatableManx said…
If these are too sentimental for you why not check this competition out. Win an online divorce! Good for a laugh, especially if you enter your friends instead! - link
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LunchboxTour said…
Here's something a little different!

I decided to offer an alternative and give my fans a free download of a track from my album as a Valentine's Gift and as a big thank you!

Have a listen or download 'Fall Into Me' for free if you like! Who knows, it may be the perfect gift for him or her! :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,

Emma x

 Here's something a little different! I decided to offer an alternative and give my Fans a free do
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dealtodeals said…
And this gift link
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 And this gift
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KellyBlevins said…
I loved this pendent.....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jisanroy said…
I just can't wait to win that grand prize. I found my best gift ideas from this

I hope it'll help everyone find their best gift choices.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr navneet90 said…
I have decide to gift a smart phone with bunch of flower.
I have seen a website where you can buy smartphone on discounted price up to 80% and #phonewalalove and valentine sale is also going on.
With smart phone we can contact easily.