Oh boy! Time sure does go bye fast! I feel like just yesterday.Ah yes late 2016.This game introduced me to. fandoms,forgiveness,and shipping.So I am gonna talk about my experience with undertale and how it changed me for the better.Alrighty lets go! How I first found out about undertale.Okay so like must people it was through a playthrough.It was from a channel called peter knetter. (totally should go watch him) but he only made it to muffet for some reason.but after that I was just like.Meh this game looks average..But then I looked at THE SOUNDTRACK.I mean it was at lateat night.Theh I saw asgore's theme and I was like.Hmm okay why not?Mind Blownnn.thats why asgore's theme is mah fave (^-^) then I went to the wikipedia page for undertale.I was like.Oh MY GOD FLOWEYS A FRCKEN' GOAT?! THE FUUU?! so yeah thats how I got to know undertale.Know. how it affected me.Okay so through out the play through.I fell in Liebe with alphys.but at the time I was kinda homophopic.. (I regret those days so much) but Alphys and Undyne.CHANGED me for the better.Know I am part of the LGBT community.Also this game made me wanna do art.Know I'm trying to drawl. (ps azzy so fun to drawl) Shippings.Okay so my first ship I evered shipped.Friskriel.I mean just one Tag I'm just browsing devianart.then BAM Friskiel! I fell in LOVE! I also Liebe frisk and monster kid too! okay so I am gonna end this with.Thank Du Toby for such a WONDERFUL game.I hope for many years to come.This game and many Mehr of your games in the future.Get praised and are beloved for many years.Okay bye.Thanks vor Lesen this.its appreciated (^-^)