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added by Jsuarezbff
each part of the first episode with justin and austin, played as an episode of its own
posted by Jsuarezbff
when we watch Ugly Betty we all see how every time Jsutin goes to talk to Mark, Mark always thinks that Justin's "Comming Out". So when Justin gets kissed Von Austin, were kinda' suprised that he doesn't lean on Mark, but when Bobby walks Von the front door and see's Justin and Austin he goes to Mark. Mark tells him " Du don't have to tell anyone.", Then when Hilda finds out and plans a "Comming Out" pary Mark tells her "Its not about Du being ok with it, its about Justin being ok with himself." then "When Justin's ready he will let Du know" then at Hilda's wedding Mark tell's him, "that is what it feel's like, relif." because Justin sagte that it helps that Mark knows about him being gay. But is Mark part of the reason? oder was it just from growing up with your mom and aunt? Mark helped Justin threw it though and he made Justin think...