Ugly Betty Icon Contest ( Round 1 )

littlemizqt posted on Jun 03, 2010 at 01:01PM
Well... I saw other spots doing this so I thought we could do it on this spot as well. This is how it works

• I choose the first theme then the winner chooses the next and so on.
• The icon size has to be 100 by 100.
• You have to make it yourself and can not use your previous icons.
• You can only summit one icon.
• You have 3 days to vote for the winner.
• You can't vote for yourself.
• If you do not understand you can inbox me.
• The winner will be rewarded props.
•If the winner doesn't choose the theme by 24 hours I'll choose it.

Winner List:
(Round 1) Betty:

The closing date is the 4th June 2010, have fun!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr sb631 said…
i wish i knew how to make icons or i would :(