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carolzhang posted on Apr 23, 2010 at 04:55AM
Ugly Betty's series finale offered happy endings and closure for every character, particularly the brazen Wilhelmina Slater.
linkis one of most popular comedy-drama television series in America. And also it is my favorite drama. I admire Betty very much, because of link's intelligence and smartness to deal with everything in her life. Mabe many people think that Betty is too ugly to live and work with a crowd of beauties in a fashionable world, but also many people pay more attention to link's ability and kindness.
Someone says happiness is in your own hand. And Betty will chase her happiness without beauty inlink. That's a good point for me and everyone to pay attention to it.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr StephenMac said…
I agree with everything what was said. As a fictional character, she proved all her fun-pokers wrong and had the last laugh. That's why I loved this comedy-drama so much. There was never a dull moment - except for the whole Justin-not-being-gay-thing until the last ever series. How naive do the writers think other gay people are? I did like Marc St. James, because he secretly loved Betty, when her fashion sense improved.... :o)