Ugly Betty Ugly Betty To Head To The Bahamas In Season 4!!

waichingliu81 posted on Sep 19, 2009 at 09:17PM
Sep 19 2009 02:01 PM ET

Exclusive: 'Ugly Betty' hits the beach!
by Michael Ausiello

Betty Suarez is boldly going where she has never gone before: inside a one-piece.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Ugly Betty is heading to the Bahamas next month to shoot an episode on location at the Atlantis Resort and Casino.

I’m told most of the cast will be making the trek for the special episode, which will air in November and revolve around a big Mode photo shoot. “Location shoots can make or break you as an editor, so it’s a big deal for Betty,” reveals my Ugly mole, who adds “there’s also some drama with a certain love triangle.”

I hear said love triangle involves Betty, Matt, and a third party I’ve been asked not to name.


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr snuggles8959 said…
Hey waichinglui81-Cool... they get to go on location for a shoot! It seems like this is going to be a big assignment for Betty...along with some angst to go along with it!! I think the third party could be involved with Betty, but some people have mentioned that someone could like Matt. I guess maybe they can't really say becuz maybe the hook-up will happen prior to this episode. I think that third party might be Bobby (Hilda's old boyfriend)It's possible Bobby could hook up with Betty as Hilda is dating Archie & he apparently knows BOTH of them.(there were some pics of America & Adam Rodriguez filming some scenes ) Despite breaking up & having resentment towards Betty & will be giving her a hard time work-wise, I think he will he still have feelings for Betty despite his actions & it seems he can't move on. I don't know what Betty's feelings are going to be towards Matt after the way he treats her work-wise. I think eventually they will reconnect at some level (as Horta put it there will be some obstacles & their relationship will be changing & growing -- don't know if it's good or bad). I wonder what happened to that casting call for a loveable /blue-collar guy?? What's your guess??
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
snuggles- i have a feeling this third party might be adam rodriguez's character, bobby- although i still haven't the foggiest clue who it might be. could it be one of betty's old boyfriends perhaps?

oh and as for the casting call for the seth rogen-type, 'lovable, blue collar guy' i read will be the matt character played by daniel eric god. and so, whilst in the first few episodes, he will be still angry at betty after he saw her kissing henry, i think he might loosen up as the season goes on and becomes the matt of the first few episodes from season 3, when he was being nice and kind.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
Ugly Betty To The Bahamas!

September 20, 2009 by Tom


The cast of Ugly Betty has got to be loving this.

The show is heading to the Bahamas next month to shoot an episode on location at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, EW’s Ausiello reports.

Most of the cast is going (wouldn’t you HATE the be one of the cast NOT going?). The episode they are filming will air in November and revolve around a big Mode photo shoot.

Ausiello’s source says, “Location shoots can make or break you as an editor, so it’s a big deal for Betty. There’s also some drama with a certain love triangle.”

The triangle involves Betty, Matt and an unnamed third party. I’m going to refrain from commenting on this for now, till we find out more. If it’s a one-time thing played for comedy, great. If the producers are actually introducing a new multi-episode, sappy and drawn out Betty love triangle, they are going to the well one too many times, and might do fatal damage to the show just when it seems to really be hitting a Friday night stride.

There is one possibility to consider, though. Perhaps it is Matt who has two suitors. Maybe even Amanda is after him? There’s something about the way Ausiello worded the spoiler that makes me think it’s another woman.

You know, television shows, back in the day, used to do this sort of thing all the time. The infamous Happy Days “jumping the shark” episode involved a beach trip for the Milwaukee-based show. I also remember a Hawaii trip on Sanford and Son. (Yes, really).

I’m looking forward to seeing Ugly Betty out of its element (and seeing all those swimsuits) :)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
Ohhhh another woman for Matt...hmmm I don't know why I didn't even consider that while reading because Matt totally used to be a man 'whore' so that is not really suprising...hmmm interesting, I really can't wait for this season to start!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bettynmatt said…
i guess matt with another woman is ok, just hope this episode is where betty and matt get back together, maybe the other woman will help that happen.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
Perhaps, I am definately a fan of Metty, but I must admit I am a GINORMOUS HUGE MEGA fan of Detty so I want it to be them in the end, though I love the Metty ship in the meantime!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr premmukti said…
I am a fan of Metty. Matt is look hot haircut, Matt is Betty's new boss. I really want Matt and Betty back together. I love Matt and Betty!

I guess Matt with another woman because Matt made Betty jealous. I think Matt is obsession of Betty. Betty still loves Matt, but Matt hates her because she kissed nerd ex boyfriend herny, Matt saw them, how many hurt Matt was. I hope Matt forgiven Betty, they'll back together.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jraeder27 said…
I would like to see Matt and Betty work it out! I was really bummed when they broke up because I thought Matt was super cute for Betty... I think another woman to make Betty jealous would be interesting instead of another man thats after Betty... If that other man was Daniel than I would be all for it but I doubt it... It would be cool if the other woman pointed out to Matt that he is being an idoit...