Ugly Betty Official Season 4 Spoilers Alert!!

waichingliu81 posted on Sep 10, 2009 at 02:41PM
NB: if you do not want to know what will happen, please do NOT read on

what we know so far-

-betty has achieved her goal at becoming an associate editor

what we should look forward to-

-'betty will be kicking up her look a bit, and towards the MIDDLE of this season she WILL be getting her braces off' (silvio horta)

- matt being betty's new boss- horta: 'and he's still bitter'

- with christina gone, amanda 'will see an opportunity to leave her circular desk and put her fashion sense to good use'. plus, she will get an unrequinted 'crush/love interest' for this season

- marc is still heartbroken about losing out to betty for the editor's postion and 'plans to take her down' ooh err!

- claire's duel with wilhemina continues, but she also has another secret : there is a male child (in his 20s) of whom she gave up for adoption and she goes out to find and make contact with him.


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
OMG the braces are coming off! Even though I am anti-complete Betty makeover, because I believe it undermines the purpose of the show, we all know she had to get them off eventually and I can't wait to see it!

Uh-oh Matt is still bitter, does that mean he will make life hard for Betty?

AMANDA is FINALLY getting a promotion?! That is awesome! It is about time they let her do something besides answering a phone! And a new love interest, it has been a while, I'm excited!

OMG evil Marc! I am not going to lie I kind of dig this idea...let's watch and see how it goes!

Who is Daniel's brother? Matt? Or is that too obvious...someone else we already know, or a completely new character, I for one am very intrigued. They better make him a cutie, because let's face it that family is gorgeous!