Ugly Betty Ugly Betty Set Pics: Jamie-Lynn Sigler

waichingliu81 posted on Sep 07, 2009 at 10:27PM
September 7, 2009 by Tom

Here are some set photos of Jamie-Lynn Sigler filming scenes for Ugly Betty with Eric Mabius.

I see that the character Natalie, Daniel’s new assistant played by Sigler, will have some pretty wild tastes in fashion. I’ll leave it to you fashionistias to judge her look, but I think it’s almost Betty-like. I THINK Patricia Field does that to characters she wants to appear approachable and non-threatening. (Think about it – the better dressed you are, the higher chance you’re up to no good on Ugly Betty).

Are those Lohan leggings?

Regardless, Sigler still looks beautiful. And she seems to have caught Daniel in a happy moment:

According to reports, Natalie is supposed to be “spiritual”, and meets Daniel in a bereavement support group. As I’ve said before, I sincerely hope she’s not being brought in to be Daniel’s new squeeze, at least not until LATE in season four, if we get there. Between Wilhelmina’s lunatic sister and his true love’s tragic end, Daniel needs a romantic rest, I think.

She IS supposed to have some kind of secret that might pit her against Betty, though. I can’t wait to see what that’s about.


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