Ugly Betty Happy Birthday To Ashley Jensen!

waichingliu81 posted on Aug 11, 2009 at 06:05PM
Happy Birthday, Ashley Jensen!
August 11, 2009 by Tom

Today is actress Ashley Jensen’s birthday! She is 41.

Jensen may be best known as the seamstress Christina McKinney on Ugly Betty (also, Betty’s best friend at Mode), but since leaving the show at the end of season 3 (at least as a regular character), Jensen has been working on the new Jenna Elfman sitcom Accidentally On Purpose.

Jensen plays Elman’s successful sidekick Olivia on Accidentally, and they are not writing Ashley’s real-life pregnancy into the script.

Recently, Ashley spoke to EW’s Watch With Kristin, and was very open to the possibility of a return to Ugly Betty. "There has been talk of it. I didn’t die in it. I wasn’t run over by a tractor, and I didn’t fall down an elevator shaft.”

She said, "It’s very feasible that she [Christina] could come back at some point. Henry came back at the end of season three, so maybe at the end of season four. I’d love to do it. I’d love to come back again. I’d be great. It’s all worked out rather well because I simply couldn’t be flying back to New York at the moment, what with my condition [being pregnant]."

Ashley even has her own idea about how Christina returns: "I would like to see her come back hugely successful, and she gives Wilhelmina a run for her money. Maybe she’s got her own design line, or something, and Wilhelmina needs her design line, so Wilhelmina has to bow down, sort of beg Christina. That’s feasible isn’t it?"

I like it.

Happy Birthday, Ashley!


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