Ugly Betty betty's new look in season 4??

waichingliu81 posted on Aug 04, 2009 at 08:59PM
Tue, 04 August 2009 at 12:50 pm
Ugly Betty’s Makeover Revealed?

America Ferrera checks her cell phone during a break from filming her television show Ugly Betty in New York City on Tuesday (August 4).

This could be the makeover that Betty Suarez gets this season — braces off and all!

“She looks a lot classier,” one source told EW about Betty’s new look. “But she’s still far from perfect.”

Exec producer Silvio Horta added, “There’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.”


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr detty4ever said…
In this picture she still wears her glasses and if I'm not wrong the braces too..I believe that the only change is her hair..

But who knows what will happen in the finale of season 4..
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 In this picture she still wears her glasses and if I'm not wrong the braces too..I believe that the o
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
yeah, i agree detty4ever. i think we will see some changes in her appearance but hopefully she will not get the full make-over. i do think however that if betty ends up looking like america in real life so soon, then i think the show will not be the same again, insofar as to the premise of this show. besides, they might as well get rid of the 'ugly' title in ugly betty and change it into something else.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ali-aligator said…
but her clothes are like fully colour coordinated except her socks and shoes, and there is no clashing patterns
Vor mehr als einem Jahr detty4ever said…
Yeah..waichingliu81- They could change it into something like.. "Betty let me upgrade you.." :)

Ali-gator- I think you're right there are changes into her style of clothes and perhaps the eye-browns too..We're definitely in the road of trasformation..And I wonder.."should I be happy about that??"
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
detty4ever. haha, nice one!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr detty4ever said…
I know!It just came to me..I think I will email it to my dear Horta..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
i think that you should do that, indeed.