Ugly Betty betty's new office pal for season 4 revealed!

waichingliu81 posted on Jul 31, 2009 at 11:47PM
Ugly Betty Season 4 Casting News Part 1
July 31, 2009 by Tom

Casting is falling into place for season four of Ugly Betty, with several new characters (and plot twists). I’ve been wondering who would get this part for a while now, and now it is cast.

According to TV Guide, actress Smith Cho has been pegged to play Megan, Betty’s “quirky new office mate.” I’m going to go out on a limb to say that this is the same character we previously told you about - who at the time was called Amber. If you’ll recall, Ausiello said she was “in her 20s, she’s Asian, and is a master at the backhanded compliment.” If this is the same character, she’ll be a fellow editor.

TV Guide says that Megan “is not sure what to make of Betty.” It looks like Betty’s going to have a hard time making new friends because she and Daniel are so close.

Cho will make her Ugly Betty debut on the season four premiere, October 9th.

She had previously been a costar on the reboot of Knight Rider. She was also in the comedy film Fired Up.

I never got around to seeing Knight Rider, and Fired Up is on my list to be viewed. Have any of you seen either, and do you remember Cho? How was she?

Megan looks like a fascinating character, kind of a non-threatening, non-crazy Charlie, who also had a knack at giving backhanded compliments. Megan will be a recurring character.

Welcome to the cast, Smith Cho!


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr detty4ever said…
She seems nice, as long as she stays away from Daniel of course!:)
Thanks for posting!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
detty4ever- yeah, i hope she doesnt fall for daniel. but yeah, as long as those two don't get together, then that should be ok. of course she will never replace christina, but hopefully, she is going to be an interesting character, nonetheless.