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waichingliu81 posted on Jul 22, 2009 at 01:59PM
Daniel’s New Assistant Has Been Cast
July 22, 2009 by Tom

We now know who will be playing Natalie, Daniel’s new assistant: according to EW’s Ausiello, it’s Jamie-Lynn Sigler! This is interesting news, they went for a bigger name than I thought they would.

Sigler is best know for her role as Meadow Soprano, daughter of Tony Soprano in, of course, The Sopranos. She’s also done Entourage, and, interesting, starred as Heidi Fleiss in “Hollywood Madam”. She’s a Long Island girl, so I’d love to see he interact with Hilda, if that ever happens.

One thing we know about this character, Natalie, is that she meets Daniel at a bereavement support group, and that she has a secret which might pit her against Betty. Ausiello adds in his report that she is “spiritual”.

Her first appearance will be in the first episode after the 2-hour premiere, so I it’s a pretty good guess that it’s 4.03.

This is good news – welcome Jamie-Lynn!


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
Hmmm knew she existed, didn't know all that though...secret pit her against Betty? Interesting, wonder what that could be? And if Daniel falls for this assistant I'm gonna cry...the writers are insane, hopefully this isn't gonna turn romantic for Daniel!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
besafe- i hope so too. and yet if it happens, i hope that if daniel does get together with her and find out that she hates betty, he dumps her afterwards. she could turn out to be another character we hate alongside charlie and kimmie for instance.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr detty4ever said…
That one won't stay away from Daniel..I hate her!So, the problem wasn't the boss/assistant cliche afterall..