Ugly Betty Daniel and Betty - A Liebe without boundaries!!

detty4ever posted on Jul 04, 2009 at 05:50PM
What do I mean by this title?
Well, it's simple: In all the other versions of "Ugly Betty" Daniel and Betty fall in love!
And it is portrayed as the kind of love that can only happen once in someone's life!

It seems that the writers throughout the world have realised that this is the purpose of the show!Either if Mr Silvio Horta wants to accept it or not!

These two characters whatever their names are in each adaptation of "Yo soy Betty la fea"(the title of the original)CAN NEVER BE JUST FRIENDS!THEY'RE NOT MEANT TO!!

So, I decided to provide you with 3 videos, which demonstrate the love of this two characters from the GREEK, the GERMAN and the MEXICAN VERSION OF THE SHOW!

Since I can only embed one video I give you the GREEK version which is called "Maria i Asximi"("Maria the ugly one").
The two characters are called Alex and Maria and it is a very cute video!

And here are the links of the two other videos

MEXICAN VERSION "La fea mas Bella"("The most beautiful ugly woman") : link

Here, the two protagonists are called Lety and Fernando and there were many kissing scenes with the two of them in the show, as you'll notice from the video..
ALSO: Angelica Vale(Lety) appeared in season 1 of Ugly Betty if you remember..

GERMAN VERSION "Verliebt in Berlin"(Either "In Love in Berlin" or "In Love with Berlin"), : link

In this version Betty is called Lisa and the video contains at the beginning a dance between her and David ( the German Daniel).Does it remind you of something?

I personally believe that the american version is the best of all!! Mainly because Daniel and Betty are complicated characters, they have a complicated phychology..But at the end they have to be together, otherwise it doesn't make any sense!

PS: Did you notice that all the Daniels are gorgeous?
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