Ugly Betty 2009 teen choice awards nominations for UB!!

waichingliu81 posted on Jun 16, 2009 at 07:44AM
Lots Of Ugly Betty Noms For Teen Choice Awards!
June 15, 2009 by Tom

Fox announced the first wave of nominees for its annual Teen Choice Awards, and there was lots of love for Ugly Betty:

The show was nominated for Choice TV Show - Comedy (along with Hannah Montana, How I Met Your Mother, iCarly, and The Office).
America Ferrera was nominated as Choice TV Actress - Comedy (along with Miranda Cosgrove, Miley Cyrus, Jenna Fisher, and Eva Longoria Parker)

Vanessa Williams was nominated for her portrayal of Wilhelmina in the Choice TV Villian category (along with Spencer Pratt, Zachary Quinto, Michael Rosenbaum and Ed Westwick).

Michael Urie received a nom in the “Choice TV: Fab-u-lous” category. His competition is Perez Hilton, Carson Kressley, Rex Lee and Miss Jay.

Urie also recieved a nomination for Choice TV: Sidekick (along with Jake T. Austin, Allison Mack, Jennette McCurdy, and Emily Osment).

Tony Plana was nominated in one of my favorite categories: Choice TV: Parental Unit (along with Billy Ray Cyrus,Rob Estes and Lori Loughlin, Molly Ringwald and Mark Derwin, and Matthew Settle).

I love it! And this means I’ll definitely watch the awards show this year (Airing Monday, August 10 from 8-10 on FOX).

Of course, in the past, All the nominations for Ugly Betty had a hard time overcoming the lure of Hannah Montana to the target demographic, although based on my daughter’s taste, I’d say iCarly is stealing some of Miley’s thunder.

The best chance, I think, is Michael Urie’s nominations. He really deserves the “Fab-u-lous” win, if I’m reading the meaning of the category correctly. I mean, hasn’t Marc been incredible this year? He’s practically become a co-star, all the while retaining his, er, fab-u-lousness.

And Urie’s sidekick nomination is a no-brainer. He’s deserved that since season 1.

Congratulations to all the Ugly Betty nominees!


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
ahhh the only thing that worries me is that its going up against Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus a lot...I don't know why but kids really seem to like that?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
besafe- yeah in terms of the younger fan base hannah montana seems to get lots of viewers, whilst most would argue ugly betty is for adults. but young people such as yourself for example follow UB anyway. fingers crossed UB will do well although i hope all the younger UB fans go out and vote.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
I have been voting like crazy lol for UB in all categories its nominated for and I hope there are other younger fans like me that vote like crazy too!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
besafe- interestingly, i registered my details and for my birth year i chose '1991' instead of 1981, my real birth year and amazingly i could vote on the site. and yeah, i voted for all the UB nominees, america, vanessa, tony and michael, as well as the show itself :D.