Ugly Betty OMG!! UB spoilers for Weiter season Von silvio horta!?!

waichingliu81 posted on May 01, 2009 at 11:19AM
EW"s End of the season spoilers!!

After a five-week hiatus, Ugly Betty takes back its Thursday perch tonight with the first of five all-new episodes. To mark the occasion, series creator Silvio Horta -- who on Monday was honored with the Courage Award from the Point Foundation (great organization, check it out) -- gave me permission to interrogate him about all things Ugly, including Henry's return, Christina's exit, Justin's sexuality, and, yes, Betty's braces.

Are you looking at Matt and Betty as a long-term couple?
SILVIO HORTA: As long-term as it gets in TV. As with any romance, there will be obstacles as well as some misunderstandings before the finale, and it's going to lead to some juicy stuff next year. Matt's going to be around and their relationship is going to be changing and growing.

How significantly will Henry's return threaten their relationship?
HORTA: They've both moved on, but they obviously are still an important part of each others' lives and that's going to become a complication. There's going to be feelings of insecurity on Matt's side, and there are some unresolved things between Henry and Betty.

Speaking of Betty's exes, might we see Gio again?
HORTA: Potentially, but there are no plans at this point.

Will the issue of Justin's sexuality be addressed next season?
HORTA: Yeah, we're going to explore stuff. He'll be going to high school and getting older, so we'll definitely be exploring that.

Will Marc find love after Cliff?
HORTA: We've been discussing it. We haven't started breaking the exact stories for next year, but that's one of the things we've really talked about. We want to see [Marc and Amanda's] love lives.

How would you characterize Ashley Jensen's departure? Was it mutual?
HORTA: It was mutual. She's amazing. From the get-go, we found some really good stories for her, but we never found enough to service her character the way we wanted to and the way she wanted to. She wanted to do more, but it was [difficult] with a large ensemble like this to give her more. I hope in the future she'll come back. She's an important part of the show.

Will Christina get a satisfying send-off?
HORTA: She will. Next week's episode will [set things in motion] with Wilhelmina's baby – or her supposed baby – and it's going to lead to a lot of complications.

Ana Ortiz gives birth in June. Will we see less of Hilda at the start of next season due to her maternity leave?
HORTA: We may write her a little lighter in the beginning, but we're not writing her out or anything.

Who is Rachel Dratch playing in the finale?
HORTA: She's playing a dual role. She's playing Penny Meadows, an editor at Mode, and she's also playing Mindy Meadows, her twin sister. It's a one-time guest stint, but she was great.

The most asked Ugly Betty question from my readers: When is Betty getting her braces off?
HORTA: Her braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there's going to be a progression in her look overall. It'll still be Betty, but you'll see some growth in that direction.


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr BeSafe said…
YAY!!!! Don't you just LOVE it when they give you spoilers!!!! IT looks like this Season Finale and next Season are going to be incredible...which makes me happy! Of course I'm beyond thrilled to realize that Henry is just a momentary bump in the road for Betty and that she really is over him.

Super happy Matt's character is going to continue on into next season as I personally really like the whole Matt/Betty relationship and think it could be quite helpful with Daniel/Betty down the road!

And OMG interesting looks like next season they are going to give Justin his own storylines and explore his sexuality! *YAY FOR MORE JUSTIN* he is a great actor and is not used as much as I would like!

I'm sad to see Christina go, but very glad that it was a mutual decision, and that she will be getting the sendoff her character deserves, also super glad that she may come back in future episodes! I would love that!

And OMG Betty WILL get her braces off by the end of next season! I for one am excited about that because it was getting a bit unrealistic for her to still have them on!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
besafe- yeah, i mean to still have those braces at 25, is something isn't it and i too will be glad when they come off. my sister has worn braces before and she had them off for good when she was about 25.

but anyway, yeah henry will not be around for long (thank goodness) and matt will be sticking around next season. even if they do break up, i hope that betty and matt will remain friends and he will do all he can to make daniel and betty become a couple later on.

christina- like yourself i will miss her a lot and even if she does go, it's great to know that she will return because she is still an important part of the show. i hope william turns out to be hers in the end.

justin- will season 4 be the season where we will see justin coming out of the closet? going by what horta has said, i have a feeling he will.

marc and amanda- i have mixed feelings about marc; on one hand i would like to see him with someone, but on the other he did cheat on cliff and so i am still not sure whether in season 4 marc should be in a relationship with someone else after what he did. i'd like to see amanda with a boyfriend- she deserves some love. although being a mamanda shipper' i wouldn't bet going against the idea of marc and amanda falling for each other.

we know marc is gay but if their kiss in kissed off and the recent mode after hours episodes are anything to go by, then who knows? and remember- in ugly betty there has always been the odd surprise or two in each season.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Heygirl15 said…
christina= should totally come back or else the show will suck and get boring.
Justin= I hope he does revel he gay and be proud of it.
Marc/amanda= i bet marc is bisexual and amanda and him should totally date.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr waichingliu81 said…
christina- yeah i miss christina a lot. she has to come back and silvio and co need to give ashely jensen more material to work with.
justin- i predict that next season justin will come out of the closet
marc and amanda- i hope they do get together as well. there is a slight possibility that will happen and i hope it does happen.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr beatrice1979a said…
The official link is the ausiello files:

And yay! still potentially but there are chances that Gio might come back. He has to acknowledge the fact that even Ausiello HAD to ask that question.