Ugly Betty Rate The Season 3 Episodes In Order Of Preference

waichingliu81 posted on Jan 11, 2009 at 02:18PM
with 1 as your favourite and the last being your least favourite. though as the show progresses, episodes will be added to the list, though you are entitled to change your mind later on. here is the list:

1. the manhattan project
2. filing for the enemy
3. crimes of fashion
4. betty suarez land
5. granny pants
6. ugly berry
7. crush'd
8. tornado girl
9. when betty met YETI
10. bad amanda
11. dressed for success
12. sisters on the verge of a nervous breakdown
13. kissed off
14. the courtship of betty's father
15. there's no place like MODE
16. things fall apart
17. sugar daddy
18. a mother of a problem
19. the sex issue
20. rabbit test
21. the born identity
22. in the stars
23. curveball
24. the fall issue
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