Twin Peaks io9's 22 Most Shocking Moments of 'Twin Peaks: The Return'. Your favourite?

Pick one:
Meeting Mr C (Part 1)
The Evolution of The Arm (Part 2)
Meeting Dougie Jones (Part 3)
(Re)Meeting Bobby Briggs (Part 4)
Meeting Diane (Part 6)
Richard Horne's Hit-and-Run (Part 6)
Cooper Takes Down Ike the Spike (Part 7)
Nuclear History Lesson (Part 8)
Bill Hastings Breaks Down (Part 9)
Albert's datum (Part 10)
Death of Bill Hastings (Part 11)
Dougie's Pie (Part 11)
(Re)Meeting Audrey Horne (Part 12)
Arm Wrestling (Part 13)
Gordon Cole’s Monica Bellucci Dream (Part 14)
“Do Du really want to fuck with this?” (Part 14)
Big Ed and Norma (Part 15)
Cooper Electrocutes Himself (Part 15)
“I’m not me." (Part 16)
Lucy Shoots Mr. C (Part 17)
Cooper Saves Laura (Part 18)
“What Jahr is this?” (Part 18)
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