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Even Mehr "Breaking Dawn" info Von Lainey [SPOILERS]



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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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I saw this in Lj:SoB some time ago. This was Lainey's direct quote:

"Breaking Dawn script details - Spoiler alert, look away if you can't deal. Bella has the baby and drops dead. The Jacob is all sad and leaves. Then he comes back to kill the Evil Thing. Then he lays eyes on it. You see it through his eyes like tunnel vision - she's 2, she's 4, she's 9, she's a teen, she's a woman, and that's when he falls in love. It actually doesn't read creepy at all. It reads not bad. Because ANYTHING IS AN IMPROVEMENT ON STEPHENIE MEYER.

Then Edward's all sad because Bella dies. And he hears Jacob's thoughts. And he beats the sh-t out of Jacob. Jacob doesn't fight back because he's a weak and sh-t from imprinting."


And I was like: Wth. (...) *sideeye*
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.