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Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
New Moon – Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde
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posted by Hellohoudini
Brazil Filming: The Sunday Update, Lapa Streets Blocked Off and Stephenie Visits With Fans
By Twilight_News | 7 November 2010
According to FoForks a series of streets in the LAPA section of Rio are closed today for Breaking Dawn filming. Preparations included changing the names on the straße signs and adding in some graffiti. Rumor has it that it’s a scene involving a taxi driving through the streets of Rio. There is also some speculation about a scene involving Jacob and Nessie on the run in Rio (Bella’s vision/plan in Breaking Dawn II). However, in that neither Taylor Lautner nor MacKenzie...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hey guys sorry its been awhile since I have written its finally the holidays for me! Yay, 2 weeks off but of course its the first Tag of the holidays and I'm sick :( Anyway Please tell me if there is anything I can help to make my story better. Because its been so long i tried to make this one longer, but i'm not sure if I did though. Hope Du everyone enjoy's and Please comment!

Tash's POV

Bella seemed kind of embarrassed that I knew her whole life since she moved to Forks, and to me she also seemed annoyed too. But who wouldn't be annoyed in a situation like this? I mean being taken from you're...
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posted by karpach_13
Here are some ideas to help kick a rotten Tag to kingdom come…

Do something good for someone else, even though Du may not want to. Do a favour, help them find something, give them an item which will help them in some way. Start the flow of positive energy.

Eat the best Schokolade Du can get your hands on. In bed. oder in the bath.

Turn up Musik Du really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.

Have a romance in your head.


Buy a remote control for your camera & dip your toes into the pool of narcissism.

Call a friend...
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posted by Jessie-Louise
Dear Diary,

Something bad happened last night,I think i might be pregnant with Jacobs child.
I have to tell my parents.Maybe i will tell them tomorrow.. Yes tomorrow.
And i will just say that it wasn't meant to happen but i would like to keep my child.
I mean what bad can actually go on ,well my dad will shout thats for sure but he will soon get over it
... (gulp) I Hope.

Love Renesmee...x

It was the Weiter Tag and i decided to tell my parents.

"Mom,Dad i need to tell Du something"
"Ohh honey we need to tell Du something too"
"Im Pregnant"me and mom sagte at the same time.
"WHAT!" i think its abit weird...
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posted by decullen
"What is happing."I asked.Is victoria back?Has Alice seen Victoria?Lots of thourghts were going my head.I started to have a panic attack.

"Charlie`s coming home."He said.Alice walked out.Edward was still on oben, nach oben of me and started Küssen me.I cant doing this.I'm so angry with him.But I want him.

"What Im I doing I cant do this.Go please."I sagte to him.He looked at me and nodded.He went over to Renesmee and kissed her little head.He didnt conplane oder anything he just walked out.When I heard the front door shut,I looked at Renesmee she was fast a sleep in her cot.I got her a blanket then rappet...
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Today we have the latest and the official Eclipse poster for you!

Bella takes the main role at the front of the poster, and her two guys are to either side of her forming a Liebe triangle.

The phrase, 'It all Begins with a Choice' gives away part of the Eclipse plot. We won'd say anything else about it, even though we know many of Du have already read the books. All we will say is that something really bad is coming to Forks.

The most important part of Eclipse is the torment that Bella feels because of having to choose between two great loves, Jacob and Edward.

This new movie promises to be a lot Mehr action packed, thrilling and entertaining than the other Twilight films. We can't wait!
posted by RenesmeeFan
Du promised me that
every time we touch
Du will never release your hold
your hold on to me
your hold on to reality

Du promised me that
no matter what happens
Du will comfort my aura
my aura of my stress
my aura of my mind

Du promised me that
my feelings for Du
would never change
never change from love
never change from us

Du promised me that
nothing would ever
be serious in life
that life was a game
but that I was the dice

Du promised me that
though we come from seperate worlds
no one could hold us back
hold us back from fate
hold us back from destiny

And as I look around the room
I realise
that all of us
in our own two intertwined minds
are Inseperable.
posted by twilightfantic1
Chapter 3


“Now do Du forgive me?” “Of course mom and do Du forgive me?” “Of course honey”. Then we heard a scream then another. We ran to the living room. Du wouldn't believe what I saw. My husband,Edward was breaking our son-in-law Jacobs legs saying “this is for getting my daughter pregnant” crack “and this” crack “is for having the idea and trying” “Edward what the hell are Du doing to Jacob?” “I was just.......getting..... pay back.” “daddy what are Du doing thats my Babys daddy.”. Before I knew it...
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posted by qtpievy
I was totally unprepared for what I was about to face. How could I leave my one true Liebe alone so fragile and unprotected, but surly she could stay out of harms way without the Vampire in town. I knew that it would be a while before she actually hinted that I was leaving and I knew that she would cling with every thread of hope. But this was for the best, I think.
I pulled into Charlies spot not wanting to look at the empty house so I spent the few Minuten it took for Bella's truck to come billowing around the corner, with my love.
Holding her warm hand, I was so attuned to her that I could...
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