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 The Lion.
The Lion.
Wedding Day.
The sun began to rise.A cool breeze comeing from the north.Jasper sitting on a large rock tasteing Emmett's emotional climate as he hunted a Dark brown Grizzly Bear.Emmett's Favorit hunt.He was on the bears back.Takeing a bit on the neck.The bär fell to the ground.Emmett jumped on oben, nach oben of the bär and lightly kicked the side.He chuckled.Jasper rolled his eyes. ''Show off.'' Jasper muttered. Emmett smiled.I was leaning againest a tree.Anxious to go Home andd see my soon to be wife. ''Edward.'' Emmett called.He was at my side.He put his arm on my shoulder.
''The point of a bachelor...
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Argentina – November 19, 2009
Austria – January 8, 2010
Australia – November 19, 2009
Belgium – November 18, 2009
Bolivia – January 1, 2010
Brazil – November 20, 2009
Bulgaria – November 20, 2009
Canada – November 20, 2009
Chile – November 26, 2009
China – TBD
Colombia – January 1, 2010
CIS – December 3, 2009
Costa Rica – November 2009
Croatia – December 10, 2009
Czech Republic – November 26, 2009
Denmark – November 20, 2009
Dominican Republic – November 2009
Ecuador – January 1, 2010
Egypt – December 23, 2009
Estonia – November 27, 2009
Finland –...
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These are my fave Zitate from Edward from the Twilight book.Hope Du enjoy them.

Forks must be a difficult place for Du to live.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 2, p.48

No blood, no foul.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.61

Someone has to spread the good news that we survived.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.62

I saved your life – I don’t owe Du anything.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.64

You think I lifted a transporter, van off you?

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.65

I hope Du enjoy disappointment.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.65

It’s better if we’re not friends. Trust...
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~~*2 Month's Later*~~
I am HUGE!!Seriously!If Du got a baby dinosaur I could hide it behind my stomach!I argue with Alec everyday about it,too.All he does though, is smile and cuddled into my neck and whispered it's not true.Then he'd KISS me to my jaw line.I'd always close my eyes and just let his gentle touch relax me.Then I'd go on with the Tag until I saw a mirror and then scream ad throw something at it.Alec would always run in front of me, though, and get the item before I hurt myself oder our kids.We still didn't know what they were and I was happy about it.Alice couldn't get visions of...
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 Isle Esme...
Isle Esme...
Bella in my arms,she was just waking up her back bare againest white sheet.Sunlight coming through the window.She was just waking up,but still laid there,absorbing this moment.My hand on her bare back,my fingers chasing up and down her spine.She used her elbow for support and pulled herself up.She covered her chest with the sheet.And looked at me,''are Du okay?'' she asked looking in my eyes.'No',i thought.'i hate myself' i hurt her.I was angry with myself.She had bruises all over her body.My hand print on her arms.Purple and blue bruises all over.She was cover with blue patchs. ''No.'' i...
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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!

“I’ll have to buy Esme a new bett frame,” I confessed, glancing over my shoulder. She followed my gaze and I saw shock on her face. Didn’t she notice that at night? Me, destroying a bad, made a lot of noise. But actually, our attention was involved in some other activity.
“Hmm. You’d think I would have heard that.”
“You seem to be extraordinarily unobservant when your attention is otherwise involved.”
“I was a bit absorbed,” She admitted, blushing a deep red, I felt the warms of her skin and her heartbeat accelerated again. She was...
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posted by renesmeblack
Okay, Du know that extensive trip my dad told me about? Well, I found out from Alice that it wasn't France at all! It's this area called Isle Esme. Whatever that means. Jasper had to come over last night to calm Jacob down enough to sleep. Talk about embarrassing! I called renesmeblack to come over tomorrow, because she was on an Australia expidition oder something. She's coming back Home tonight. Here's what she'l probably talk about:

1. The totally hot surfers she saw
2. The Essen she tried there
3. The totally hot lifeguard that saved her when she "drowned"
4. The service at the hotels
5. The totally hot boy that stayed in the suite across from her
6. My Uncle Emmett (He and Rosalie are there for a "honeymoon.")
7.The totally hot surfers she saw the Weiter day
8. The toilets flush backwards.
9. Blabbity Blab Blah... Did I mention the surfers?!!!

Okay, the phone's ringing and I bet that's her. Later!
-- This is that Sekunde book of my writing. its sort of the Weiter chapter to Jacob and Renesmee's honeymoon though it's whats happening after there honeymoon. hope Du like the Sekunde book. --

Jacob pulled up to my grandparents’ house and the doors flew open. “JACOB BLACK Du ARE IS SO MUCH TRUBLE.” I heard my mother yelling… not screaming at him. Wait shouldn’t my dad be doing that “Bella. Bella calm down.” My mom just kept going. Jacob picked me up out of the car and gave me to Uncle Emmett. “JACOB BLACK…” “ISABELLA, Du need to calm down Jacob did nothing. Ok?” I heard...
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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!
Hello, friends. Thank Du again for your Kommentare and support. Here is the Weiter chapter.

“Do Du want to help me?”
“I’d better find some Essen for you,” I sagte in a quiet voice, and he gently unwound her arms. I heard her sighed as I moved to the kitchen.
I moved too fast for her to stop me and do something stupid again. I forced my mind to concentrate on preparing Essen for her. She was hungry. I stated this in my mind and moved all other thoughts out of my head. In 10 Sekunden I found myself preparing some omelet for her. As I always helped...
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When I woke up I went to the window and looked outside. It was bedeckt, bewölkt and windy. In other words it was a perfect day, and I wouldn’t have to go to school without Edward. He left and I was ready when he picked me up.

On our way to school I realized that I had never gotten an answer to my Frage last night. The one about whether Edward had rethought his carefully planned boundaries. But now wasn’t the best time. We were in the school parking lot. Edward opened my door and led me to my locker. The first glocke rang.

“I guess I’ll see Du later.” He sagte melancholy.

“Yep, see Du in...
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BUT THEN I had to look away fromm the beautiful boy because the teacher was calling my name i was bearly avaible to answer him then from the corner of my eye i saw that the boy had also turn around.
my head was spinning i took deep breaths tryng but not suceeding to calm myself
who was that why he has to be so beautiful
finally the glocke rang i get up wanting to run to the Weiter class but someone was infront of me well a bunch of boys not a single girl and in the bunch of boys the beautiful boy wasnt there...
after that class after class it was the same but i never had another class with the boy...
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THE LAST ONE :-) the picture Du see, is the vacation house :D ENJOY AND PLEASE LEAVE Kommentar FOR MY LAST STORY

Bella's pov

After we were done hunting, Edward grabbed my hand and dragged me to our home. I saw the suitcases unpacked and remember why they were packed in the first place.
Suddenly Edward grabbed them and start pulling everything of Mason out of the suitcases.
“What are Du doing” I sagte totally surprised.
“I’m making our suitcases so we can leave” he sagte not looking at me but still busy making the suitcases ready.
“What, where are we going then” I sagte in a hurry.
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posted by twerdx24x1
Edward comes into the house and says” What the hell is all my stuff doing in the garage?” Then i stood and looked Edward in the face and sagte “we have company who is living with us now. Don’t be rude come Mitmachen us.” In my head i was thinking to him. ‘They just showed up and knew our names and everything about us. It was awkward at first and then i gave them a tour and Alice saw your room and wanted it. So I helped her with your stuff. Paybacks a pain in the butt, Du shouldn’t have of been mean to me while i was being transformed. Oh yeah, I heard every word Du sagte about me.’...
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posted by carly-hope
Well, now I dislike him. After I finished Eclipse I hated him so much that words fail me. And such negative feelings are no good for the soul. And it’s always sagte that Schreiben it down helps. And now that I have it written I may very well share it.

When I started to read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse were already out and I knew that Jacob would somehow interfere with the relationship of Bella and Edward so I was slightly biased. To be honest I still am.

In the first book he annoyed me but he was just a pushy kid with a crush and an unforgiving father. I didn’t like him but I could see past...
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OK i told my Friends about how i gepostet my story on Fanpop and she was Schreiben one 2 so she wanted me to post her story 2. Her story is about Vampire but different stroy so here it is........

Chapter 1:
I’m dancing in a big mansion with lots of light everywhere and I feel somebody’s hands around my waste while I’m dancing, but I can’t see anything since the light is blinding me. I can only touch, my hand is on his shoulder, he has some lend and muscular shoulders, I know he can’t be fat, so all I know he is skinny and muscular. His touch sends an ice cold feeling down my spine, his...
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Bella and I sat on the log waiting for the Volturi Alice had predicted would come,just the kind thing they would clean up.Carsisle and Esme sat quietly on the end of one of the logs,around the warm fire.Faming hot compared to the tempature of my skin.And still hot compared to Bella's warm tempature of her human,soft skin.Emmett grinning at himself remembering the kill he had,as he took on the strongest he could find.He stared at the flames as the thick smoke went into the air.Rosalie at his side,she had her hand on his arm,her legs crossed,angled toward him.Alice the same with Jasper on a different...
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posted by okellies
I am a budding screenplay writer and wanted to write a script for New Moon. For lots of reasons. Mainly, to satisfy myself in case the real movie is not what I think it should be

I post frequently over in livejournal at the lion_lamb community and have gepostet it over there too.

here are Links to my screenplay

This screenplay has some things different from New Moon. Du will recognize many scenes I kept. Du will notice some things that I have combined. Du will also notice stuff of my own. This is all typical with any adaptation.

There are also hints of Eclipse in here and set ups for...
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 Elaine nickname Ellie
Elaine nickname Ellie
Ellie pov.

I put on a light pair of jeans and a tank oben, nach oben after taking a short but comforting hot shower. I should enjoy it while it lasts at least. I gave up on trying to dry my damp hair and went to sit at the tiny küche table. I started sorting through the mail but stopped. I stood up after quickly Lesen through and rushed into the hall as the front door opened.

"What's this?" I shouted at my mom, waving the paper in my hands.

"What's what?" The words were slurred.

I knew she was drunk again Von the way she blinked and held on to the wall.

"Mom, how could you!?" I shouted horrified. "Five...
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posted by wanderingk
 How I imagined Elina.
How I imagined Elina.
Renesmee, my cousin, was the jewel of the family. She was the only birth child, and the most beautiful at that. With her glorious auburn hair and chocolate-brown eyes, she was gorgeous. A baby face still, but still gorgeous. She had an amazing gift, and already had a lover, Jacob, who was amazing to her.

Me, on the other hand, was adopted Von Rosalie and Emmett, and I never knew my parents. My mother was a human, but my father was a vampire. When I was born, my mother had died, and my father left me to die in the woods, where Carlisle found me. He then took me home, and Rosalie fell in love...
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posted by xxtwilightx
Dear diary, 4th may 2010)
as this is my first entry i am going to tell Du about our family. obiously we are Vampire and there are nine of us all together. bella and edward with there half vampire daughter, renesmee, emmet and rosalie (about to get married! again) carslile and esme, who are our adopted parents and me and jasper. renesmee just celebrated her 6th birthday (to my delight) and i gave her a diary. as she was filling it in she suggested that i got one two. well.. me, her and reluctant bella went shopping and renesmee ran off. of corse i wasnt that worried, shes half vampire. anyway...
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