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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    I went up both staircases, knowing that Jerek went to his room upstairs, and I caught him just as he was about to close the door.
    "Jerek, just wait. Stop doing this. Stop shutting us out like we don't matter. I'm sorry about what happened, about what's happening. can't keep hiding yourself up here, locking yourself away from the rest of us."
    "I'm not." Jerek said, and I closed the door behind me.
    "Then what are Du doing?" I asked him.
    "I'm getting this." Jerek reached under the bed, and pulled out a scythe, the kind Du see on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, season 7.
    "Whoa!" I said, and he placed it on the bed. "Where did Du get that?"
    "I made it. After seeing this bad boy on BUFFY, I had Verona make it for me. Not only does it look sweet, but it's something I can kill Zoos with, avenging Vi's death."
    "Well, wow." I couldn't say anything else, the sight of this wicken weapon just took my breath away.
    "I'm going to torture Zoos with this as long as it takes until every drop of his blood is on the earth around him."
    I stared at the blade, and Jerek picked it up, swung it through the air, slicing nothing in half but making that cool SHINK! noise as it soared through the air. Jerek started his way towards me with the blade in hand, the light shimmering off of the shiny blade as he approached me when his words registered in my brain.
    "Whoa! Wait! Du can't." I put my hand on his chest, and he laughed.
    "I can, and I will."
    "I won't let you. Not like this. You're gonna' get yourself killed."
    "So be it."
    "I won't let Du die!" I said, and he pushed me against the door.
    "Then Du won't have to." He leaned the blade against the wall, kissed me quickly, and then threw me on the bed, grabbing the blade, and storming out of the room.
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