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Sorry guys 4 being late, had exams, ended just on Friday!!

Chapter 3

Norah's POV

I'm waiting for death to take over me, the pain, my whole body was about to die. Oh!! C'mon let me die!!
Enough of herz ache and oain..
I was letting out silent tears, but all of a sudden, I let out a loud sob. Why isn't DEATH coming??
Why is it taking so long??
Then I heard something, footsteps of something heavy but soft
not again, please please please...
Slow death was better than being ripped off, my whole body ripped of Von a bear..
I sobbed louder.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Let me die alone..
Please Please Please
The steps got louder and closer..
OKAY!! If this is what fate has in store for me..I'll take it!!GOOD-BYE!!
It was coming closer, from what I could see it looked like a bear. But it wasn't the Zurück bear, it was sandy coloured..No it couldn't be a bear, its body was too defined..shapely. It came closer to me until it was standing over my useless body.IT WASN'T A BEAR!!! A WOLF!!!
I felt no better though, I could hurt me. It was double the size of normal wolves,if I stood Weiter to it, it would be Mehr than a foot taller than me.It was staring at me..Wy wasn't it killing me??
I looked into it's black eyes... SO BEAUTIFUL!!
Something in it's eyes was sooooooo dunno..honest?? Loving??
It made me feel as if it was human.
It would make me fell better if I cuddled it and slept, better than a teddy. Then I realised that I had stopped sobbing, I was calm..
Then suddenly its eyes stopped staring at was asif it was having an inner conflict..then againthe eyes focused on me. What aws it thinking??
Was it thinking of sparing me?
If it was...Why was it??

Seth's POV

I was Lost in her eyes when I realised that I had to hurry. I couldn't take herr to the Cullen's in my wolf form!!
I had to phase..
God!! I couldn't help but be embarrassed at this time too!
I was running back to the nearest busch when..I heard her say" Please??" Why was she saying plese? Was she begging me to go away? I didn't let that distract me..I had to save my Liebe anyway, anyhow!! I phased , put on my shorts and ran back to her..
She looked at me and whispered,"Angel?"
Holy Cow!! Was she referring to me as angel? This time I was surely blushing..I felt my ears warm up but I didn't care. I knew that my face must have turned red Von now. I got down on my knees, looked at her , still so beautiful...
I couldn't get over it!! I had to hurry!!

I took her in my arms..She held out her hands to touch my face, it sent electric shocks through my body. I started running!! FASTER!!! FASTER!!
I had to be fast enough to know that Liebe would be safe, to know that she would survive..
I ran. Ran like my life depende on it..And then I thought: IT DID!!
The trees flew past me. They didn't exist, all that existed was ME AND MY Liebe
And the path that would lead us to the Cullens'.
Her new life..Her new life as a vampire??
A Vampire?? Would I Liebe her the same way as I Liebe her now?
Most importantly: Would She Liebe me??
It wouyld burn my nose to be near her!! MY LOVE!?!?!?
I would smell like a wet dog to her..Would I?She'd be a new-born..
From all that I've seen and heard and the amount of precautions Em and jazz took before Bella was allowed to meet Nessie..The way she pounced at Jake, broke my bone( not that I mind, coz I know it was her instincts).
But Bella was supposed to be Mehr tamed than most new-born..
That Riley guy I fought..
She wouldn't think of me, for a Jahr oder so..Was it safe, sicher enough for others? Mom, Charlie, Billy...Nessie??

But I had to save her..MY LOVE!!I let the thought go away from my mind..I wanted her to live..
Live wouldn't exactly be the word. but she would be safe, would be able to protect herself, I'm sure the Cullens would Liebe her..Alice I'm sure..Em would get someone new to compete with..
What if I'd smell like a wet dog? What if she'd burn my nose? I don't care!!
I want her to be happy..She'd be wild for a year..then she would be like everyone else..
All I wanted was MY Liebe to be happy!

(Guys, nothing much in this chapter, never been in Liebe so...don't know how 2 explain..I tried my best though)
Chapter 20: Mutiny (Nessie’s POV)

Hours later we were still deeply immersed in my “big thank you” when Jake’s phone began to ring at the most inopportune moment. He sighed and looked towards it but then shook his head and leaned in towards me bringing his lips back to my neck as he continued to push me even further towards ecstasy but then he stopped. I groaned in frustration as he placed his forehead against my cheek apologetically while offering me a sheepish smile.

“What if something is wrong with the babies, Ness?”

It melted my herz to see how good of a dad he was. I of course...
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Here's the start, of the story, Evening Star. plz Kommentar and rate! Also, please Mitmachen my link!

Days. Weeks. Time has passed Von since our return back to Forks. But now I felt whole again. It's been too long since I have been apart from my love, Bella. I can't ever think about leaving her again.

Since my return, Bella's father, Charlie, have been giving me a hard time with being with Bella. I know have visiting hours, from seven till nine thirty PM, inside the house. I didn't object, beacuse I knew I deserved worse than this, for putting Bella in agony, since for less than a half an Stunde to go....
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posted by renesmeblack

I can't believe this. Renesmee is going to drink blood again. What's worse is, it's human's blood, and Renesmee had a freak attack when she learned this. She was actually clinging to my hemd, shirt at the thought. Why was I so stupid that first night? I still imagine Bella when she was (thankfully) crazy enough to keep Renesmee. Poor Renesmee was gegeben a plastic cup with a lid and straw Von Rosalie. I don't think Renesmee is mentally ready for this. One sip and she wanted no Mehr of it. She looked scared.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"It tastes too good. I don't want to dissapoint you," she whispered....
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posted by AdaLove
Charlie and Renée, Bella's mother, were not married for a long time. Renée left Charlie soon after Bella was born. Now, Bella only saw her dad for two weeks in the summertime. Charlie was still in Liebe with Renee, but came to accept that she didn't Liebe him anymore. Charlie is good Friends with Billy Black, who lives on a reservation near La Push. Billy's son, Jacob, as well as Rachel and Rebecca , become good Friends of Bella's.


Charlie has lived in Forks, Washington and when Bella (his daughter) was 17 she moved in with him when her mother moved to Florida with her new husband. After...
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 Russet Noon Official Cover Artwork Von Stephanie Lostimolo
Russet Noon Official Cover Artwork by Stephanie Lostimolo
According to an official statement issued today Von independent publisher AV Paranormal, the talisman image currently being used as the cover art for the novel Russet Noon will be the same one featured on the book cover when it is released as a paperback this Fall of 2009.

Numerous allegations of "theft" and "copyright infringement" have been made against Autor Lady Sybilla for using the talisman image "without permission" from its creator, artist Stephanie Lostimolo.

On May 11, 2009, Lady Sybilla responded to these accusations with the following statement: "I have every intention of giving credit...
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posted by renesmeblack

How could he? The Liebe of my life, now ready to rip the thing I feel I MUST keep away from me. I could hear sobs outside the door. I could hear sobs inside this room. We were both hurt. Before he closed the door, I threw something unthinkingly at him. It's now outside with him right now. It's something that probably hurt him Mehr than anything else in the whole world. It was my ring. I was now crying. I felt naked without it. My herz felt ripped to shreds. It felt like a werewolf clawed at it. It probably looked like the half of Emily's face, only it may never heal.


I started...
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posted by bitten_byedward
I just wanted to say I'm SOOOOO sorry for not updating!
I didn't think anyone was really interested in my story.
If Du were/are interested I have news.
If Du are looking for a new story to read,
I have news.
I am rewriting my story a bit and posting it on fanfiction.
It's now called Rebel.
Go to this link to read chapter one:

Please read chapter one,
Even if Du HAVE already read it.
It is different!
The whole thing is going to be much different with a few of the same basic story lines that I had in the beginning.
Thanks for reading! :)
"So i phoned Charlies home" I continued to Aro " i phoned Bellas father, he was not Home and um... A family friend picked up on the third ring, i spoke to him, asking where Charlie was..."
"Yes...?" Aro pressed,as i took a long pause.
"Well, Jacob, He... he sagte Charlie was at THE FUNERAL" I whispered,my voice breaking at the end.
"NEVER!" shouted Aro, "Your reason is appropriate, any reason shall be, if death is thy choice, death shall come - BUT NOT WITH A GIFT SO AMAZING, Du are extremely talented, young brother, Du may choose to Mitmachen our clan, Du are very welcome, without physical contact...
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Chapter 30: It All Comes Together

“Wait Alice,” Rosalie interjected. She turned to me her brow furrowed in concern, “we need to go talk for a moment.” She took my hand and led me down the hallway to her room. We sat down on the bett that she never used, and she looked at me carefully. “I support your decision fully, but I want to know why Du are so determined to go to your memorial service.” I looked at her blankly I couldn’t find the words to explain it. I needed closure. I needed to see if my father and sister even cared enough to Zeigen up, although part of me knew that they wouldn’t....
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Chapter 29: The Pain of His Heartbreak is Unfathomable
He was sitting in the exact same corner that he had been sitting in since yesterday. I walked over to Leah, “Has he even moved?” she shook her head to Bestätigen my suspicion. I walked up to him, “Seth?” It was so weird he was looking in my general direction but it was like he looked right through me. “Seth, c’mon, we are going to go see Sienna now.” I said, wondering if he even heard me. Suddenly he snapped out of it and looked at me, “Sienna? How is she?” Jake walked up behind me, “She’s starting to wake up Seth, Come...
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 Kellan Lutz with a cigarette in his right hand.
Kellan Lutz with a cigarette in his right hand.
This is Mehr like a rant, but I'd like to hear if Du guys feel the same as I do.
So far Kristen, Rob, Kellan, Nikki, and Peter have been caught smoking. Rob is also a well-known drunk, and in almost every picture there's something wrong with Kristen's eyes, like they're bloodshot oder out of focus oder something creepy like that. I mean, I know they're under pressure, but can't they handle it better than this?
Honestly, I think the whole cast is out of control. I mean, I have read Artikel that say that Kristen 'makes it no secret that she likes to unwind Von smoking pot' and Rob 'is drunk every...
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Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon
and Tyson Houseman to star, sterne as Members of wolf Pack

Los Angeles, CA March 23, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that Native American/First Nation actors Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman have signed on to star, sterne as the members of the wolf pack in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. In the film, the wolf pack defends humans against Vampire although they have a tribal history intricately entwined with Edward Cullen...
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I was running inside of the forest where i hunted with my family. i sat on the rocks of the river, as i watched the stars i heard footsteps.
Mom i thought. But as i looked beyond the trees i didnt see just mom. i saw Mom, Kate, Tayna, Carmen, Zafrina, Aunt Rose , Aunt Alice, and last of all Leah.
Wait LEAH???! The person that helped stomp on my heart. And she came here to calm me down after she kissed my boyfriend!
Anger boiled up inside me, i stood up and walked to Leah. " How dare Du came here and Zeigen your face to me after what you've done." I yelled."Nessie, baby calm down ok?" Aunt...
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After eating breakfast Jacob and I went up to our room to get dressed. Finding the closet was pretty easy because there are only two doors in our room, the bathroom and the closet. “Oh. My. Gosh. Alice went way over board with this.” Jacob sagte in a normal tone. I walked over and looked in the closet and she did. It was the size of my parents bedroom back at there house. Jacob and I had our own sides. Aunt Alice hadn’t put any of Jake’s oder my clothes in the closet she bought all new clothes for us. We walked in to find something simple to wear but that was impossible with Aunt Alice...
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Okay this is a Rosalie and emmett Fan fiction.Thanks to someone special named KEVIN. i thought about this. LOL

I was hunting in the upper north part of Canada and then all of a sudden i hear a man screaming, but then I smell the smell of blood. Pure Human blood. Curious and thirsty i go to see what was making all the noise.
I see this beautiful man who looks like Henry, Vera's son from long Vor and this beautiful man is being malled bär an angry grizzly bear. i can see him, the beautiful man writhing in pain, trying to defend himself from that pitiful thing he calls a monster. Only watching...
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"You know, I am going to miss this place," I noted as Jacob took my packed suitcase.
"You'd rather stay here than be with me?" he pouted.
"Of course not! I'm just saying..." Oh. He was teasing. He grinned at me and I laced my fingers through his.
I was leaving Brenton. Today was the last Tag of my first semester. It had been a great experiance, but Jacob was Mehr important than anything in my life right now. On the night of the dance, we had fallen asleep in the silvery moonlight, curled up Von each other, under the tree. The Weiter morning he was going to catch a flight back to Washington; he...
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okay, so, all these people are complaining about Bella's Lullaby. I heard, "Bella's Lullaby sucked in my opinion" oder "The strings and the orchestra weren't supposed to be in the song" oder "They need to cut out the orchestra cuz it sucked with that in it". Just stuff like that which is disrespectful to Summit, Carter Burwell, and all the people associated with the project. People don't need to say such rude Kommentare about it.

and in my opinion, this is the soundtrack. obviously they are gonna put the score they have that goes with the movie's music. It can't just be a Zufällig piece that doesn't fit in with the rest of the score. that's just what pisses me off. when people judge something too quickly without laying down all the facts.
I have recently visited Stephenie's Official site. I have become indefinitaly horrified.

Midnight Sun has been postponed indefinitaley.

Because stupid wh*r*es have gepostet up the beloved work of Midnight Sun that Stephenie had gegeben them with trust.

I am completely speechless with anger and sadness.

But, thankfully, and unfortunately, Stephenie has gepostet up the whole rough draft that was incomplete onto her Official site. I can't believe who would be so cruel as to not even care about the author's right and post up Midnight Sun with no authorization.

I deeply regret what has happened. I can't even imagine how hurt Mrs. Meyer is, but I hope she can come back from this awful experience.
I've had great reviews thus far! The Preface is stand-alone and Du can skip it if Du like. ;) Constructive criticism and Fragen welcomed!!

Rating: T (some violence - we've got monsters! What do Du expect? *LOL*)
Synopsis: Vampires, werewolves, Skinwalkers, and Slayers converge in Forks. This is the continuing story of a Slayer as she struggles to come to terms with her best friend, Bella's impending marriage to Edward, a being that she's been trained to kill.... Will she end up trying to kill Jacob as well?
Link: link

Note: This is still a work in progress. I have the Preface and Chapters...
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What would happen if Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the gang went to Forks? Well I imagine it might go something like this. . .

"Oh come on Giles, Du can't be serious." Buffy moaned.
"I kind of like it here." Spike mentioned.
"Shut up Spike." Buffy said.
"Well I'm just sayin' pet, this place is perfect. Almost always no sun, and that means no bursting into flame. Which is a plus if Du ask me love."
"Lord, Spike nobody cares." Buffy started. "You can Bewegen here for all we care."
"If Du two are going to behave like children the whole time we are here, then I'll send Du both back to Sunnydale."...
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