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edwards pov.

what was happerning? no matter how hard alice looked she couldnt see anything nothing of out daughter. i and bella were starting to get worried. in a matter of time she has gone from sight and from hearing range. i couldnt bare it.

bellas pov.

this really was something i couldnt handle. edward leaving me was the hardest time in my human life. now losing my daughter seams like the hardest in this life. the gapping hole is back and ontil i got my daughter back it was going to remain there. who lmows how long.

alices pov.

nessie was gone and i felt as uslass as i did when she was first born, i couldnt see anything. i still carnt there are little flickers of running men thats it. what was happerening to her? she didnt even say goodbye who knows when i`ll see her again? i sertanly dont.

emse`s pov

my poor grandaugter was missing with no word of her were abouts.
was she still alive? still running?
i couldnt think of any other choises any other things that may oder may not of happened to her.
i wanted her here with me safe, sicher and sound.

emmetts pov

where the hell is she? i sreaw if anyone oder anything has touched her there head is mine. no one and i mean NO one touches her and gets away with it. she remindes me of bella when she carnt beat me that is how much i truly Liebe them. now one was missing.

Rosen pov

nessie poor sweet nessie. the time it was when i wished still wish i had a child i find her in nessie. still do. she is like a daughter to me in evryway. she will always be in my herz no matter how far away she is right now. i will get her back. we will find her.

jaspers pov

this is work of the vultorie. they must of taken her must of taken my beautiful neice away they wanted a fight. well if they do not return her in perfect condition red cheeks and all they wil have a fight. a fight i count on fighting till i have her safe, sicher and feeling loved and protected.

jacobs pov.

i knew they sensed me before i was at the door. there was movment and whispers of who is that? never stint them before in my life. i snigured a laugh.
`knock knock` it only took them two Sekunden to open the door and then four to realise who i was.
"jacob black!" edward cried. he was the one to open the door.
"jake and yeah yeah i am one of them filfy bloodsuckers before Du say bella i can see it there in your eyes the years hasnt changed that" i smiled at the warm feeling i could feel radiating of her.
"good to see Du again jake Du know Du have stolen the herz of my daughter now?" my herz sqroze and she mentioned nessie "jake what is it?" she allways knew when i knew something and when something was the matter. it was just one of them things that will never change no matter how much our feelings have changed.
"its nessie." that was all it tock to have all there attention.
"the vultorie have her she got caught in the middle of a fight. between me and alec and well things got out of hand she got knocked about quite hard and well she has Lost her memorie. they told her she was apart of there coven and that she belong to them. Du guys were dead" i hung my head as a couple of snarls escaped most of them only edward remained silent. for onse he didnt blame me.

please Kommentar hope Du liked it also hope this one its longer :) sorry about the spelling
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Okay so I was just looking through my pictures, and I found this:

 Characters Heights
Characters Heights

I can't remember where I got it from (possibly but I just thought it as really interesting.
I mean look how small Alice is, when the book says she's small I didn't think she'd be that much smaller than Bella.
And look how tall Jacob is...hmm maybe he would win in a fight against Edward...maybe not, Edward is good at everything afterall.
So anyway, I just thought it would be useful for people who have trouble picturing the characters heights -like me :).
Tell me what Du think- does it help at all??
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chapter 15. PRESSURE
IT WAS SPRING BREAK IN FORKS AGAIN. WHEN I WOKE UP on Monday morning, I lay in bett for a few Sekunden absorbing that. Last spring break, I'd been hunted Von a vampire, too. I hoped this wasn't some kind of tradition forming.
Already I was falling into the pattern of things in La Push. I'd spent Sunday mostly on the beach, while Charlie hung out with Billy at the Blacks' house. I was supposed to be with Jacob, but Jacob had other things to do, so I wandered alone, keeping the secret from Charlie.
When Jacob dropped in to check on me, he apologized for ditching me so much. He...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


As I half-ran to class, my head was spinning faster than the bottle cap. So few Fragen had been answered in comparison to how many new Fragen had been raised. At least the rain had stopped.
I was lucky; Mr. Banner wasn't in the room yet when I arrived. I settled quickly into my seat, aware that both Mike and Angela were staring at me. Mike looked resentful; Angela looked surprised, and slightly awed.
Mr. Banner came in the room then, calling the class to order. He was juggling a few small cardboard boxes in his arms. He put them down...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


In my dream it was very dark, and what dim light there was seemed to be radiating from Edward's skin. I couldn't see his face, just his back as he walked away from me, leaving me in the blackness. No matter how fast I ran, I couldn't catch up to him; no matter how loud I called, he never turned. Troubled, I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep again for what seemed like a very long time. After that, he was in my dreams nearly every night, but always on the periphery, never within my reach.
The Monat that followed the accident...
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