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posted by KatiiCullen94
edward point of view.

(p.sfor New_moon_master!)

imortality, hurts when Du have nothing to live for.
the darkness helps, being alone, cutting off all sanity.
bella., her brown eyes. her scaret blush, fragile. beautiful. Isabella.

"Carlisles home, edward please come down and greet your father."
esmes thoughts begged. she found any eccuse just to see me act "normal"
i diddnt move, only to continue my rocking back and forth.
"hey carlisle, how was work?" alice sagte joyfully.
"umm ok i guess" he mumled, even up here i could hear everything that was said.
"i saw bella today"
my head jerked up. and i sped down the stairs, the pictures on the Wand moved from the gust of wind made Von my speed.
i stopped once i saw of them.
"What?" i gasped. after we left,her. no-one tried to talk oder think about bella. my darling girl. my love.
"Edward." sorry edward, i, i forgot, to not"
"What did Du say" , interupting, i felt a smile form on my face, the first news of bella in 3 years. the only prove that she was alive.
"i saw her today" he sighed, his head fell to the floor.ashamed of breaking to promise.
Everyone gasped, with mouths open.
omg he is going to kill me i shouldnt of brought clothes for her. dammit, sometimes i cant control myself" alice.
Bella!, Bella!, oh beautiful bella!, i miss her so much!- esme
"he what! he is mad!but what are the chance , she is really clumsy she was bound to come to emergancy room sooner oder later, proberly from just walking to her car....she was awesome,-emmett
[/i} they thoughts continued, filling my head up, like sitting in a school esembly.
"everyone stop!" i yelled. i was fired up now, i wanted to know now, about my bella.
"carlisle, How?"
"she came in, yelling that her. ... her. herr.."he stopped as though he couldnt say what it was to my face.
[i] dont say it , dont say it. think of nothing, nah nah nahh nahh, dum dum dukmmmmmmm, a b c d e f g ...

Carlisle was hiding something big.
"Carlisle spit it out!" i yelled, really, into the zone. i wanted to know about i wanted to know everything about her. her job, her house, her family, her dad. her mum, her smile.
"ok..." his face dropped out of all emotion and continued to stare at the floor.
"she came in saying that her baby girl, wasn't breathing. BUt i saved her. bella is married now with a brand new, little girl, Tanna. edward, she is soo beautiful." he diddnt want to say this. not to me. not to anyone.
bella. baby. married. beautiful.
i coulnt beleive. my knees gave in , and i hit the floor. everyone stood staring knowing not to do oder say anything. just let go.
my bella. god how much i wish i had hold her to Liebe one Mehr time, to see her blush scarlet again, to look at her, and know everything.
married. mother.
i dont know why, but after all this time i had wished that she still loved me, that she is in as much as a state as i am,.
that she wanted me, as much as i want her. that she dreams of me.
But... this is what i asked her to do, to Bewegen on, to marry, have a family, something that i could not give her. my bella, my love.
Alice come Von me and picked me up and supported me to my room. these were all things that i could do myself, but, i was blinded, Von bella.
"edward," she whispered, putting her hand to hard- cold back, i diddnt flinch, jsut stoof lookinga tthe floor.
i sagte nothing in return. what would i even say to her.
she huffed, and gave up, he leaned in to KISS me on the cheek, and he moved her mouth to me ear.
just that way i used to with bella.
her hands now searching for mine in the dark, i offered them to her, she held them tighty in her grasp.
"Oh my sweet brother. i know she loves you, i see it." she whispered softly.
i graped onto her waist and pulled her closer to me, i needed a hug.
i started to pant as all the memories of bella came back. her saying my name in her sleep. first KISS with those oh so tender lips, and seeing her about to die in my arms, in phoenix. Slipping through my fingers like water.
i felt, something wet in my eye.
i pushed out from alice. whats happening?
"edward!" she kneeled down, brushing away the tear that was now flowing down my cheek. it was warm. the only thing in my body that has heat.what bella loved.
The first time a vampire has ever cried before.
over bella.
"Edward. do Du know what this means?"
"I dont care what we promised, what Du promised her when we left, but your going to see her!"
I'm only writting 1 oder 2 today. I'm in Orlando and is going sightseeing soon!

Alice's POV

Trouble can never avoid us. Can it? Sometimes, I wish that I didn't have the gift of seeing the future. It annoys me sometimes. But, I am grateful because if I didn't have this vision, we could all be killed in about 2 weeks. This is a HUGE problem! Maybe the Volturi can even solve this mess.. unless they are causing this!

I must be somewhere in South America. Stupid me! forgot to bring a map! I'm looking thorough the woods seeing if I could find anything that is similar to my vision. I sighed. I can't find...
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posted by renesmeblack
Hey, I'm typing away at Home while my dad takes Mom on an extensive trip to France! Jacob could hardly contain his excitement! Seriously, He's burst into a dog three times- oh, not again Jake! Four times. Anyways, whenever my parents are out, my dad posts up a Liste of rules. Here's what he wrote.

your mom and I are going to France. Do not take advantage of this with Jacob. Tell Alice where you're going, and DON'T go to La Push. Watch for bears, and don't go anywhere near the hunting zone. No Friends over later than 10:00PM unless it's Jacob(even then don't try anything funny.). Jacob is not allowed on your bed(and I don't care if he's in dog form.). Alice will come over to check in on Du regularly, but call her if Du need help.


Ugh. As if Jake and I would do anything stupid. I think Jake was planning on that, though. Well, I hear Jake break something upstairs. I'm gonna see what he's up to. Later!
The last one for today. Thank Du for those who are Lesen this story and enjoying it. I appreciate Du guys and I will write as much as I can. :)

Bella's POV

Once we arrive at the Cullens everyone seemed worried about Alice, especially Jasper. If he wasn't a vampire, I think he would be crying. Poor Jasper. I started talking as if I was an anchor in Good Morning America.
"I know everyone is upset Alice, but she is ok. I think. When I was picking up Renesmee at La Push, Jacob gave me this." I showed everyone the letter. "He sagte it's from Alica and she crossed the boundary line to go to the ocean."...
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Bella's POV

During our Suchen Edward and I are getting very worried. There aren't any tracks oder blood in our usual hunting area. Both of us are not hungry since we went hunting a few hours ago. So we decided to pick up Renesmee at the border line at La Push and come back to our cottage. I'm also starting to miss Jacob. It's been awhile since we talked to each other.

I told Edward to stay at our cottage and I will go to La Push myself. I went about 120 mph getting to La Push using my Ferrari. I guess I am use to Edward's crazy driving. Once I slamed the door and saw the red house, I see Jacob...
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posted by dinosteph
The beginning of this story can be found here


“Nes, please hold still.” I said, struggling with the zipper on her jacket. She was absolutely wired and jumping all over the place. “Tell everyone I sagte hi.” I forced a smile and glanced up to Edward's impatient face, my back turned to Jacob who was sitting smugly at the küche table. I walked to the end of the walkway, holding Renesmee's tiny hand in mine. “You behave and don't give Grammy Esme a hard time.” I was referring to the last time we were there and Renesmee decided it was alright to color in Esme's sketch book. I gave...
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posted by dinosteph
Hey guys, I've been busy with final exams, which I've actually been doing really good with. Most of my marks are in and I'm happy. I am in the middle of getting a new job, I just moved at the beginning of April, so I haven't been around that much. I decided to start another new story.. I'm sorry if I've left behind my untitled one, I will work on that one. I have the Weiter chapter written, I'm just confused with the story line. I also have had another idea in my head for a while now for a oneshot that I'm actually really excited about. That all being said. I hope Du enjoy this one. It takes...
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Chapter 9 Father Knows Best (Edward’s P.O.V.)

“Bella do Du really think that we should interfere?” I certainly wanted to intercede but I had my doubts as to what my daughter would think of our little road trip to La Push. “Edward, we are going. I am not going to watch Renesmee in pain any longer.” Bella sounded determined as she stared straight ahead. “I thought that Du didn’t want them together and that Du wanted her to have options.” I reminded the Liebe of my life as gently as I could. She snarled sarcasitcally, “Well it seems like options are doing her a lot of good right...
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Edward's POV

She lay Weiter to me with her wide eyes staring right back into mine, a light Gold because I had satiated my thirst before. Her lips curved into a smile as she lowered her gaze. I leaned in closer to her, no longer to touch my beautiful angel. I no longer needed to fear her touch. Her pale skin glowed a pearly white, and in the moonlight she seemed ethereal.

Finally, her soft voice broke through the silence, “Well, I never expected it to happen quite like that.”

I smiled slowly, a crooked smile that I knew she loved, “Neither...
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Edward's POV

“Edward, hold me,” Bella whispered in a vulnerable, soft voice.

I swept her into a firm embrace, terrified Von her quivering frame, oh how soft and penetrable her skin was! The monster in me purred sadistically, tempting me to bite into her thin flesh. I resisted with a heroic effort, pushing the evil thought away.

“I’m here, love,” I replied in a smooth voice, “Are Du sure that Du want to go through with this?”

She feebly pushed me aside, oder attempted to Mehr accurately. I took a step back, letting her have her way....
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posted by twilight0girl
today is going to be wonderful.i was getting married.i was getting married to my big teddy bär will be the Sekunde greatest Tag of my eternity.the first is when emmett told me he loves me and then asked me to marry him.
"rosalie honey,are Du ready?" esme asked me.
" not yet esme,can Du help me do my hair?"
i asked " of course honey " she sagte as she gracefuly walked into the bathroom.she gently
tugged and pulled my hair as i looked over my
wedding gown.snow white with a corset oben, nach oben and a
big puffy skirt.i looked perfect and flawless,i always do. "o.k rosalie,you look perfect."...
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posted by just_bella
Here is a recap of what happened in the first part of my story, enjoy:

We went back to stacking heu, hay until my mother rang the glocke for lunch. My piles were much higher the John's, but his were stacked appropriately. My mother rang the glocke again, we started back towards the house when we noticed the younger boys standing around in a kreis looking at what appeared to be a body of one of the sheep.

As we chased the kids back to the house and went to see if we could figure out what killed the poor beast.


We returned to find that the schaf, schafe had been...
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posted by twilight-7
He smiled sweetly at me. “I knew Du would Liebe it.”
His smile faltered. “I thought Du liked spending time with my family?”
“BASEBALL?” I screamed at him. “You want me to play baseball with your family?!”
He backed away from me.
“Be quiet, Kayla,” he shushed me. “Charlie will hear and come-”
There were quick footsteps on the stairs. Edward ran and hid in my closet and I quickly picked up my cell phone.
“You have got to be kidding me!” I shouted down my cell.
My door opened and Charlie walked in. He looked around my room suspiciously, trying...
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posted by twilight-7
This bit i forgot to add on, sorry.

End of Chapter 5

“Can I touch your hand?” I glanced at his hands that were resting on his lap.
His eyebrows creased together in confusion at my question.
“I just want to know what your skin feels like,” I hurried to explain. “See, in my head it says that your skin should be cold and hard. I just want to know if it’s true.”
He smiled at my curiosity and placed a hand on my cheek. His skin was cold. I place my hand over his and could feel that his skin was silky to touch. I smiled and removed my hand from his.
“Thanks.” He removed his hand from...
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posted by vampfan
Part I
I waited for edward and the cullens to Zeigen up
My i phone sagte 8:30. They're late. I had my bag.I saw a figure wearing black leather Liebe the leather.She looked evil.
Who the hell are you!?! Iasked
Your worst nightmare demon.
Hold on a damn Minute one my family is fighting Vampire and two I've been slayer evil[U]VAMPIRES
before Du could see your first stake!ANd who the hell do u think Du are my great grandmother's lover gabreil transporter, van helsing!
Then the volvo appear I'm going to kill edward WHat took Du so long!
Theres anew force of EVIL VAmpires...
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Credit: Published in/by Heat Magazine

1. You've probably clocked 22-year-old Robert as posh prefect Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies. But now he's ditched the broomsticks for Vampire in new bloodtastic film Twilight, based on the first of the mega-selling Bücher Von Stephenie Meyer.

2. Robert has a large number of Fans already. Three thousand teens mobbed him at a signing for Twilight in San Francisco. During the rush, a number of people fell, one girl broke her nose and another fainted.

3. Mehr craziness from fans: while shopping in New York, Robert was taken aback when a seven-year-old...
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posted by latterdayfrodo
I made this Liste one Tag while I had a slow moment at work. Fell free to add on. I even inserted some of my own Kommentare in parenthesis.

1. Du jump everytime Du hear "Edward" oder "Bella"
2. Du can't focus on your work/homework because Du could be Lesen one of the books... again. (Um, kinda what I'm doing right now)
3. Du have never had an interest in Shakespeare, Jane Austen, oder other books, but now Du somehow find yourself VERY interested. (I already had interest in these bad boys/girl before, but I actually want to read Pride and Prejudice/Wuthering Heights now)
4. Du name your pet/computer/car...
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posted by surfen_cutie09
Honestly, if Du were Stephanie Meyer, and Du were Schreiben Breaking Dawn as we speak, how would Du write it, (write what Du really think will happen in the book) these things for example:

bella and edward get married
bella becomes a vampire
jacob comes back and splits bella and edward up forever, and he gets bella
fight between edward and jacob
jacob imprinting...

things like that
except in long details
its ok to get creative but keep to what Du think will really happen. not what Du hope but what Du think
i wonder how many people will say the same thing

i wonder what Du think.....
"In regards to the question, "Is Breaking Dawn the last book in the Twilight Saga?" The answer is, "I don’t know." It’s the last one for a while, at least. Of course there will be Midnight Sun, but that’s covering old material. I’m not sure if I will go vorwärts-, nach vorn with the Twilight characters–I’m a little burned out right now. Ask me again in two years."

"Breaking Dawn is in the editing phase. It it tentatively set for release Fall 2008. It could be later if we hit a snag in editing. Usually editing takes longer than a few months, but both I and my editors will be putting in lots of...
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(Notes: this piece was cut from the original epilogue. Though I briefly explained Emmett's back story in Chapter 14 "Mind over Matter," I really miss not having it detailed in his own words.)

Emmett and the Bear

I was surprised to find a strange kinship growing between myself and Emmett, especially since he had once been the most frightening to me of them all. It had to do with how we had both been chosen to Mitmachen the family; we'd both been loved—and loved in return—while we were human, though very briefly for him. Only Emmett remembered—he alone really understood the miracle that Edward...
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