"Carlisle!" Edward yelled as soon as he reached the door even though it wasn't necessary. Von that time Edward's entire family had appeared out of nowhere of course, and converged in the living room.
"What is it Edward?" Carlisle sagte in a worried tone.
"We have a problem." Edward simply said.
"What is it?" Emmett asked, unworried.
"Charlie knows everything, about us, about the pack, everything. I'm ashamed that I didn't see it sooner. Bella, I'm so sorry." Edward told his family, and his bride-to-be. Who had this blank, morose look on her face.
"What do Du mean?" Esme asked.
"I mean, that, umm why don't me, Du and Carlisle go in the other room and talk. Jasper?" Edward gave Jasper a serious look. Then suddenly Bella started to sway, then she fell. Emmett caught her and Rosalie got a kissen and a blanket.

Meanwhile at Bella's house, Charlie, Buffy, Giles, Spike, and Oz were sitting around disscusing what to do next.
"Good job Spike." Buffy blamed.
"At least I did somethin'." Spike shot back.
"Would Du two give it a rest! Please!" Giles said.
"So far, you're my favorite." Charlie whispered to Oz. Then all of a sudden Oz sat straight up and sniffed the air.
"What is it Oz?" Giles asked.
"I dunno. It's a scent I don't reconize." Oz said. Then there was a knock on the door. They all went silent.
"I'll get it." sagte Charlie. When Charlie answered the door Jacob, Quil, Embry, and Seth were standed there with their hands over their noses, their eyes wide.
"Charlie Du need to get out of here now." Jake sagte urgently.
"Why is that?" Charlie asked stupidly.
"Because... umm... Bella is hurt." Jake sagte the first thing that came to mind.
"Oh... well let me tell my guests that. Hey umm I need Du guys now." Charlie yelled to his "guests".
"Then out of nowhere Spike knocked Seth and Jacob to the ground, and then Spike vamped out and the fight was on. Not twenty yards away, Oz was working on Quil and Embry.
Where is Buffy? Spike thought while dodging one of Jacob's punches, while simultaneously kicking Seth in the side.

To Be Continued.......