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posted by joe-edwardfan
Tanya looked at me coldy,full of hate……like she wanted to rip my head off if she could.i couldn’t stand her looks so I just turned around and pulled matts hand to follow me I took off running I heard tanyas voice I think she sagte hündin under her breath I heard her saying other stuff but I tuned her out and ran faster I ran faster and faster thinking about edward I hated him so much but some part of me still loved him and deep down I knew the amount of Liebe my herz held for him will never be the same with matt but I Liebe matt so much and I want to spend my entire life with him he makes me laugh,happy,loved……….i wasn’t paying attention to where I was headed to when I hit something harde like a………………. vampire.i looked up and saw matt holding me in place
-are going back to forks?
He smiled at me a blinding smile that would have made me blush if I was human
-Oops sorry!
He hugged me and I rested my head on his shoulder he teleported us back at our house when I saw my BMW vision I smiled at it,it was incredible! It was so hard to take my eyes of it but now wasn’t a good time for a ride I went to our bett room to lie down 34 mins passed when matt knocked on the door
-come in!
He came in with a beautiful rosa rose in his hand he gave it to me and kissed my cheek
-thanks!they are beautiful!
I sagte and hugged his neck he kissed my lips and hugged me closer to him I buried my head in his chest taking in his scent then I kissed it and hugged his chest he was my Angel – Jäger der Finsternis we laid ther and talked a little he comforted me and told me how much he disliked Tanya and he cant belive edward left me and started a relationship with her.
-come on she's so hot!
-no she's not Du are.
He traced my face with his left hand my eyes,ears,nose,lips…
I pulled his face to mine I kissed him with all my power he kissed me back like always he ripped my hemd, shirt off as I riped his we were memmorizing each others bodys………………………………………………………………………
The sun was coming up shinning on his beautiful pale body and it sparkeled I thuched them hoping they would pop oder something and when I was disapointed I frond and matt laughed
-your so cute when your disapointed!
He kissed my nose
-ppppppfffffff really funny!
I shook him off
-I'm sorry…
He cuddeled me in his armes and kissed my cheek I turned around and kissed his lips and tracing his lips with my fingers he rolled around coming on oben, nach oben of me and he didn’t even weight as I knew that from earlyir tonight……… was so good it was my first time sleeping with someone ,when I was human I thought my first and last would be edward but I was wrong…………………… :]
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