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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 11
I pulled away and showed matt where I was looking it was a brown wolf staring at us I bet he was staring the whole time we were there the wolf had intelligent eyes like human then it disappeared and jake came out of the same spot with his bare chest
-Bella what are Du doing here? Didn’t Du say Du were living?
He sagte coldly
-you talk like this is your land! I was born here Du cant say were I should go!
-I can Bella I don’t want to kill you!
I laughed kill me! Pfffff
-you cant kill us!
Matt sagte angry
-jake what do Du want Du don’t have powers…………and how did Du know about the Cullen's and …us?
Then something flashed in my head jake telling me storys of the Cullen's and theire enemys that is his family werwolves that wolf we saw was jake! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm so slow
-you were the wolf werent you?
I whispered
he sagte sadly
-jake what did you…………….
He cut me off
-Bella we had a truce with the Cullen's that they could stay here but out of our lands
-were not in your land!
-I know but if Du hurt humans and drink theire blood its our job to kill Du I'm sorry!
-jake are Du blind we have Gold eyes not red!
What an idiot little DOG!
That's all jake said
-we wont hurt anyone ok? So know could Du give us some privacy??
-sure but what about e………..
-jake go tell sam and your other wolf Friends WE COME IN PEACE! OK?
Then he disappeared in the bushes and there was a cuppel of wolf sounds but I didn’t care matt was looking at me confused so I told him everything then the sun came out and his skin sparkeled it was so beautiful I touched his skin and hunted for his lips eagerly he did the same when are lips met again I Lost control, and kissed him with everything I had in me and he kissed me back the same and it just SUITED me well! We kissed each other for Mehr than an Stunde when I noticed it was getting late I really didn’t want to go but charlie was coming back from work and needed something to eat!
I pulled away not wanting to ,he froze
-I really don’t want to end this but charlie is going to be back and he will need something to eat
I whispered in his ear and kissed it I moved from his ear to his neck and then to his lips he kissed me back and then he grabbed me in his armes and ran to the car we drove Home and went inside
-go change!
I told matt
-what should I wear!
-While Du were busy with charlie I puted some clothes in your closet 20 oder maybe30
-thanks Bella!
He sagte and then hugged me and kissed me once and went upstairs
I started cooking for charlie, chicken and green beans when I was done I heard Charlie's kreuzer getting close I hurried upstairs and changed into something comfortable and rushed downstairs and found matt watching went back to the küche when charlie came in
I hated when he sagte that! who else could it be!
-yeah its me!
-Mmmmmmmmm something smells good!
-yeah I cooked chicken for you!
-Thanks bells
He hugged me
-wheres matt?
-he's watching TV
Matt came and sagte hi then charlie aet his Essen me and matt told charlie we aet outside then we went upstairs to fake a sleep for charlie!
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