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posted by lilred96
Mysterious love

-chapter one-

It was my first Tag of 11th grade.My alarm clock went off I stayed in bett for a little while I didnt want too get up.But after a miniute oder two I just got up.I went too my closet and pick out some clothes really it was just what I seen first.After I dressed my self I went down stairs too see my father in the küche makeing coffee.Soon he would be on his way too work, just like every day.My father is a lawyer for the town of Bartonville,Arkansas. Every body liked him thoughs who didnt did not know him very well,but he is very queit kinda like me.Him and my mother divorced when I was younger.I have an older sister some where but non of my family knows where last I heard she had got married 4 times,but she has been married too this one for a least 7 years now.

After I ate breakfast I went too get my bag it was really light for all that was in it,then I got my mantel and was out the door.when I was out side I look at my old car ,it was a 1977 ford ranchero,although it was very old it got me too school and back.I had no job but I was trying too get one,at this time any job would help i need money for my car insurance and college.I was hopping too at least get in too a school ner by, my father would be alone too fend for him self if I was too far.

I got in too my car and and started the engine hoping it would start,when it did I back out my drive way and and headed down the sad straße too my school. When I was in the parking lot of my school, there was a sign above the south entery it sagte bartonville public high school.As I entered the building there were many tennagers in the long hall. I did not see any body I new so I just walked down the hall looking for my locker.When I finaly found it at the oben, nach oben it sagte 102 in black letters.I put my bag in it and some papers and then the glocke rang.I started down the hall again and looked for the room number 157 that was on the first floor.I found it in about 10 miniute I was late and my teacher ask were I was but I just told her that I could not find my way around the school yet,so she let me off.

When I was through with Lesen and math it was 30 miniutes before lunch so I dicided too go too the library.When I got there, there were some girls setting in a tabelle . the others tables were takin exept for one ,so I went to it. When I was there I over heard the girls talking about a new student,which was weried too me becuse I was the last new student,I came here 2 years Vor me and my father moved here from New york, new york.

Then I heard the girls say there he is and I looked behind me and walking in the hall with his head down was a tall,skinny dark hair boy.When he seen me look at him he turn his head too meet my gaze,I was mesmerized Von his looks.Then he turned his head quickly back too the ground and kept walking.
Okay so I'm not one of those Fans who wants the film to be exactly like the book-no offence to anyone- because I know thats just not going to happen.
But I was watching the new Twilight trailer and saw this:

Don't Du think it's a little weird that all three cars are there, I thought the Cullens didn't want to bring any attention to themselves.Now I know all Filme aren't like the Bücher they're based on, Harry Potter is a great example of that. But I thought the Cullens wanting to keep themselves inconspicuous was an obvious fact that ran through the book.
I know other people have noticed changes in the movie too- like Bella having her jacke at the restaurant, and that they've changed the name of the restaurant.
I just wanted to know what other people felt about this. Either way I'm still going to see the movie, I can't wait. But does anyone think these changes will affect the experience?
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Jasper Hale (born Jasper Whitlock) is the adopted son of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive brother of Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie, and husband of Alice. He was born in Texas and joined the Confederate States Army in 1861 to serve in the Civil War. Due to his extremely charismatic personality, he ascended through the ranks quickly. Jasper was turned into a vampire in 1863 Von a vampire named Maria when he was 20 years old. As a vampire, he gained the ability to manipulate the emotions of those around him. Recognizing his high rank in the army, Maria decided to change him into a vampire to help her...
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