One of the best scenes in Twilight was when Bella descovered what Edward is..!The dialogue was perfect and Edward's face was something between sweet and sad,scared and worried!He didn't know how bad could Bella react,or how could her reaction effect their relantioship!Bella seems to not was afraid just a little like she couldn't just believe it! She knew that Edward wouldn't hurt her..
----“Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pail white and ice cold, your eyes change color and sometimes Du speak like your from a different time, Du never eat oder drink anything, Du dot go out in the sunlight, how old are you?” Bella asked...
“Seventeen” Edward said
“How long have Du been seventeen?” Bella asked
“A while” Edward said
“I know what Du are” Bella said
“Say it, out loud, say it!” Edward said
“Vampire” Bella said
“Are Du afraid?” Edward asked
“No” Bella said...-----------
How could we react if we learnt something like this???Well,I think that many girls have thought how could they react,if they learnt that someone they are fall in Liebe with, is a VIMPIRE! Some could be afraid,scared oder even shocked,while oters could be ok! All these in case that their VIMPIRE could never loose control with them!
Well,bella had fathe and knew that Edward could never hurt her.!That was why she wasn't afraid of him but she just was afraid of losing him!...
------“Then ask me the most basic question, what do we eat?” Edward said
“You won’t hurt me, where are we going?” Bella asked
(Edward grabs her arm, leading her up the hill)
“Up the mountain, out of the wolke bank, Du need to see what I look like in the sun light, this is why we don’t Zeigen our self in the sunlight, people would know we were different, this is who I am” Edward said
“Its like diamonds, you’re beautiful!” Bella said
“Beautiful? This is a skin of a killer Bella, I’m a killer” Edward said
“I don’t believe that” Bella said
“It’s because Du believe a lie, camouflage, I’m the world’s most dangerous predator, every thing about me invites Du in, my voice my face, even my smell, as if I wouldn’t need any of that, like Du could out run me, like Du could fight me off, I was designed to kill” Edward said
(Troughs baum branch)
“I don’t care” Bella said
‘I’ve killed people before” Edward said
“That doesn’t matter” Bella said
“I wanted to kill you, I never wanted a human’s blood so much in my life” Edward said
“I trust you” Bella said
“Don’t” Edward said
“I’m here I trust you” Bella said--------------

'''I still don’t know if I
can control myself....'''

I’m the world’s most dangerous predator...
I know what Du are!