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posted by LexisFaith
So, I thought of a cute oneshot :) Thought I would type it before bett :)

Oh, and another thing. Someone on here asked the Frage "Who here think's they Liebe Edward Cullen Mehr than Bella?" If Du say 'i do!', Du and I are going to have a little talk...

No one loves Edward Mehr because;
A.) He is not real.
B.) Du don't even KNOW him.
C.) Just because Du have his face hanging all over your room, and think about him every Sekunde of every day, it's not called love. It's called an OBSESSION!

I just had to get that off my chest :)

I grabbed my bags off of the luggage claim belt, took Elizabeth Von the hand while she pulled her Diseny Princess suit case behind her, and made our way to the car rentals.

We were in Seattle, seeing my father Charlie while Liz was on Fall Break. She would hate me if I pulled her out of school. It's had been 6 years since I had been back here. Charlie visited us every Jahr but he had a new fiance and insisted we come up, considering she had a teenage son. So, Liz and I packed out bags and bought our tickets to Seattle.

I held my daughters hand and looked down at her. Her brown curls were bouncing wildly. In the sun, Du could see the auburn tint she had gotten from her father. She looked up at me with her wide brown eyes that held flakes of Gold and green (also from her father). She smiled up at me to wich I smiled back before she continued looking ahead.

Sometimes, it hurt to look at my daughter. She reminded me so much of Edward. Edward Masen Cullen. The one and only Liebe of my life. HS Sweet Hearts, forced to part for the colleges we were attending. I went to school to become a Marine Biologist and he went to be a surgen.

I became pregnant with Liz the last night we were together. Graduation night. I didn't find out untill we had aready been apart for a month. We were starting school, just had gotten to where we were able to breathe apart and with so much on our plates, it didn't seem logical to tell him.
She know's her father is out there. She knows he loves her, and wishes to meet her. But she also knows that even if she can't see him now, she can one day.

So now, 6 years late, my five Jahr old daughter, Elizabeth Masen Cullen and I are strolling through the airport when I hear my name being called out from behind me.

I turn around but see know one looking at me so I turn back around and continue on.

"Isabella Marie Swan!" I hault again and turn around to see the brightest green eyes I had ever seen, and they only belong to one person.

"Edward." I whisper.

I see his face break out in a smile and mine does the same. I want to drop my bag right here and run to him, but I can't let go of my daughters hand. Not in this busy airport. So I stand, glues to the floor waiting for him to reach me.

I look down at Liz who is gaping then looks up at me. "Mommy." She whisperes loudly. "He looks like me."

My breath catches in my throat. She is always so observent

Edward POV

She stands, holding the little girl's as if it were her life line. Right now, I can only see a side view of her face, but when she turns back to me I stop. Mid stride. I can't breathe as I soak in the little girls face. The face that looks like my mothers, mine, and Bella's.

Bella's herz shaped face and full lips. Bella's brown hair and big brown eyes. My mothers nose. But with the sun light shining down through the sky line on her, I see the auburn sparkling in her hair. The green and Gold flecks of color in her eyes. She set of her jaw and the crooked smile she has on her face like she's knows something I don't.

I find myself walking toward them again as I am thinking. 6 years minus nine months, minus three months. Five years. Five exact years to the Tag I sagte my last goodbye to Bella.

"Edward?" Bella gasps and throws herself at me. I catch her easyly in my arms and pull her too me, diving my nose into her hair. The same vanilla and cinnimon smell. "What are Du doing here?" She asks, pulling away.

"Seeing family." I tell her. "I just finished school."

"That's great, Edward." She smiles.

"What are Du doing here?"

"Visiting Charlie. Liz is on Fall Break, so no better time than now."

"May I meet her?"

She only nodds and swallows, turning back to 'Liz'.

"Okay. Um. Elizabeth, this is Edward Cullen. Edward this is Elizabeth Masen...Cullen."

I drop to my knees to look at her. Her eyes are wide with youth and wonder as she stares at me.

"He's my Daddy?" Her voice is like bells as it travels up to Bella who sniffs and nodds.

"Yeah, baby. He's your Daddy."

She smiled and ever so lightly she reaches out to touch my face. "Hi, Daddy." She smiles.

"Baby?" Bella's hushed voice in my ear brings my mind back to the present. "Where did Du go?"

I smiled and took her hand. "Airport."

She smiles back, laying her head on my shoulder, knowing exactly what I mean. "I thought so."

I chuckel fiddeling with the ring on her left hand. I smile and bring my attention back to the assembly. "Elizabeth Masen Cullen." the princepal calls her name and we stand and cheer as Bella takes video on her digetal camera.

She looks over at us in her summer dress and her big bow, smiling.

I let a tear fall as my baby walks across the stage. "Congradulations. Du have now graduated from your 2011 Kindergarten class." The woman hands her the "deploma".

"Thank you." Liz smiles and shakes her hand.

Everyone 'aw's at her maturness to which I smile at and watch as she exits the brightly lit stage.

"Oh." Bella hold her belly.

"What?" I look at her.

She looks up at me and smiles. "Would Du mind telling Kasen that he has three Mehr months to go. If he keeps kicking this hard he's going to get evicted." She huffs.

I chuckle and lay my hand over hers. "You better quit in there. Mommy's got a mean wrath. Trust me. She will hit Du back."

She giggles and shoves my playfully.

"Three Mehr months hu?" I smile.

"Yup." She smiled. "Then you're out buddy!" She whisperes to her stomach loundly.

"I can't wait." I KISS her head.

"Mmm. Just wait untill he gets here." She rolls her eyes. "If Du ask if we can put him back, I'm going to shove him up in Du insted." She smiles. "They're cute when they start to sleep through the night untill they learn to talk. Then all tell breaks loose untill the are 18."

I laugh and KISS her sweetly. "I think I can live with that."

"Hmm." She smiled. "Good thing. Du have too."
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