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I was trying to reach the sky
I was trying to fly
That was my dream
And Du made it my fault

It has taken all my life…
Staying away from you…
Thought I then can survive without you
Nothing has helped me to forget
Everything I Liebe reminds me in you
And to act like I’ve never known you…
There’s no way

How would I ignore your smile?!
How can I forget who has created me?!
The one who has changed my life
The one who has been always beside me…

Don’t ask me to Bewegen on
Because you’ve never taught me how to do that

Nothing I need when you’re beside...
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posted by alicia386
(I hate it when stories are not in paragraph form but I don't have time to change mine and out it in paragraph form. bär with me until the summer)

Chapter One The Last One Standing
I stared at the glorious sun shining through the thick glass windows. Why did I have to be caged inside of this place while my Friends were enjoying their summers? Johnny boasted all about how his parents were taking him all of the way to India. I have never been to India. Marcus, my other best friend, sagte he was going to spend most of his summers staying inside relaxing. What am I doing? I am stuck here. Apparently,...
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posted by IlovePatch97
hey, so its been a really long time since I've gepostet anything on here so i needed something to get me started again. I've been Lesen Pourquoi tales, so stories explaining how something came to be. I wanted to write my own so mines about the Rose. I hope Du like it. If Du do please Kommentar :)
"Arissa why do Du look sad? Are Du displeased with our new now?" Asked Christophe as he watched his wife approach there blume garden.
"Our Home is lovely, there is so much Weltraum to roam and the garden is beautiful" she replied.
"Then why so sad?" Christophe asked...
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posted by Problematic129
Part 8! I don't own any of these pictures! Most come from Hope Du feel inspired! Down here is a song I wrote called Breathe, hope Du enjoy it.

    Verse 1:
    I wake up today with a smile on my face, and I return back disappointments are made. Where did I go wrong? Did I even try? This world is gonna bring me down, bring tears to my eyes.
    What’s this weird feeling? I want it to go. I can’t believe that life can a cruel black hole. Time just seems to fade away, days become weeks, and I’m still, yes I’m...
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posted by rory2011
David rode the man's car , the man drove to the police station ,when they arrived ,the man told David to go to ask for officer 12's office in the Sekunde floor
David ran towards the office as fast as he can ,when he arrived ,the officer looked at him asking " are Du Mr. David miller ? " yes ,I'm sir " David sagte
" sit down please " the officer sagte
David sat on that black couch near the officer disk
" sir ,could Du please tell me what's going on with my son Kevin " David sagte
" today there was a feuer in the sugar factory where your son work ,your son is a very good strong guy ,he helped all...
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posted by Problematic129
*Thanks for all the Kommentare and Fans :) Please read, review, and don't copy*
Chapter 17
    Happy times
    “How can Du not be happy, this is our first sister-sister tradition in like…ever?” My eleven Jahr old self asked my sister, giving her a look like I thought she was mental.
    Dorothy laughed, a huge smile on her face. “Your such a loser Des, we hang out all the time.”
    “Not all the time,” I insisted. “And this is the first time we planned this to do and do again every year.”
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Vincent Matherly was a normal teenage boy. He had a happy, rich family and an amazing girlfriend, Brooke Oakely. Yes the Brooke Oakely who is the legendary supermodel/ singer. Life couldn't be better. The best part was that he got accepted into Harvard. Yes, his life was like a fairytale but little did he know that his fairytale dream would come to a distrubing end.

The Matherlys were very sensible people. They did great deeds for their community and even Vincent's dad ran and was elected mayor of New York. They were rich but they did give some of their money to charities around the world. They...
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posted by -SilverFey-
It's funny. We're so different. Me and Kein. He's so shy. Quiet. Introverted.

But I think I would die if I couldn't talk to people.

Even our mark. He is curious, true. But he's curious in a different way. He just need to know things, then he's fine. He just needs knowledge.

Me? I need to see those things. Be out in those places he reads about. I want to leave. Go somewhere else. See something no one's seen.

I wonder about the other planes. I want to see them. Travel there. Why can't we? The Faeries are clever. And magickal. They could let us.

Sometimes I don't like the Faeries. What they did. They...
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posted by CatiePotter
Musik is the only class I have with him. The longest class.

"Nick play that part of the excersice again." told our band teacher Mr. Bova.

No one argues with Mr. Bova, we all think he's scary.

"Why do I even stay in this class?" I sometimes ask myself. The fear of being yelled at? The fact that I loved playing the flute? oder Nick.... no I moved on! oder at lest I tell myself I did. I don't know what it is, his poping messy, curly blond hair, even Mehr sunkissed than mine. oder the way he smiled to himself, his perfect smirk. I don't why I ever crushed on him.

Nick finished the part of the routine, his...
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posted by Bluekait
If Du pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If Du haven't, here's a link:


For any inspiring horror story Fan can gladly vote here:


Avery ran into the woods. Without looking back, she knew she was being chased Von an un-natural force. She ran to the hut and locked the door behind her. Avery heard a loud thud. "Phew," she sighed. She climbed into bett and slept. The Weiter morning, she was found dead at a gruesome sight.
Her head was found outside and the rest of Avery Wilson was nowhere to be found.
Her Friends followed her steps to see...
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Only a few months ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is one of many conditions that falls on the autism spectrum. Unlike truly autistic people, many Aspergians are excellent communicators…at least, if that's what your "gift" is. Du see, every Aspergian has a particular area where they excel. One could be a science genius, while another, such as myself, might be a brilliant writer.

Many Aspegians are either misdiagnosed oder never diagnosed at all. Our symptoms, are difficult to identify. Once, my mom went to the Child Study Team at my elementary school. She brought up...
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posted by 1999jacko
action oder Fantasy I am really not sure

Present Day
Leo,now 13, stood on oben, nach oben of the tall, sturdy baum looking for any sign of the kids who kill. Luckily he'd been there for 2 hours and seen oder heard nothing and decided to make the swing, schaukel back to the baum he lived in with Jason and Sarah, he ran down the branch and jumped onto the branch and pushed off from what they call the watch tree.

The swinging was the greatest thing ever in Leos mind, with the trees flying Von at unnatural speeds, the insects moving all around your head wondering whats going on and best of all the height your up at, because...
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Chapter 1
October, 1964

I lied awake on my bed.

I couldn’t sleep.

My mind was wandering, racing to different topics at the same time. I couldn’t stay on one subject in my mind for Mehr than ten seconds. I was restless.

Just then, out of nowhere, I remembered something that I particularly didn’t want to remember. But I did anyway. It was something that I hated thinking about, and something that I thought about all the time. I got up, clad in only a pair of jeans, and walked over to my closet and turned on the light. I pulled down old, dusty boxes and yellowed papers off of the closet’s...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 5: Fight!!

The Weiter morning, eichelhäher, jay heard cheering. When he went outside he saw a horrible thing. The Kitsune was being forced to fight a giant lizard, while the Kitsune was still very injured.

"No!" eichelhäher, jay yelled as he grabbed a sword and ran toward the eidechse with his sword.

"What!?" Prince Cole shouted in surprise. The audience started booing as Nick saved the Kitsune.
Then the Guards grabbed the Kitsune and put her in her cage. eichelhäher, jay walked to the Kitsunes cage, and saw the citizens children pulling the Kitsune's tails and Ears as she was chained to the ground while the adults spit at her.

"Why do Du keep bullying her!?" eichelhäher, jay yelled as they stopped.

"Don't stop!" Cole yelled as he pulled out a messer and started cutting the Kitsune's arm's and legs. Than eichelhäher, jay pushed Cole and Blocked him from hurting her.
posted by alicia386
Chapter Three

      "What the hell are Du doing?" Hazel shouted. Mrs. Uriel, the librarian, shushed her from behind the desk. Hazel quickly flipped a document she had in her hand.
      "I was just checking out a book," Reese replied. She quickly grabbed a book and glanced at the title. "I would so Liebe to read . . . The Sleepy Willow."
      "You have never read a book in your life," she declared. "Come on Connor, lets talk later."
      Reese felt defeated and the Tag wasn't even over yet.

When Connor had came over, Abigail ignored her two best Friends so those two best Friends left....
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